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Ex-Blackburn keeper mocks Burnley fans as Kompany goes on VAR rant over Luton equaliser

Ex-Blackburn keeper Thomas Kaminski mocks Burnley fans as Vincent Kompany goes on a VAR rant over the decision to award Luton an equaliser.

The game saw Zeki Amdouni give Burnley first-half lead, but Carlton Morris headed in late equaliser as Burnley goalkeeper James Trafford was blocked by Elijah Adebayo.

A long VAR delay soon led to the decision to award Luton’s goal, a controversial decision that left Kompany calling it a ‘joke’, feeling like it was an “obvious” foul on Trafford.

The result meant that Luton now go level on points with 17th place Everton in the Premier League table while Burnley, 19th, are four adrift of safety.

Luton keeper Kaminski couldn’t help but wind up fans of his former club’s rivals, as can be seen below…

“What are we doing? Seriously. It’s a joke,” said Kompany in his VAR rant. “In that phase, I’ve just got to defend my team, my club. I don’t understand how we can go through these events and come to the conclusion that it’s not a foul.

“The striker looked at the goalkeeper, backed into him and cleared the way for his colleague. Then he has a look at the referee to see if he gets away with it. The ball goes in and none of the Luton players celebrate. Nobody.

“For those who were here after Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Forest, how many times is it going to keep happening?

“I don’t get it any more, if we get a foul against us that is given as a penalty as soft as it did against Aston Villa, then what is this here?” he questioned, reflecting on a controversial last-minute penalty given against the Clarets in a 3-2 defeat at Villa Park.

“There is a clear attempt to stop the goalkeeper getting up. The referee has got to get it right.”

On whether he expected VAR to intervene with more authority, Kompany said: “First, I expect the referee to see it. It was that obvious.

“None of the Luton players have celebrated, nobody.

“The first look from the striker, which is normal – and nothing against him because he is doing his job – but the first look of this striker is to Trafford and then to the referee to see if he got away with it.

“Luckily we’ve got VAR, we think ‘okay, that’s going to sort it out’, and then it rolls, it rolls, it rolls, lack of decision and that’s it, Burnley are 1-1.

“Fouls are collisions. What do you think he [Adebayo] is looking at?

“He’s looking at the keeper, takes two steps back to back into him. What is it? I don’t understand.

“I’m absolutely fine if we concede this goal and it’s consistent and this is allowed. If everyone can do it then I’ll tell my strikers to go on and do it, on set-pieces and everything.

“But remember, we’ve just dropped points at Villa after making an unbelievable performance on something that was the softest red card and the softest penalty against us.

“It just keeps happening.”

After the game, which finished 1-1, TNT Sports presenter Jules Breach stated that the broadcaster had contacted the Premier League Match Centre who had informed them the goal was not disallowed because the incident was “just a coming together” between Elijah Adebayo and Trafford.

Burnley co-owner JJ Watt called the decision to allow the goal to stand as “truly disgraceful”.

“I’m new to this ownership thing, so if I get fined by the Premier League, so be it…

“This is as blatant and obvious of a foul as you could have. To miss this on the field AND miss this on VAR is truly disgraceful.”

Luton boss Rob Edwards felt Morris’ goal was correctly awarded, saying, per Sky Sports: “VAR is there to show if there are blatantly wrong decisions. I don’t think it is blatantly wrong but I can understand Vinny’s (Vincent Kompany) frustration.

“There’s contact with James Trafford but it’s gone for us. I’d be frustrated if I was him but if it hadn’t been given, I would have been really frustrated. It’s pretty minimal.”

Rob Edwards adds, as per BBC Sport: “I think if I’m being honest if it’s against me I’d be very disappointed like they are,” he said when asked about the equaliser.

“But if it had been disallowed it would have been quite soft.

“It’s a difficult one. I’m pleased they made that decision, clearly, because it got us a point but I understand their frustrations.”

Pundit Robbie Savage said: “I think that’s the correct decision. James Trafford has come for those all evening and gathered them so well,” he said.

“But on that occasion I think it’s the correct decision that a goal was given. I don’t think it was a foul.”

Pundit Rio Ferdinand was more sympathetic towards Trafford, saying: “Trafford is disappointed, he thought he should have got a foul, there was contact,” added Ferdinand.

“I sympathise with him in a way. I think the way the game is officiated these days, the referee will blow up. Contact doesn’t always mean it’s going to be a foul.”

