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Ex-Arsenal and Bradford player handed three and a half year prison sentence

An ex-Arsenal and Bradford player has been handed a three and a half year prison sentence, it’s been confirmed in court on Tuesday.

The disgraced Tyrell Robinson has been jailed for having sex with an underage girl and taking a photograph of his friend in bed with two naked 14-year-olds on the same night.

The 23 year old admitted that he engaged in sexual activity with a child, making an indecent image of a child and distributing an indecent image of a child.

Robinson admitted that he had sexual activity with the teenager in Bradford back in August 2018 when he was 19 years old.

A second defendant, Korie Berman, 22, who is a close friend of the footballer, was jailed for six years having previously pleaded guilty to five charges of engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a child.

The men had invited three intoxicated 14-year-old girls to Robinson’s flat after they had bought vodka and energy drinks from a shop on the way, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Once the three girls arrived at the flat, the men gave them further shots of apple vodka before they had intercourse.

Another of the girls ended up having to be treated at hospital for acute alcohol intoxication.

Robinson also put in a guilty plea to making and distributing an indecent image of a child via the Snapchat app, which was also in August 2018. Robinson saved a photo on his phone of his mate having sex with two of the 14-year-old girls in a bedroom at Robinson’s flat.

Robinson had first met the girls at what’s been described as a social event in early 2018 and decided to message one of the girls on social media.

He was told that the girls were underage, 14 at the time, before he and Berman met up with them in August 2018.

Robinson messaged one of the girls before they met, saying: ‘Haha I think your stunning but your age is a killer.’

Berman had even searched the internet for what would happen to someone if they had sex with an underage girl. How thick can you be right?

22 year old Tyrell Robinson, who started his career at Arsenal and had a trial with West Brom, was sacked after The Sun alerted bosses at the club of what he was up to.

Robinson was held by Cheshire Police in the locker room of Moss Rose, the home of then League Two outfit Macclesfield Town on Tuesday the 14th of August 2018, before going on to be sacked.

In recent weeks, he had been delivering packages for Amazon, though they were recently contacted and made aware of his antics, getting exposed as a convicted paedophile.

He worked for Bryanston, a firm which delivers for Amazon, but an inquiry has been launched into how background checks failed.

A source said: “As a driver there’s a chance you will come into contact with children.

“I think parents will be very disturbed to see this man has been working and delivering goods despite admitting to being a paedophile.”

Amazon said: “We always require the companies we work with to conduct comprehensive background checks.”

A statement from delivery company Bryanston added: “We carry out background checks on all drivers.

“We are investigating the circumstances behind this matter but can confirm he will no longer be delivering parcels on our behalf.”

Winger Robinson was sacked by Bradford City for gross misconduct in February last year after he was charged by police in February. He found the net three times in 23 appearances for the Bantams between 2017 and 2020.

Fans reacted after hearing that the ex-Arsenal and Bradford player is handed a three and a half year prison sentence…

@LeonHobbes: Out in 18 months though? Really not enough is it.

@spamvicious: When this first came out there were loads trying to defend him by saying she didn’t tell him her age or she met him in a club etc. At 23 he shouldn’t even be with a 16 year old never mind younger.

@John98789413: Such a lenient sentence for the crime … absolutely sickening

@Gary_Spice: Shockingly lenient sanction

@whereskay: Pathetic sentences as per usual!!

@5MF96: Vermin cunt

@BracoHorvat: 3 and a half years. Fuck off man. Make an example of the nonce and hand tougher sentences

@sarahwads: Remember seeing plenty of city fans telling this fucking prick they couldn’t wait to see him play again… how it took so long to charge him with the evidence they had is disgusting.

@reecewwfc3: Released in 18 months, joke. Fucking rat.

@Jinks_11: Will serve 2 years max. If he was caught in possession of drugs / fraud etc he’d get double. Makes you sick

@mattsc9_: Won’t even spend two years in jail for shagging a 14 year old. Justice system failing society once again

@JoshMathers7: What a fucking idiot

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