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European Football Tussle: Which EPL Club Will Grab The Coveted Spots?

The race for European qualification in the English Premier League is heating up as the season draws closer. Several teams are still vying for a spot in the top four and Europa League with just a few games remaining. Securing a presence in European competitions is not only a matter of prestige but also economic importance, as clubs benefit from increased revenue and exposure.

While some of the usual suspects are in the mix, there are some surprising contenders this year, including Newcastle United, who are making a late push for a top-four finish. Despite doubts from some quarters, players are beginning to believe in Newcastle’s conquest, placing their bets in hopes for a solid finish in the Top 4, while other players opt for more entertaining options like casino games available at nongamstopuk.casino.

In this post, we’ll look closer at the chances of critical teams in the top four and Europa League qualifications, including Newcastle’s recent form and whether they have what it takes to secure a coveted spot in Europe. We’ll also discuss the importance of European football for clubs and what we can expect in the coming weeks as the season draws to a close.

Top-4 Positions Almost Secured By Newcastle & United

One of the most astonishing stunts pulled in the 22/23 season came from Newcastle United. The club went from the lowest points on the table. It dominated the competition, with many promising and top-quality players like Almiron and Wilson making considerable contributions to this feat. 

Many analysts have pointed out that the club was acquired by a Saudi Billionaire, which would have uplifted the team’s morale. However, Howe commented on the success, saying money does not motivate the recent improvement. It was clear from the beginning of the season that Newcastle was making a good run after recording impressive wins in their first few games, including a 1-2 victory against Tottenham. 

Truthfully, no one believed Newcastle could go this long considering how tough the EPL has been, but there is substantial proof that they are in the clear for the Top 4 and can finally have a taste of the Champions League in the next season.

Although some challenging games are ahead, such as Leeds, Brighton, Leicester, and Chelsea, the team is the favourite to finish in the Top 4. The club has 65 points out of its 34 games, followed by United, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. According to BBC, it has two more games than Liverpool and Tottenham, making it a solid club for the Champions League alongside Manchester United.

As for Manchester United, the team has had its ups and downs this season after reaching its all-time low in the previous ones. They have finally won a cup in years and are on their way to the Championship again. 

The red devils are 2 points behind Newcastle and have a higher rating for the top-4 than any other club below them in the table. They are also contenders for the FA Cup, though they have a slim chance of winning against City in the final. 

Liverpool is another top-4 contender, with two games ahead of Manchester United and Newcastle, so their Champions League campaign could be better. But they would have to win all their games in hand and hope one of the top teams loses three of theirs before they can stand a chance.

Europa League Tickets Are Available & Highly Desired

As the 2022/2023 football season draws close, several teams are vying for a spot in the Champions and Europa League. Let’s briefly look at Liverpool, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Brighton, and Hove Albion and how their performances have fared so far this 22/23 EPL.


Currently in fifth place, Liverpool has had a mixed performance, with some impressive victories and some disappointing defeats. They desperately need a spot in the Europa League to salvage their season and compete in Europe next year. With a noteworthy goal difference of +42 and a win percentage of 57%, Liverpool has almost secured a spot in the Europa League, while they will have to fight for the UCL ticket, as mentioned above.


As analysed by The Athletic, the Spurs have had an inconsistent run so far, sometimes struggling for form. They currently sit in sixth place in the Premier League Standings. With having 3 games in hand from Brighton and just 2 points in front, Tottenham will need to pick up their form in the remaining games to secure their place in the Europa League.

Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton has had a remarkable season thus far. They are sitting comfortably in seventh place with just a few games remaining. With a win percentage of 48% and memorable defensive appearances, they are on track to secure a ticket in the Europa League next year. With 3 games less than the fifth Liverpool, we can’t reject the possibility of Brighton fighting for a top-4 placement to complete their astonishing season successfully.

Aston Villa

Under the guidance of Unai Emery, Aston Villa has shown significant progress this season. They are currently in eighth place, just three points away from a Europa League spot. With an impressive win percentage of 52%, Aston Villa will be looking to continue their good form and secure a place in Europe next year.

Mid-tier Teams Were The Pleasant Twist of The Championship

The 2022/2023 season of the English Premier League has been a captivating spectacle, with mid-tier teams offering unexpected competitiveness to the traditional big ones. Clubs like Brentford, Fulham, Brighton, and Aston Villa have created a difficult-casted roster that has challenged the big teams and produced some thrilling encounters. With exciting young talent, dynamic playing styles, and the hunger to compete, these mid-tier clubs have brought excitement and unpredictability to the league.

In contrast, some big teams like Chelsea and West Ham have struggled to meet the expectations of their fans and the league, leading to a disappointing EPL season and making them anxious about the relegation battle. The fight for survival in the league has also been a fascinating aspect of the season, with several squads fighting tooth and nail to avoid Championship’s presence. This has kept fans on the edge of their seats as every game becomes a must-win affair.

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