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Ex-Pompey Premier League star now works as pizza waiter after having leg amputated

Ex-Pompey Premier League star Dario Silva now works as a waiter for a Malaga pizza restaurant, however with an amputated leg.

46 year old Silva was unfortunately involved in a serious car accident back in 2006 shortly after leaving Portsmouth and ended up losing his leg at the end of his playing career.

He has now claimed that his agents have robbed him of all his money that he earned from playing in the top divisions of Italy, Spain and England.


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Speaking to Spanish TV programme ‘Jugones’, he said: “My money in football? The representatives ended up robbing it from me.

“They managed the money and did what they wanted.”

On life now, Silva said he’s “very well.”

“The fact that the representatives’ mamons and other people have stolen from me does not mean that I am dead. If I have to work, I work. That is the least. But I am very well, I have my family , we eat well and live in the way we want”.

He revealed that he is also working for the soccer representation agency RR-Soccer, directed by René Ramos, brother of Sergio Ramos, where he follows the young values ​​of Uruguay, “If I return to Uruguay it is only to look for players, because Uruguayans show their faces.”



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The ex Uruguay international quit football when he left Harry Redknapp’ Portsmouth in 2006 after six months of a two-year contract. During his spell in England, he managed to score against Charlton, Sunderland and Ipswich, before then getting released.

Less than a year later, he then suffered the life-changing injuries and now the 2002 World Cup player is now living in Malaga.

His lower right leg was amputated and since been replaced with a prosthetic.

Speaking about the accident, Silva said: “What happened hurt me, but it’s a good thing nothing more than what was expected happened.”

At the time of the crash, he was traveling with two other ex-footballers, Elbio Papa and Dardo Pereira, who were not seriously injured.


1992 – Defensor – 18 apps (4 goals)
1993–1994 – Peñarol – 44 apps (27 goals)
1995–1998 – Cagliari – 89 apps (20 goals)
1995 → Peñarol (loan) – 12 apps (8 goals)
1998–1999 – Espanyol – 15 apps (3 goals)
1999–2003 – Málaga – 100 apps (36 goals)
2003–2005 – Sevilla – 48 apps (9 goals)
2005–2006 – Portsmouth – 14 apps (3 goals)
Total – 339 apps (109 goals)

National team
1994–2005 – Uruguay – 49 apps (14 goals)

In 2009, he said his desire was to compete at the London 2012 Paralympics as a rower.

Back then, he said: “I have a lot of free time to dedicate to rowing with a view to going to the Olympics, something I have never done as a sportsman. I don’t know if I can win, but at least I will compete.”

Nothing however came of it, however he did return to the pitch again on 13 January 2009 after a three-year absence, taking part in a charity match between Uruguay XI and Argentina XI, where he scored from a penalty kick.

What an inspiration he is. Keeps fighting through life as an amputee and still in some way does what he loves!

Fans reacted after seeing that the ex-Pompey Premier League star now works as pizza waiter after having his leg amputated…

Jake Cabeza: I remember him from the early Pompey days actually! Poor bloke eh scored a few goals in La Liga!

Jake Hirst: Is it the Pizza Express in Woking?

Luke Sims: I just feel there are more appropriate jobs out there for him

Jobi Kent: Not got a leg to stand on this lad

Simon Collins: Well I hope he’s hoppy!

Richard Price: Well done him. Glad he has recovered horrible thing to happen.

Kevin Wilmore: So I’m watching a documentary on Dario Silva. A former Portsmouth player who lost his leg in a car crash. He now works as a waiter at a pizza restaurant with his money taken by his agents. He is happy with his life. moral of the story. money doesn’t buy you happiness. Be happy with a what you have. Have a great new year but ponder what really gives you happiness. Mine is my family

Jason Lee: Jeez so sad that the ex-Pompey star had his leg amputated but good to see him moving on and finding jobs since then.

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