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England fan praised after making passionate message in Arabic on live TV delighting Qataris

An England fan as been praised after making a passionate message in Arabic on live TV delighting the local Qataris listening in.

While being interviewed after the 3-0 victory for England against Wales on Tuesday, the fan – who has the cross of St George painted over his face – decided not just to celebrate his own country, but to defend another to the surprise of many.

The viral clip shared widely across social media shows the man telling a reporter from QatarLiving that he has “just two things to say”.

He said: “One, football, it’s coming home. And number two, free Palestine!”

The fan says his second point in Arabic, having previously apologised for how “little” he knew of the language or pronunciation.

His statement then receives raucous applause and huge cheers from those behind him and a chant begins of: “Free! Free! Free!”

The video has since been shared widely on various socials including, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, with viewers taking to the post to applaud the England fan as he was viewed over a million times.

The 2022 World Cup as been subjected to much controversy since it was announced that Qatar would be host nation due to the country’s poor human rights record.

In addition, this week the UN warned the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is “again reaching boiling point” and there have been clashes between native Qatari and visiting Israeli reporters along with football fans.

However the unidentified England fan’s sentiment has been viewed as a “beautiful moment of unity”.

In the build-up to the event, Qatar ave been criticised for how they treat migrant workers while their laws against same-sex relationships have also come under fire.

There has also been major controversy around the wearing of Rainbow armbands that were to help send an anti-discriminatory message towards homophobia.

However, following reports that any player wearing them would receive an instant yellow card, and that saw FIFA send a threat to any nation doing the same thing, including England with “unlimited disciplinary action” if they were to wear it. Some reporters, presenters have managed to do so, but no player has of yet. Many will recall seeing Germany players covering their mouth before their opening game.

Seeing one Three Lions supporter show solidarity with those in Palestine amidst continued tensions with Israel is quite the breath of fresh air amidst all the negativity surrounding the tournament.

Western media came under fire during the tournament for what many described as “bias” in reporting on the LGBTQ+ pitch invader while appearing to turn a blind eye to his pro-Palestine counterpart on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, an Italian man, identified as Mario Ferri, legged it over advertising boards and made his way onto the pitch during a match between Portugal and Uruguay while waving the rainbow flag.

Ferri also wore a shirt saying “Save Ukraine” on the front and “Respect for Iranian Woman” on the back, being detained for a short time and was released moments later unharmed, according to a statement by the Italian foreign ministry that was sent to the AFP.

The story quickly got attention from Western media, as well as from activists who took aim at Qatar’s LGBTQ+ stance, despite the Gulf state repeatedly stressing its openness to all audiences.

The following day, a Tunisian pitch invader carrying the Palestinian flag entered the pitch with a cartwheel with fans roaring in the stadium, carrying Palestine’s flag, while passionate pro-Palestine chants were heard. Fans and players also supported the man, who has yet to be identified, as he was escorted from the ground.

This is what social media users said with the England fan praised after making a passionate message in Arabic on live TV delighting Qataris…

@mertesakib: I hope this guy has a wonderful day 😂 A lot of the British media coverage has been divisive but despite their best efforts, they can’t prevent beautiful moments of unity like this. This is what the World Cup is about!!

@jammonravager: New prime minister just dropped

@mags_mclaugh: i love him so much 😭😭😭😭

@RAClapper: This Englishman gets a pass

@cohenstudios: High key wholesome

@naseelahh: aw this is so sweet

@idfkez: aren’t they lovely without the stella

@rohantalbot: Legend. Might even make me change my mind about England fans.

@jamessdr: this went in a WILDLY different direction from where i thought it would lmao

@kirg_bhurlurz: Not all heroes wear capes.

@Beentherella: The overwhelming support and presence of Palestine and its flag at this World Cup is just so beautiful to see. The only time one can see the Israeli monopoly on media and policy narrative countered on a global stage. #Qatar2022 #Palestine

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