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‘Even Wireless Festival isn’t safe for Tottenham’ – Crowd take to taunt Spurs again

‘Even Wireless Festival isn’t safe for Tottenham’ – The crowd take to taunt Spurs again in a week where the Premier League club were mocked.

Alhan Gençay, who is described to be an internet personality, recorded the moment music-goers sang “We hate Tottenham” after he asked them “What do we think of shit?”.

The event took place at Finsbury Park over three days, but no matter the occasion, and with no Premier League football on at the minute, Tottenham were still on the minds of many.

Just days prior that, Tottenham Hotspur have been mocked with a cheeky chant by a packed out crowd at the O2 for WWE Money in the Bank over the weekend.

After “Shoes off if you hate Roman [Reigns]!” had been sung, the chant soon turned to “Stand up if you hate Tottenham” was belted out at the 2023 edition (it’s 14th overall) of the event, which was the first Money in the Bank to be held outside of the United States.

As per Sports Tiger, the event saw two Money in the Bank matches, three championship matches, and a Bloodline Civil War, with Roman Reigns seeing his first pinfall defeat since 2019 while Gunther defended his WWE Intercontinental Championship reign against Riddle and Seth Rollins beat Finn Balor to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This was also the first time WWE came over to London since Insurrection in May 2002.

And it seems while their no football on right now, fans flocked to the O2 for WWE and a video has surfaced showing football chanting against Tottenham.

Where are we going to hear this ‘chant’ pop up next? Wimbledon?! You’ve got to laugh at how random it all is.

Social media users react as the crowd take to taunt Spurs again…

@icentricAPI: Is that The Ashburton Army ultras 😂

@BillyMcgon: The annual virgin convention, cute.

@Kimani_OL: Guys actually can’t enjoy a day out without chanting about Tottenham… some small club

@tombinstead_: Embarrassing rent free as always

@frasertom24: Most hated, yid army

@millz_6: Lucky I weren’t there I would’ve climbed up and battered you for that

@Hurri_Kane21: The Obsession of hate towards Spurs. The fact that almost every football fan that hates Spurs is a Cry Baby

@SVCarbaholic: Looooooool this is Finsbury Park so very much Arsenal territory even if it is a festival. Tbh the whole of North and North West London, including Tottenham, is basically Arsenal central

@tehTrunk: Up in the prawn sandwich rafters. Arsenal that.

@OJT111: Chants at the WWE & Wireless Festival 😂😂😂 actually embarrassing how everyone goes on about Spurs, such a small club aye 👀

@CraigScreechy: Rent free in so many people’s heads, little old Tottenham Hotspur 🫶

@KallumK_: Biggest club in the country

@jasansmann: Finsbury Park stand up! 🔴⚪️

@MRAJ_1: Tottenham catches strays anyhow 😂 I LOVE IT

@mannydubbs: imagine supporting a team that gets disrespected like this randomly 🤣

@nbthfc: Ibr this brings a smile to my face rather than getting vexed, and not in a copium way but in a sense that the club has to be a certain size for that many people mention you continuously

@olvrlstr: We are your personality. All you have is to rail against something real, because you are nothing. You’re a mirage gasping for meaning. A club without purpose or soul. A brand for nobodies. The conclusion of the collective of desperate. A tragedy without laughs.

@andersonjnr98: First wwe now wireless spurs are really the most hated club in the league

@LeviHolt03: I’d hate being a spurs fan wow catch shade every day no matter the time or place 😂

@MarcusCJacob: Spurs might be the most bantered club in the world

@Hustalababy: Bein a spurs fan is so peak cus every large gathering I see they catch strays 😂😂

@_thfcWill: So people apparently don’t care about us but we get this at nearly every concert

@_kwess: tottenham really get abused everywhere they go 😂😂

@gevagora: Man’s at a festival for teenagers singing we hate Tottenham when he’s literally from Tottenham himself 😂😭 what a mug.

@KanerKnight: The North Is Red 🔴⚪!!!

@TheCDMole: Why do you lot think about us this much? Bit weird

@ConnorMc96: Worst footy banter and chant of all time that

@VTottenham: We are huge club, look at them all. Obsessed with little old trophy scared Spurs.. so small they can’t stop singing about us 🤝 #THFC

@thfcsxn: I actually love seeing this, if anything shows how big we are if we are in people heads at random events

@CDBaker86: Another reason not to go to Wireless. When people say Spurs aren’t a big club…look at shit like this. No other team gets this treatment. Quite funny really #RentFree

@CFC_CS: You know what I reckon I probably hate this song even more than I hate Tottenham.

@RossLee_: I’d love to be hated this much, must be so satisfying to watch this sort of thing as a spurs fan.

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