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England fans divide opinion as they go viral singing John Stones chant in Poland

England fans divide opinion as they go viral singing a chant about John Stones while out in Poland for the fixture against Ukraine.

Three Lions fans will be expecting another win having seen England dominate more than the 2-0 scoreline suggested against the same opposition at Wembley six months ago with Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka getting the goals last time out to maintain Gareth Southgate’s 100 per cent start to Euro qualifying.

Now it’s time for the return fixture, with club football put on hold, as England travel over to Poland for the next UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifier against Ukraine, hoping to secure another victory after our 7-0 victory against North Macedonia.

This game will take place at the Tarczyński Arena, Wroclaw (pronounced ‘vrot-swaaf’). with the stadium capacity an estimated 43,000.

Around 3,400 England fans will be in attendance, and days leading up to the game, they had already starting appearing in numbers.

One chant that was heard while out in Poland on Friday night has received plenty of talk online.

The chant is aa follows:
“He comes from Barnsley,
He plays in blue and white,
He hates the Germans,
He thinks they’re f*cking sh*te,
He’s breaking ankles, everywhere he goes,
His name is Johnny, Johnny f*cking Stones…”

As mentioned, England fans divide opinion as they go viral singing the John Stones chant in Poland…

@chrislepkowski: One of the most beautiful countries in Europe and these brain-dead neanderthals continue their campaign of utter contempt for common decency. Worse, the twitter account below actually endorses this thickshittery.

@Marty_Duffy: Get off your high horse Chris they’re doing nothing wrong

@ShaneoTheBaggie: What are they doing wrong Chris?

@Mpzizzi98: Can’t see anything wrong with this, especially in comparison to what we’re used to seeing England fans get up to abroad. Certainly nothing to cry about

@rob_wassell: Why is them stood there singing angering you so much? Not exactly smashing up the place are hassling locals are they?

@LfcSince: Proper embarrassing if I was English. Thank god I’m not.

@theposhfan: Top class? It’s awful.

@rocks_jonny: Dear me…..

@mwillmott68: We’re an embarrassment. Have been for years.

@pecos_pest_: Why does John Stones hate the Germans? Have I missed something here?

@dj_lozza: Absolute helmets. I went for the euros final to London. Never again. Absolute bell ends singing war songs and smashing up there city. Stick to my home town footy club.

@lukebasford1: That is so terrible

@F_Dev1888: Top class! Behave 🤔

@hotbaws1: In the modern age it takes a lot to unite the world. England fans do just that, bravo.

@mgriffin8622: Delete this before anybody else sees it 🙈

@alwjones11: Top class tools

@christatum4949: Bring back club football asap this is awful

@mikewhitby69: FFS… Bell ends

@JohnSmithj09: Well this is embarrassing 🙈

@djrichiek: Yeah top class. Well in the lads. Lol.

@BootleFCBucks: If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being anywhere with the “Ing-er-lund” boys, you’ll know they’re as far from “top class” as you can get.

@jones_itfc: The absolute state of this/them.

@MartinWoodford: Main reason I have no interest in the England national team. Embarrassment.

@Carl_M79: Really all quite strange.

@UTFR93: Another dreadful song, imagine following England and chanting the name of a player who plays for a rival. I just don’t understand it.

@MooreStuart: Thanks for reminding me why I hate England international football

@pattisonlee74: Fckn embarrassing 😳

@sdaveyljd: I’m embarrassed


How to Report an Incident to us whilst you are abroad

The FA continues to work hard to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all supporters.

If you witness any xenophobic, racist, homophobic or anti-social behaviour before, during or after the match, you can report it in confidence by emailing ESTC@TheFA.com or by calling or texting us on (+44)7790371105.

Please be aware that The FA will always investigate reports of inappropriate behaviour at an England game.

For more information regarding fan behaviour, please refer to the ‘Rules of Membership’

As always, when travelling abroad, we ask that members treat the cities and locals with respect. Any unacceptable behaviour whilst following England may result in:

– Removal from the stadium
– Police involvement and possible criminal proceeding
– Football Banning Order applications in England
– Suspension from the ESTC membership
– Withdrawal of future match tickets

We will not tolerate any excessive behaviour and will be working with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure every fan has a safe trip. Any member who does not follow the ESTC membership rules outlined will run the risk of losing their membership privileges and tickets for future fixtures, including the UEFA EUROs.

Remember, members should act as ambassadors for the England team and act in such a way that will continue to enhance the image of English supporters and the national side.

FA Security Reminder

In recent months, we have seen a rise in pyrotechnics, flares and smoke devices being brought to stadiums around the country and abroad. It is important to highlight that these items are not only illegal inside a football stadium, but these prohibited items can also cause great harm to people. These pyrotechnics and flares can burn at up to 2,000°C and can cause significant injuries to carriers and fellow spectators. We have also seen several incidents that have resulted in people experiencing breathing difficulties, distress, and discomfort. The potential injuries sustained as a result of someone using a pyrotechnic include.

– Serious injuries, such as loss of limb or fingers
– Severe burns, due to temperatures of up to 2,000°C
– Breathing problems, due to smoke inhalation
– Loss of hearing or sight, because of the explosive power

Anyone reported in possession of a pyro in or outside of the stadium will run the risk of their ESTC Membership being suspended in addition to the regulations and consequences set by the Polish Police.

We advise members who are already in Poland before match day to collect their tickets on Friday as we expect long queues on matchday

We have plenty of stewards at the hotel to help you find your way. The queue will be located outside of the hotel, so please ensure you have taken the appropriate measures to cope with the sun, and heat.

Safe travels and we hope you all have a great time in Poland!

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