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England fans fight each other and break into Wembley ahead of Euro 2020 final

England fans have been filmed choosing to fight each other and break into Wembley just hours before the Euro 2020 final against Italy.

It is not entirely clear what started off the brawl but police and added security members soon rushed in to calm things down on Wembley Way.

Thousands of supporters have descended to the national stadium for the final and it all got too much for one group outside one BoxPark venue, located just down from the 70,000-seater venue.

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Several Three Lions fans in the video can be seen throwing punches at each other, as well as wrestling their fellow supporters with it getting physical as the crowd watched on.

There was more chaos, with journalist Sam Wallace saying: “Febrile atmosphere at Wembley. This is near the main entrance to Club Wembley a few minutes ago where it looked like a group of fans broke through the security cordon. Stewards currently chasing people around. Not sure they’ll get all the way to the wine and canapés.

“Just seen another fan jump down a 20 foot+ wall to try to get into the inner cordon near the media entrance. He’s telling the stewards escorting him away he had his ticket stolen. You don’t get this for a November World Cup qualifier against Bulgaria.

“At the end of Wembley Way close to the stadium and its packed. Bottles and cans underfoot and the smell of smoke flares strong. Beery and boisterous. Stewards now ramping up security and more metal barriers being pulled out”

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Mike Keegan wrote: “Can only describe scenes outside Wembley as carnage and not in a good way. First line of security clearly breached. Dozens hanging around outside turnstiles offering operators cash to let them in and trying to barge in behind punters with tickets. Police nowhere to be seen.”

Unlike the fans on Wembley Way, Southgate urged his players to stay calm ahead of the fixture.

“I didn’t say very much at all before the semi-final because I felt the team were totally prepared,” Southgate said.

“I normally assess where they are during the day. We usually have a meeting about the set plays in the morning, and then I’ll speak to them before we leave the hotel.

“You’re two hours before the game at that point. You want the message to resonate but it’s about how you make the players feel as much as anything. We don’t need to be getting them overhyped. There will be enough energy and excitement around the stadium due to the occasion itself.

“We need to keep that calmness that we have had for the whole month. We’ve dealt with it really well. The game against Scotland, we were disappointed with how it went, but it was a big occasion for us. Germany was another one and then the quarter- and the semi-final. The players have coped remarkably well and I’m certain they will do so again.”

The Metropolitan Police have prepared for the match by visiting venues to ensure social distancing is maintained, and the force said a “great” number of officers will be in place in different locations.

The Met also warned those without tickets not to visit London as they may end up missing the match.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said: “The Met has a significantly enhanced policing operation in place and will adapt as necessary to increased numbers of fans enjoying the matches.

“We will continue to deploy a great many officers and specialist units to prevent crime and disorder and respond to any incidents right across London.

“We want people to be able to enjoy the Euros 2020 final safely and securely, behave responsibly and consider the safety and welfare of others.

“London still remains in a public health crisis. There are Government guidelines in place and we ask people to follow these and remain socially distanced.

“We will enforce legislation proportionately and as appropriate and engage with crowds.

“But I urge people not to gather in large numbers. If you don’t have a ticket to the matches, fan zone or officially booked into a pub, bar or club, my message is clear: please do not come to London – you could end up missing the game.”

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Twitter users reacted as England fans fight each other and break into Wembley ahead of the Euro 2020 final…

@joe_odinga: It’s so hard to support England when a sizable minority of the fans are utter bell-ends.

@BrianBengal: ‘England get battered… Everywhere they go’ 🎶🎵🙄

@CFCDaily: Great security then when you need a ticket to even get to that point

@Matthew82069336: Wembley Way the Engerland way. F*cking embarrassing fighting amongst themselves, and then trying to break into the ground. These c*nts don’t deserve a good football team!

@BstardDe: Match kicking off far too late.

@ECasey1978: This is why the rest of Europe want Italy to win.

@Daniel_Shack: What the hell is wrong with this country? Can’t people just have a party and be chilled?

@LeeJackson9: I will never take my sons anywhere near an England match. Embarrassing whether it be home or abroad.

@DavidAFC68: This is just the beginning

@Nathaniel_Chas: The steward is the best sweeper I’ve seen all tournament

@MarkFeely6: There’s a shocker……not. At least they’re consistent.

@katie_nature: Was always going to happen. Absolutely embarrassing.

@Jimbob210712: Why? You have to ask yourself “WHY”

@Turkish_hackney: Now fighting each other on a day like this is ridiculous stupid

@Swindon_Gooner: Once again the minority ruining it for the majority. But sadly this was inevitable given how much people have been bigging up getting pissed up before the game

@SambinoChildish: Someone’s going to get hurt tonight, and by someone, I mean lots of people. Security has lost control of England fans – and England fans lost control of themselves hours ago

@mrpt86: this is why we can’t have nice things

@GaryBuglass: Absolute morons

Reaction continued as England fans fight each other and break into Wembley ahead of the Euro 2020 final…

@JordanBooth10: Let’s be honest a small minority already are trying to ruin it, clips doing the rounds of England fans fighting each other, this is what happens when they start drinking at 7 this morning

@DaveJB1962: I’m not in any way saying we should pander to the 1/2 wits but even “normal” people are saying that an 8:00 kick off doesn’t help as we all kill time waiting for the game by drinking! 3:00 or 5:00 surely would have helped & saved fans travelling home at 12:00 if it goes to pens

@hotbaws1: They never fail, every major tournament there’s always something. Hence why nobody likes them. The rabble of Europe

@Joedoody5: Then they wonder why other countries hate them

@John_G_26: Fucking embarrassing

@CPercySearle: Hate this aspect of a game!

@ReturnOfTheLad: FFS can we not do anything right in this country 😂

@Sulsters_inc: Surprise Surprise

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