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England fans fall off London bus roof and in punch-up with riot police called

Several videos have been going viral, showing England fans fall off a London bus roof and get in punch-up with riot police called.

There were scenes, described as ‘raucous’, down in Piccadilly Circus, around Regent Street and in Leicester Square as supporters went wild celebrating the 2-1 victory over Denmark in extra time at Wembley.

Jubilant fans were so excited that they climbed onto a red TfL double-decker bus in Piccadilly Circus with the number 9 service to Aldwych mobbed on Coventry Street.

More than a dozen fans danced and sang ‘It’s coming home’ on the roof of the vehicle while thousands partied with them in the street below, MyLondon reports.

However police in riot gear soon swarmed in to cut the party short, forcing all those up high to climb down, trying to give them a helping hand in the process.

One fan, choosing not to come down, could be seen still atop the bus, laying there casually on his side enjoying the views around him.

There was also clashes between the police and fans along with supporters fighting each other with it getting heated on the streets (as seen in the video above).

Fans also scaled lampposts and traffic lights in London after England reached their first final of a major tournament since the 1966 World Cup final.

Reporters at the scene told of how those celebrating lifted red flares into the air in celebration, there was damage done and a bus window was smashed during it all.

In pubs and fan zones, supporters chucked up several of the estimated 10m pints bought on Wednesday night into the air in celebration, while others removed their shirts, embraced strangers next to them, or shed a tear.

Fans also gathered in Trafalgar Square in central London after the final whistle, waving England flags and merging together in a huge crowd.

One supporter, Oliver Ways, 28, said: “This time it’s coming home, the momentum is with us, I don’t care what anyone says.

“The game was just how we wanted it. I can’t believe I’m saying this but England are in a final.”

Another England fan Vic Richards, 22, said: “I’m still trying to compute what happened, I’ve never seen England make a final.

“It’s beautiful, it’s unbelievable, I love this country, the players gave it their all. This is an historic occasion, we may never see this again – now we can start to believe.”

There were also joyous scenes in the city centres of Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham and as well as many other towns and cities across the country.

Many fans tried to stay out late to enjoy the victory however Met Police later said 20 arrests were made in London, with alleged offences including “common assault, public order and assault on police”.

Deputy assistant commissioner Laurence Taylor said London “still remains in a public health crisis” as Covid case numbers rise.

“My message is clear: if you don’t have ticket to the match, fan zone or are officially booked into a pub, bar or club, please do not come to London – you could end up missing the game,” he added.

How can you get a ticket to Wembley for the final?

Thousands of England fans will be desperate to know if they can get their hands on tickets for Sunday’s Euro 2020 final at Wembley, writes Sky’s Ian Collier.

Here’s how you can get a seat at Wembley to cheer on England (or Italy).

UEFA’s official site:

Any tickets that are returned for the final will be made available for purchase on UEFA’s official website, but the majority have already been bought – although any increase in capacity would lead to more being made available.

Anyone who got tickets during the initial process in 2019 but then had them cancelled due to a reduced capacity at the stadium, or others who have registered as a fan of either of the teams involved in the final, will receive an email from UEFA if tickets are made available.

Anyone else wanting to go will have to fork out a lot of cash, with the most expensive tickets listed on the official site €945 (£808) while the cheapest for those registered to the Fans First scheme are priced at €95 (£81).

At the time of writing – there are no tickets available on the official site.

Re-selling sites:

Tickets are being sold for astronomical figures on ticket reselling websites, despite UEFA’s attempts to crack down on ticket touts.


London mayor Sadiq Khan has said one pair of tickets will be made available for anybody signing up for their first COVID-19 vaccine. Any Londoners who post on social media about having booked or received their first dose will be automatically entered into the draw.

Can Italy fans get a ticket?

Apart from UK-based Italy supporters, only a maximum of 1,000 are to be allowed to travel due to COVID restrictions.

A special deal will limit their fans to 12 hours on UK soil, according to Italian football authorities, with special charter flights and transport laid on to get them to the stadium.

They must also give negative COVID tests before and after the journey and isolate for five days when they return to Italy.

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