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Ex-Prem and England player wants to manage at non league level

An ex-Prem and England player wants to manage at non league level in the near future, with clubs looking on with interest.

The former top flight midfielder Carlton Palmer has spoken of his desire to help out down the lower levels of the English football pyramid rather than the levels of professional football.

The Sheffield Wednesday favourite, who also managed Stockport County and Mansfield Town in the 2000s, has recently been working out in Shanghai for the past seven years as Wellington College China’s official ambassador.

He spoke on plans to return home to the UK with his wife in the near future, and the ex-Leeds United man told Beats & Rhymes FC: “I always said that I wanted to get to a position to retire at 55; that was always my goal so I could travel, go to major sporting events etc. I’m lucky enough in life now that I can retire but my plan is to go back to the UK, go back into football at some level.

“I don’t want the stress of League football; I speak to a lot of mates who are managers and all they live for is the result on a Saturday. I was like that towards the end of my time when I resigned from Mansfield.

“I didn’t enjoy the week of training because I couldn’t play the way I wanted to play, I couldn’t chuck a young lad in, because what was more important? The result.

“So I wanna probably work in non-league, where the chairman’s got a project, where he says to me ‘Carlton, go and play the way you want, go and develop some young players, and enjoy football, have the craic, take the lads out for a drink’. Trust me, winning’s always important to me; if I do a spin class, like yesterday morning, I’ve got to come first.

“But to get to winning, there has to be a process, and the chairman has to buy into that with you. If I can get back to the UK, get into grassroots football and produce one player before I finish that’s gone from non-league football into the League, then that would be a great achievement.

“I’ve already done it from abroad, I’ve had a couple of players gone back from Dubai and into the League, so that would be great if I could do that.”

As well as the ex-Prem and England player stating that he wants to manage at non league level, he also spoke on how there is one spell from throughout his career that stands above the rest.

“Yeah, it was Sheffield Wednesday. Our family home’s still in Sheffield – my wife’s from Scunthorpe but she was living in Sheffield anyhow – all my kids were born in Sheffield, and it was just the best time on and off the field for me.”

On the club’s saga, he added: “The club’s lost its identity. When I go back, I always go and watch Wednesday, but it’s lost its identity.”

“I’m not saying (chairman Dejphon) Chansiri’s not a good bloke, I think he’s put an awful lot of money into the football club, but I don’t think he’s been advised properly. Like a lot of chairmen now, they buy a football club, you’ve seen it at Blackburn, you’ve seen it at QPR, they buy clubs and they don’t get the advice that they should get.

“They get involved with agents who are more interested in getting their managers or their players in and not advising the chairman in the right way, and that’s what’s happened at Wednesday. I know they’ve had a couple of near misses at getting back up, but it’s lost its identity.

“It’s sad to see what the situation is at the club now, it really is.”


Youth career
West Bromwich Albion

Senior career
1984–1989 – West Bromwich Albion – 121 games (4 goals)
1989–1994 – Sheffield Wednesday – 205 games (14 goals)
1994–1997 – Leeds United – 103 games (5 goals)
1997–1999 – Southampton – 45 games (3 goals)
1999 – Nottingham Forest – 16 games (1 goal)
1999–2001 – Coventry City – 30 games (1 goal)
2000–2001 → Watford (loan) – 5 games (0 v)
2001 → Sheffield Wednesday (loan) – 22 games (0 goals)
2001–2003 – Stockport County – 43 games (4 goals)
2004 – Dublin City
2005 – Mansfield Town
2013 – Staveley Miners Welfare
Total – 591 games (32 goals)

National team
1989 – England U21 – 4 games (1 goal)
1989 – England B – 5 games (0 goals)
1992–1993 – England – 18 games (1 goal)

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