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Ex-Prem and EFL player admits ploughing Land Rover into shop while 3 times over drink-drive limit

Ex-Prem and EFL player Danny Graham admits ploughing his Land Rover into a Co-op shop while 3 times over drink-drive limit.

The 37-year-old was charged with drunk driving after a crash at Wynyard. He appeared in Teesside Magistrates Court on Friday morning.

The court documents state that his alcohol level was nearly three times higher than the legal limit after an incident occurred on 4th November 2022. The legal limit for alcohol is 80mg per 100ml blood.

Photos from the aftermath show a black Land Rover defender lodged inside the shop entrance, as can be seen below…

A spokesperson from Cleveland Police said: ‘A 37-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, after the black Land Rover Defender he was driving collided with the shop front of the Village Stores in Wynyard at around 9.30pm last night.

‘Nobody was hurt in the incident, but substantial damage was caused to the shop and occupants of the flats above had to be evacuated.

‘The man is currently in police custody.’

One passing dog walker said: ‘It’s ridiculous when will drivers learn? Residents now can’t use the shop. I hope they’re being charged for the damage.’

A Co-op spokesperson said later: “Following the incident on Friday night, November 4, where a vehicle collided with our store front in Wynyard, we are awaiting the outcome of structural assessments into the damage caused.

“Essential repairs can commence upon the removal of the vehicle and, while it is too early to confirm when the store will reopen, it is expected to begin serving the community again later this week.”

Mike Lawson, prosecuting, said as per Teesside Live on Friday (14 April): “On November 4 last year the defendant was driving his Land Rover defender at The Granaryin Wynyard. He mounts the pavement and continues towards the Co-op.

“Luckily nobody was injured as a result of the collision.”

A female witness approached the police when they arrived on scene.

She said she “took the defendant to [her] address for protection.”

The defendant was brought to University Hospital of North Tees, where he underwent the procedure for drink driving and had blood taken which contained no less than 230mg alcohol per 100ml. The legal limit for alcohol is 80mg, so he was more than three times that limit.

Choi Cheng, mitigating, said, as per Teeside Live: “Mr Graham is very apologetic. He is deeply remorseful for this offence. He is a man of previous good character having never been to a court for anything in the past.”

“I would submit that this incident is out of character for him. He has provided me with a most impressive set of character references.” Mr Cheng said this shows his “true character trying to help his community”.

“Mr Graham due to this incident experienced many things which he would never want to experience again,” added Mr Cheng. Teesside Magistrates’ Court heard it was the first time he had been arrested and he spent the night in police custody.

The incident has been “hanging over him” since November and has had a big impact on him and his family.

Mr Cheng added: “This is the first time he has ever been in trouble and I expect it will be the last time he will be in trouble. This has had a dramatic effect upon him.”

The incident was described as a “frightening experience” for Graham. Mr Cheng calling it as an “isolated and one-off incident”.

Following a probation report, court were told that Graham had been playing golf with friends before going to a friend’s home for a few drinks.

He had between 5 and 10 pints and had intended on getting a taxi home.

He described himself as being an 8 or 9 out of 10 for intoxication in terms of how drunk he felt, magistrates heard, and doesn’t remember his thought process as to why he got into the car.

The probation report said that the dad-of-three had been married to his wife for 18 years, and he goes out once every 7 to 10 days for a drink with his friends or father in law and would have around 5 to 10 pints.

Shock from the incident has led to him reducing his alcohol intake, with Graham these days working in sports consultation now advising young football players on improving their performance, traveling up and down the country for his self-employed work.

Graham was given a 12 month community order in which time he must complete 180 hours of unpaid work and will also be subject to a 90 day drinking ban which will be monitored through a tag.

He had been banned from driving for 24 months – although will be allowed to complete the drink driver rehabilitation course which will reduce the disqualification by three months.

Mr Guerin told Graham: “You are a well known person and a lot of people in Wynyard will know you. If you get behind the wheel of a car I’m sure someone will be in contact with the police.” He reminded Graham tha driving whilst disqualified could land him in prison.

Twitter users reacted before the ex-Prem and EFL player admits ploughing a Land Rover into a shop while 3 times over the drink-drive limit…

@JohnnyR1Red: If they had put a net over the shop front, he’d have missed it 😂

@detiling: First defender I’ve seen him beat

@fatleccy: Hit the post as usual 😬

@Waynech53151281: The first time I’ve seen him get anything between the posts.

@tottyhull: Replies to this 😂

@Scotsneil17: Just putting himself in the shop window

@kane_hewson: Wynyards seen better days

@Wig82: Was he aiming for the car park? Sounds about right. Hope nobody was hurt. 🤦🏻

@octa2342: He was aiming for the shop next door.

@JackChambers98: Bet he doesn’t do jail time for it like any normal person would

Carl Watson: They must of started doing drive through have they.

Dave Laing: Hope staff are Co op erating with enquiries 😂

Ste Bennett: Ppl doing the extremes to get that lurpak butter

Matty McCann: That’s because drink driving is rife in that village. There’s no police presence at any point so everyone drives to the stables, has a skinful and drives home again

Gary Alan Brown: A land rover …. Who would have guessed. 😅 straight out the golf club 7 pints deep, “il call in for a bottle of red on way home”

Rob Lewis: I’m not paying 20p for a carrier bag I’ll put everything straight into my car.

Jo Lyon: Should have gone to Specsavers

Josh Campbell: Can’t park there sir

Katie Colling: Do they not know it’s not a “drive through “🤷🏻‍♀️

Emma Clasper Walker: Must have heard they had a crate of Prime in!!!

Eddie Howlett: What the fuck is he playing at?!

Iris May Taylor: Hope no one was hurt. X 😳

Edward Nattrass: Driving prices up again

Paul Osbourne: Get him locked up, putting people’s lives around at risk, acting like a right prat

Sophie Dunn: Oops 😅 Should have reversed out

Jonathan Law: Apparently they knocked over the Caviar stand and there’s Saffron everywhere 🥲

Darren Baker: This will always happen when shops don’t have a sign outside saying “THIS SHOP ISN’T A DRIVE THROUGH”. Shops fault really.

Amanda Ward: Omg hope everyone is ok x

Gwen Walker: Bloody he’ll

Alan Atkinson: they need to place bollards around the entrance

Harry Tilson: yet another footballer driving erratically, fuck sort yourself out lad

Liam Riley: Christ looking quite a bad one that, lucky no one was hurt

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