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Ex-Man City and Liverpool player Mario Balotelli alleged of raping underage girl

Ex-Man City and Liverpool player Mario Balotelli alleged of raping underage girl in an incident said to have occurred in July 2017.

Police are investigating claims made against the Brescia striker relating to an incident from January 2018 when he played for French club Nice.

Balotelli had a short relationship with a girl who claimed she was 18, which is the local age of consent, however she then revealed she was 17 and threatened to inform the police if she did not receive €100,000 from the footballer.

When they first met, they chatted “on a private beach where we chatted until late at night.”

On their second meeting, the girl then said: “We drank two bottles of whisky. I am not used to alcohol, I was dizzy.”

Her version of events is that they kissed and then he raped her on July 26th, hours before scoring for OGC Nice in the Champions League qualifying stages in a 1-1 draw against Ajax.

“He invited me to Choko (a nightclub that Nice players have been known to frequent). He wanted to celebrate his goal there with his teammates. I told him that I had planned to go to the High Club (located near the Promenade des Anglais). He surprised me by joining me there.”

The girl says she indicated that at this time her head was spinning: “That such an important person paid me so much attention… He complimented me, made me feel confident and then invited me into a private room and kissed me. I suggested that we dance, but he was bothered that people would take pictures of him on their phones and asked me to follow him to a more quiet place. I accepted because I was ignorant to his real intentions… I liked him a lot and trusted him, dazzled by everything that he was showing me. I thought that nothing bad was going to happen to me.”

According to her recollection, he got her naked and forced her to have sex. She indicates that she refused, but he didn’t stop.

She also alleges that Balotelli undertook other inappropriate actions on a private beach on the Promenade des Anglais.

According to Balotelli’s versions of events, on 22nd December 2017, a few weeks before the female lodged a complaint against the player for rape, police received another visit. Accompanied by his lawyers, he appeared before the Italian police.

He lodged a legal complaint, accusing the young woman of blackmail and reported that her lawyer tried to extort €100k from him, or else he would be accused of raping a minor.

Balotelli says: “I was approached on the street by two girls who had recognised me. We kept in touch via Instagram. We met on several occasions.”

Balotelli said that he asked the girl in question how old she was: “She claimed to be 18-years-old and showed me an ID card that showed her age.”

He was joined by the girl in question a few days later “on a private beach where, with a few friends, she drank whisky and smoked marijuana.”

The footballer adds that the girl tried to seduce him, but on that particular evening the only thing that he did was to offer her a car ride.

He said: “In the following days, I received other messages, she insisted upon meeting me… We met again on 26th July at the High Club.”

Balotelli doesn’t deny that he had sexual relations with the girl on that evening, but swears that she consented and even initiated: “As soon as she got there, she started, rubbing herself on me, sitting on me. We kissed but I saw that everyone was looking at us and I felt embarrassed.”

No sooner had they found a private place had the young woman “taken off her pants. She seemed uninhibited.”

Finishing the night on the beach: “We continued to kiss and started to engage in another period of sexual relations. But she was not feeling good and so I stopped.”

That’s where it ended, he stopped replying to her messages following that night.

However a few weeks later, he claims to have received “a strange phone call”, where the girl displayed a vindictive attitude, then revealed that she was 16 and accusing him of violence against her. Mario Balotelli was alleged of raping underage girl.

Her former legal advisor is said to have tried to sell her story to a weekly newspaper.

After a lengthy police probe, the teenage girl appears to have been found in the wrong – and Balotelli in the clear.

Now, the young woman’s new lawyer Elisa Romeo has revealed there are serious sexual assault allegations pending against the footballer.

Ms Romeo said: “In January 2018 the young woman, before being denounced in her turn, filed a lawsuit against Mario Balotelli following a relationship.

“It began consensually. However it evolved into sexual acts that were not wanted by the girl, and subsequently into sexual violence.”

A preliminary hearing in this case is scheduled for 24th March.

Fasn gave their reaction after seeing the ex-Premier League player Mario Balotelli alleged of raping an underage girl…

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