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England fans belt out chant defending Harry Maguire as Gareth Southgate calls critics ‘a joke’

England fans took to belt out a chant defending Harry Maguire as Gareth Southgate calls critics ‘a joke’ in a post-match rant.

The Three Lions boss passionately had Maguire’s back after he was mocked by Scotland fans during England’s 3-1 victory at Hampden Park on Tuesday.

The Man Utd defender scored an own goal after coming on at half time, with ironic jeers coming from the Scottish fans for every pass he made.

England fans in the away end then replied with “Harry Maguire, he’s taking the piss” while chanting his name, to get behind the defender.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, the England boss said: “He’s just come out and spoken to the media, which I think shows the resilience and the character of him.

“We’re now in a situation where, because of people in our own country, the opposition think they can have fun with him. What’s that about?

“He’s been an incredible player for England in one of the most successful teams we’ve had – critical for what we’ve been doing.

“We allow him to be open to that? It’s a joke; an absolute joke. It makes me livid.

“Thankfully he’s got the support of the dressing room and the people behind him. I thought the England fans in the stadium tonight were absolutely brilliant.

“I’ve no problem with the Scotland fans – they’re having fun. But what stirs that up is people in our own country. Other players will think: ‘Is that what awaits us?’

“Great credit to him that he managed to show the composure with the ball, keep the ball and put that moment behind him.”

Aaron Ramsdale dived to try and claim the ball but ended up watching Maguire’s wayward touch go past him and into the net at Hampden Park.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, he said: “I can sympathise with him in a way because I’ve been at the other end of the Premier League and been relegated twice.

“When you’re in a period where fans or pundits put you under the microscope, every little thing is analysed. If he was playing week in and week out, or this noise wasn’t around, and he scored an own goal then this probably gets brushed under the carpet.

“He’s tried to do the right thing and clear it, but it’s gone in. It’s unfortunate but because of the situation people are overhyping, saying he shouldn’t be playing.

“Maguire is, as we’ve seen over the past few years for England, one of the best defenders we’ve got. He’s so strong mentally, he’s got great people around him and he knows his qualities.

“He’s a leader and I love working with him.”

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Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Scotland: Gunn (6), Porteous (6), Hendry (4), Tierney (5), Hickey (5), McGregor (6), McTominay (5), Gilmour (5), Robertson (4), McGinn (5), Adams (4).

Subs: Christie (6), Dykes (6), Armstrong (6), Ferguson (6), Patterson (6), Jack (6).

England: Ramsdale (6), Walker (8), Trippier (7), Dunk (8), Guehi (7), Rice (7), Phillips (7), Bellingham (9), Rashford (8), Foden (8), Kane (8).

Subs: Maguire (4), Saka (7), Eze (6), Gallagher (6), Wilson (6).

Player of the match: Jude Bellingham

Twitter users reacted as England fans belt out a chant defending Harry Maguire as Gareth Southgate calls critics ‘a joke’…

@HughMoore1997: It’s not his fault, he’s clearly going through a crisis period. Needs to move clubs and get a decent run with less pressure under a manager that backs him. His best days in an England shirt are probably behind him now

@sunlunwilll: Will all go back to club football and cheer him when he gets the ball sarcastically this weekend

@mattyTFccfc: Really don’t like Maguire as a player and unsure about him as a person but so glad to see this after the Scottish fans were taking the piss

@SCTMeadSundays: These are real England fans not them twitter armchair fans. Take note

@GeorgeCassidy: Love the British way of getting behind someone is singing about their large head

@GavinJones_14: Absolutely love that!!!!! Poor bloke must really be going through it privately imagine putting up with the abuse he’s had to endure for such a long period of time it must take its toll. Lovely to see these incredible fans backing him 👍🏻

@JayShaw180: There’s a weird obsession around ridiculing Harry Maguire from those who sit and watch from their sofa, but he’ll always be held in high regard by England fans for his performances over a sustained period. Club football and internationals are two totally separate entities.

@MitchSteane1: Treatment of HM is shocking. Ultimately though he’s not a good enough player to start for England. GS is causing the issue by staying loyal to a player who is simply not good enough.

@JJxEdmAth: Protect the player Gareth. You’re the reason he’s in the line of fire, talking about it after does nothing

@Carefree_Jam: You’re the joke here Southgate

@SeanyyJames: “Dear England fans, I made a poorly thought out decision in throwing on an under fire, unfit and under performing Harry Maguire in a high pressure, hostile atmosphere international derby game. Here’s why it’s all your fault…”

@JayMTDee: The pressure is only amplified by GS constant selection. I don’t know when the cut off of not playing is now. If it’s another season on the bench being 5th choice is he still going to be thrown to the lions in the Euros. It’s not fair on Maguire or the players deserving the spot.

@jonevans91: I think the Maguire pile-ons are unfair as they get personal. I also think a player who chooses the bench over playing football shouldn’t be picked for England. Maguire shouldn’t be exempt from criticism and opinion but much of this is on Southgate this time round.

@JoshBamford7: Gareth Southgate has lost his head, how is it a joke!? Guy gets 0 game time yet is in the England squad taking the places of people that actually deserve it. Only to come on and score an own goal…

@michaelwelchhh: How can Southgate not see it’s largely his fault?? Why sub him on in a friendly and put him back in the spotlight when rn that’s clearly the last thing he needs

@SimplySuvo92: I don’t agree with anyone abusing a player but what frustrates a lot of fans is that Southgate said players would be picked on form, yet Maguire gets selected when he sits on the bench for his club. He even rejected a move to play first team football, so responsibility is his too

@AgainstLeague3: He has to defend his players, of course he does, but it isn’t really a ‘joke’. He’s a shadow of the player he was when he joined Man Utd and criticism of his performances seems, to me, to be fairly justified. And he scored an own goal against Scotland.

@kianb_: Does the man actually keep an eye on the premier league or not? It’s nothing to do with people in our own country, the bloke is just shite, shouldn’t be anywhere near that squad, let alone wearing the arm band.

@jxxckk: Everyone know he’s played well for England in past tournaments but he’s been outta form for time and off the mark. Forget the about the past ya big dinosaur it’s time to move forward with big LD and win somin

@Biggs1901: It’s a pretty simple solution, stop playing him? Be the man manager you’re hailed as, sit him down and explain there are several high quality English centrebacks all playing well, and regularly for their clubs. You know, what you said you’d do when you took the job?

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