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England fans’ new chant goes viral as Troopz films himself getting KICKED OUT of Wembley

England fans’ new chant goes viral on the same night as YouTuber Troopz films himself getting KICKED OUT of Wembley on Tuesday night.

It was an enjoyable evening for Three Lions supporters after watching Gareth Southgate’s side come out victorious against Czech Republic, to finish top of the group.

At the same time, they were being kept updated on how Scotland was getting on, and it the win was made more sweeter after seeing Steve Clarke’s men crash out after defeat to Croatia, who overtook the Tartan Army as well as the Czechs to end up second.

As the clock was ticking down and with the score 3-1 to Croatia following goals from Vlasic, Modric and Perisic (McGregor getting one for the Hampden Park outfit), fans inside Wembley came up with a new chant.

Majority of those in the stadium were belting out “Scotland’s Going Home” in tune with the much sung “It’s Coming Home’ song, and it could easily be heard on TV amongst the cheers every time Scotland conceded.

A section within the stands also chanted “It’s Tuesday night, and Scotland’s going home”, and footage of it has been seen over 12,000 times.

Meanwhile, whilst all that was going on, Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV) star Troopz was video recording himself getting kicked out.

The social media user, who has got a huge number of followers who enjoy his passionate and animated rants over Arsenal’s fortunes, was in attendance to watch the Three Lions and film his reactions to their final game in Group D.

Footage uploaded onto his Instagram account shows Troopz and a cameraman, who goes by the Twitter handle @WayneJetskiii, inside Wembley before the game as they filmed the pre-match scenes and the teams coming out of the tunnel before kick-off.

However, it then cuts to another post on his Instagram story of both of them being escorted from the stadium by a number of security guards.

With an unhappy look upon his face, Troopz films the moment he is shown the door and says ‘for vlogging’ to the camera in bewilderment at being asked to leave.

As he continues to film the five or six stewards, Troopz tells them: ‘You’re famous now’ and continues to say ‘for vlogging’ as he pleads his innocence.

Troopz, who has 308,000 followers on Insta, then uploaded another clip of him watching the rest of the game in a pub in the Wembley Park area.

Troopz announced he was leaving AFTV in September 2020 but made appearances in videos towards the end of last season. He has since set up his own YouTube channel named TroopzTV.

The kicking out comes just days after he was filmed in attendance for England’s 0-0 draw with Scotland, in which footage on TikTok shows him furiously kicking seats at Wembley.

The cameraman, @WayneJetskiii, later tweeted his fury at the decision to remove them from the stadium on Tuesday night and said they had been to both of this summer’s Euro 2020 games at Wembley so far.

Troopz told Wembley 'we're waiting for your reply' after his cameraman revealed they had been to the last two matches

He said: ‘Just in case anyone is wondering. @TroopzAFC and I have been to the last 2 England matches at Wembley.

‘I’ve brought in a camera PER THE RULES at Wembley and only filmed Troopz reactions. We got kicked out today during “God Save The Queen” as I panned around the stadium. SAD!

‘I also offered to check the camera and lock it up for remainder of the game and was further ushered out of the stadium.’

However, Wembley rules say: ‘No person (other than a person who holds an appropriate license) may bring into the Ground or use within the Ground any equipment which is capable of recording or transmitting (by digital or other means) any audio, visual, or audio-visual material or any information or data in relation to the Event of the Ground.’ 

After the game, Jack Grealish threw his shirt into the stand of England fans, only for some of them ended up taking a tumble…

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Fans reacted as England fans’ new chant goes viral, plus we check out the replies when Troopz films himself getting KICKED OUT of Wembley…

@dannyhollandCFC: That is absolutely class!

@adamb_lcfc: Unreal that

@CalumHurst: Hahahahhaha get in


@jackbeeton02: 👏🏻😂

@IDTHATTRACK: Inject it 💉

@kanetysonx: They’re going home, they’re going home, they’re going, Scotland’s going home

@lionessiona: Love to see it

@t26js: They deserve to be out after celebrating a draw like they’d won the whole thing 🥱


@chris_bullard01: He was thrown out for mouthing off at security and because the large camera he had wasn’t permitted into the stadium, I worked in that area (I’m in the video) and watched as he mouthed off like a child giving it the “don’t you know who I am” bit and how he was a famous youtuber

@_chrismartin1: Unlucky! 😂😂 maybe I’m naive but I’m sure they would have warned him, I recorded the teams walking out against Scotland. There’s no way someone’s getting kicked out for taking a photo ffs.

@christatum4949: He was booting seats and smashing them at he Scotland game he’s almost 40 and acts like a 12 year old

@Rafin___: Attention Seeker

@paulAFC84: Absolutely brilliant. Waste of a valued supporters ticket.The sooner they lose their relevance at The Arsenal,the better.

@102AFC: @Arsenal, any chance of bringing this rule in at the Emirates?

@OohtoOohtobe: What’s the deal with this guy repeating the same sentence, over and over and over again?

@Sandfordb12: Intelligence (lack of). … Blud

@CCuk76: The amount of blud there, it was a wonder they never called and ambulance…

@Arrydinho: Here we go, Troopz thinking he’s a big man again what an absolute melt!

@JohnObr91135148: Couldnt have happened to a nicer person

@Tim_Media: Blokes an absolute helmet

@littlekev1980: Best thing I’ve seen sooner we do this to all the wannabes and AFTV lot the better get out of our club #COYG

@shafka_yt: They forgot to slap the shit out of him

@philswim85: I counted “blud” or however its spelt 14 times in 51 seconds….what a wanker.

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