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Ex-Premier League and EFL player goes viral with amusing goal celebration for Chelmsford

Ex-Premier League and EFL player Samir Carruthers goes viral with an amusing goal celebration for Chelmsford City earlier this week.

The National League South side played out a 3-0 victory when they played host to Braintree Town on new Year’s Day.

But little did the Clarets know that one of their tweets would blow up as much as it did on Twitter, getting nearly 3 million views and 4,000 likes.

The 30 year old can be seen pulling up his shirt and squeezing his belly making it seem like his belly button is talking and then looks at the camera in doing so.

The result means that Chelmsford sit 6th in the table with 41 points from 25 games played, while opponents Braintree are 12th with 34 points.

He said: It was fantastic result, obviously we played them last game, we knew that it wouldn’t be the same type of game, it’s a derby at the end of the day and winning 3-0 at their place we knew there was going to be some sort of reaction and I don’t person think the first 10/15 minutes of the game we were really at it I think Callum’s goal actually woke us up uh great finish from him it was fantastic he’s been doing really well and chipping in with the goals as well from Midfield is a very good addition to have towards the goals in in the team so I think that kind of woke us up really and then obviously Dave’s red card is listen I haven’t seen it back but from when I was on the pitch I didn’t believe it was a red card and I think it gave it a bit more bite to us bit more aggression thinking like right we’ve gone up against it here and things aren’t going our way and I think the team’s stuck in really well and obviously you saw the performance out there

Interviewer: Yeah I suppose we’ve sort of found another way to win I suppose we were dominant on Boxing Day and we’ve had to be resilient and the stats probably on in our favour today but we’ve come away with a 3-0

SC: Yeah I mean listen you’re not going to be at your best every single game obviously going down to 10 men doesn’t help at all but it’s all about moments football is about moments when you get your chances you need to take them and obviously we took our chances today and on the flip side of it when they had their chances every player on that football pitch today in the Claret shirt put their body on the line to protect the goal obviously Henry made some brilliant saves as well but from the hard work the dedication we put on the pitch I believe we deserve the victory no matter what

Interviewer: Yeah and it was your free kick led to the second goal and it sort of the same as the third goal on Boxing Day really with Charlie at the back post this time he gets the goal

SC: Yeah obviously we know we’ve got good people in the air you got good delivery within me Brooksy, Josh, Jermaine whenever whoever’s on the set piece you know if we put the ball in the right area we’re going to have a good chance to score and I just obviously put it in an area where Jenks wanted it he spoke to me about it he was a fantastic header I mean it was so unlucky he didn’t score but Ruffy does what Ruffy does he’s always there in the right place and he will get over 10 goals a season because he’s a goal scoring midfielder and yeah it hit him but it’s not luck he’s always there he’s Ruffy there so credit to Ruffy for getting in them positions and it was exactly the same as in the last game he was the one that picked up the ball to set up to Fred and this time he got he got his rewards for it

Interviewer: And Jermaine Francis’ energy in these two games has been unbelievable and he won the penalty and…

SC: I wish I was his age again and whatever he’s eating before games he needs to tell me because this kid does not stop running and he’s been fantastic since he’s coming to the club he’s been outstanding I think his attitude spot on he works he works his heart like on on his sleeve and his energy and it’s not just that he carries the ball so well and like today he was just a thorn in their side the whole day the whole day and obviously when we went down to 10, me, Ruffy and Jermaine had to put a big shift in at the front not just defending but we had to get up the pitch and when he won the ball in the penalty area and won the penalty just put the game to bed then didn’t it

Interviewer: Your second goal of the season goals against Dartford and Braintree so you know when to pick him maybe I like a derby yeah listen like I know I know I’m normally good at penalties I know I’ve missed one this season for the club but normally I’m good at them and I was I was confident and I just knew where to put it, then our little celebration with the darts, I mean it was enjoyable yeah

Interviewer: And then again after that we sort of had to sit in and and defend and another clean sheet I suppose must be pleasing…

SC: Yeah I mean like you say sit in obviously they were good on the ball well I say good on the ball there’s no need to go chasing the ball you shut up sharp they want the ball at the back and pass the ball and doing nothing go ahead and do it I mean at the end of the day what counts is the score line and we don’t have to come out of our shape so I thought the boys defended marvellously and I thought they’re outstanding I think every man on the pitch today was outstanding every single player I don’t think there was a there was a player on the pitch who didn’t run that run their socks into the ground so yeah


Cambridge United
2005–2009 – Arsenal
2009–2012 – Aston Villa

2012–2014 – Aston Villa – 3 games (0 goals)
2013–2014 → Milton Keynes Dons (loan) – 28 games (2 goals)
2014–2017 – Milton Keynes Dons – 109 games (4 goals)
2017–2019 – Sheffield United – 31 games (1 goal)
2018–2019 → Oxford United (loan) – 12 games (1 goal)
2019–2020 – Cambridge United – 10 games (0 goals)
2020–2022 – Hemel Hempstead Town – 29 games (0 goals)
2022-2023 → Dartford (loan) – 47 games (10 goals)
2023– Chelmsford City – 20 games (2 goals)

2011–2012 – Republic of Ireland U19 – 10 games (1 goal)
2012–2013 – Republic of Ireland U21 – 10 games (3 goals)

This is how fans reacted as the ex-Premier League and EFL player goes viral with an amusing goal celebration for Chelmsford…

@Rice_Hive: Never change Chelmsford never change

@thfc_jam: Feel ashamed to have any affiliation with this club
Wtf… 😭😭😭

@mkdharry: I really didn’t need to see this on me timeline but here we are 😂😭

@anthonyhart1109: A player who is perhaps best known for having once pissed in a pint glass at the Cheltenham festival, so adds up

@Joelbirmz12: Carruthers what a guy man🤣

@jaclark1980: Ever wondered where Samir Carruthers was plying his trade these days? Check out his celebration! 🤣 #twitterblades

@Harrymfc124: Welcome to Non League 😂

@HiccupEU: wtf have I just seen 🤣😭

@sdebu_nba: These lower division teams are something else bruv 🤣🤣 wtf is dis

@_andrecferreira: Me after Christmas

@tweeting_keith: This is the look of a true athlete

@nocontextfm1: What the hell is this

@AJ_FREDRICKSON: Greatest goal post I’ve ever seen

@mavery_bhafc: Whatever you do @ManUtd never let Amrabat drop a stinker ever again

@HugoViana_45: What is this 😂😂😂😂😂

@MickyFinn_sopri: The McDonald’s sponsor makes it better

@richardpotty: Absolute state of it 🤦

@richardson1luke: carruthers still bonkers then

@morsechode1: Huge talent who should’ve played in the prem but couldn’t be arsed. Laziest player out of possession I’ve ever seen

@CrushTalksSport: The McDonald’s sponsor is the cherry on top

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