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Every Attendance of the Weekend – 21st April 2024

FA Cup semi final attendances…
Coventry City (0) 3-3 (2-4p) (2) Manchester United – 83,672
Manchester City (0) 1-0 (0) Chelsea – 80,902

Premier League attendances…
Aston Villa (1) 3-1 (1) AFC Bournemouth – 41,000*
Everton (1) 2-0 (0) Nottingham Forest – 39,239
Wolverhampton Wanderers (0) 0-2 (1) Arsenal – 31,621
Sheffield United (0) 1-4 (2) Burnley – 28,964
Crystal Palace (4) 5-2 (1) West Ham United – 25,145
Fulham (1) 1-3 (1) Liverpool – 23,000*
Luton Town (0) 1-5 (2) Brentford – 11,877

Football is…

Football is a wiggle of the hips
Football is a whistle to the lips
Football is an unfollowed script
Football is

Football is kickabouts in the park
Football is floodlights in the dark
Football is fans not oligarchs
Football is

Football is the dream of finishing top
Football is the fear of facing the drop
Football is an open book not a closed shop
Football is

Football is not a share price but a shared obsession
Football is more than just keeping possession
Football is freedom of expression
Football is

Football is the real thing not a rehearsal
Football is a language that’s universal
Football is drama not a corporate commercial
Football is

Football is a door to which we are the key
Football is nothing without you and me
Football is whatever we allow it to be
Football will be…

Poem by Brian Bilston


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