Rachel Brown-Finnis felt Trafford was fouled: “Ninety-nine times out of 100, that is given as a foul against the goalkeeper,” she told TNT Sports.

“Adebayo is not looking at the ball, he’s not looking to play the ball and he impedes James Trafford.

“Has it interfered with the goalkeeper? Yes, absolutely.”

Player ratings:

Burnley: Trafford (7), Vitinho (7), O’Shea (7), Al Dakhil (7), Ekdal (7), Gudmundsson (6), Brownhill (7), Cullen (7), Odobert (7), Foster (7), Amdouni (7).

Subs: Roberts (6), Tresor (n/a), Bruun Larsen (n/a), Cork (n/a)

Luton: Kaminski (7), Mengi (7), Osho (7), Bell (7), Ogbene (7), Sambi Lokonga (6), Barkley (7), Doughty (7), Townsend (6), Clark (6), Adebayo (6).

Subs: Chong (6), Morris (7), Berry (n/a)

Player of the Match: Ross Barkley

Twitter users reacted as ex-Blackburn keeper Thomas Kaminski mocks Burnley fans as Vincent Kompany goes on a five minute VAR rant over the decision to award Luton an equaliser…


@mattH12002: Once a rover always a rover 🔵⚪️🌹

@martycruscido: 😂😂😂😂😂 what a club we are 🧡

@PeterTo64049507: Legend @kaminski26 ⭐

@malstar79: Kaminski telling a fan he’s a fatty 🤣

@Lambert_1875: He still hates Burnley. He’s a top bloke

@ltfc_ob6: what a lad

@TurfCastPodcast: Some front on him this bell end. Spent all game kicking the ball out of play then gives it the big un after a fucking draw 😅

@stuwilky: He hates Burnley #rovers

@sambbrfc: What a boy

@crapbearddad: I love this side of Kaminski!!

@comeonelneny4: Up the fat shaming hatters

@mosstoboy: Get in there TK #Rovers


@andymurray8472: Looks a foul…. I suspect that if that happens against the City, Liverpool or Arsenal keeper that’s given as a foul.

@N_Macca74: What’s the point of VAR if they’re missing blatant blocks like this.

@NW_Marcus: Not a foul, but wheres the consistency, 9/10 times the keeper usually gets the decision in their favour

@matthew_doe: Clearly moves into Trafford to block him off, and reading the flight of the ball he 100% gets there to claim it. Easy to say after how bad we’ve been this season but the sooner we get out of this league the better 👍🏻

@thompsett_matt: Trafford was solid all game and then decided to go weak and expect the foul given. Let’s be honest, if I was Burnley fan, I’d be happy to even get a draw

@H87foster: Goalie jumped into Adebayo expecting a foul as he knew he stood no chance of reaching the ball!!

@davidjblack: Yes keeper had his arm up instantly looking for the foul the second there was any contact. Look at the height and trajectory of the ball, he was getting nowhere near it and had to roll around to hope for the usual over protection keepers usually get. Unlucky 😂

@CPFC_SM: I am completely baffled at how this was given. He’s deliberately stepped across the keeper to block him with 0 intention of playing the ball. Therefore it’s a foul. Keepers get way too much protection 99% of the time but this one was blatantly a foul.

@TomAnds7: Nothing wrong with that, goalkeepers get too much protection from refs every week good to see a ref make a good decision for once

@DaveDeeney11: Never a foul, goalkeepers get way too much protection. Always blaming others as well for their errors, fed up of them

@MrShepstone: Classic example of a decision where the team who don’t get what they want will feel aggrieved but from this look doesn’t seem to be a clear error by the referee not to give a foul.

@AndyBurgess_11: Never ever a foul. If Trafford is a centre back, everyone would be saying it’s embarrassing! At last, a coming together where the GK isn’t overprotected. In fairness, it’s quite ironic that he ended up on the floor, where he ended up every time he did manage to catch the ball.

@Richbow79: Trafford to blame no foul

@alex_daniel123: Not a foul for me minimal contact on the keeper and he’s never getting to the ball

@AlansaysCOYH: What’s the keeper doing running up the back of Adebayo…. surely he could see him…. never getting to the ball…… you can’t lie down on it there mate… 🤣🤣🤣

@worldcupblues: 100% the correct decision. Keeper knows he has misjudged it and is never getting there so he chucks himself into Elijah hoping to kid the officials – do 1

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