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England fan comes under fire for Diego Maradona banner with Italians ‘out to get him’

An England fan comes under fire for his Diego Maradona banner with Italians ‘out to get him’ as kick off comes ever closer.

A photo has surfaced online, quickly doing the rounds, showing a Burnley fan holding a banner mocking the death of Diego Maradona, of which the venue of tonight’s game is named after, and was much loved in Naples.

This picture got over 3,000 likes in a matter of hours on Thursday with thousands having their say on it, while also catching the attention of Italians.

Twitter user @1Vermithor, with an Italian flag, wrote: “10,000 euros for this live cunt”

It includes a picture of the male seen in the viral photo holding up the banner.

They’ve also tracked down his personal social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram.

Police prepare for any potential trouble in Naples with strict rules for England fans before the Italy match at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

Around 2,500 England fans are expected to make the trip to Naples to cheer on the team, but the event could descend into violence and there are fears of local ultras, aggressive and fanatic supporters/hooligans showing up.

Authorities have taken measures to ensure that problems are prevented, including an alcohol ban before the Euro 2024 qualifier.

The ban was put in place signed by Gaetano Manfredi, the Naples mayor. It prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol in the stadium area and the surrounding areas.

According to the council’s website, the ruling applies for the sale of “beverages in bottles and cans, glass containers and rigid plastics as well as sale and administration of alcohol beverages and spirits.”

The Daily Mail report that drinking in city centre has been prohibited since midday.

Additional police officers were dispatched to hotspots around the city, including the train station, port, and railway stations.

Tickets can be obtained at most collection points but are only available electronically. This is to prevent large crowds of supporters from becoming violent targets.

England’s FA has warned people against wearing belts because they could be confiscated by police, who might consider them weapons, with as many as 20 buses available from 4pm today to transport England fans to the stadium. This is another precaution to avoid trouble.

Claudio Palomba, the local prefect, told the paper that the Naples authorities had been working with British police to create the rules.

“There has been an exchange of information between us and British colleagues and we have agreed a security plan for the match,” he said.

“Buses will be laid on for the English supporters from the port to the stadium but we appreciate others may want to take public transport.

“Every effort is being made to avoid any possible confrontation.”

This is what fans said as the England fan comes under fire for his Diego Maradona banner with Italians said to be ‘out to get him’…

@EIonOUT: Yeah it’s so over for him

@sdk1696: This isn’t going to end well lol

@MUFC_HP: Good luck getting home pal 🧐

@Nik01Kv2: Can tell he supports a team who’s never in Europe, should know better

@LieutenantCool: The Ingerlund fans are at it again…

@harv1894: He’ll be avin a kick about with Diego by midnight

@vilechelsea7: I mean I can think of better ideas than doing this…

@PaquetaHive: this guys not making it out of italy lmao

@_lufcsam: I saw this 2 hours ago and still haven’t got over how moronic it is hahahaha how fucking stupid are ye

@owenthfc__: I’m sick of England fans acting like hooligans. It’s so embarrassing. If this guy gets attacked by Italians it’s 100% deserved

@rebekkarnold: He’s going to Naples with this? It won’t end well for him.

@DeresFan: And this is why 3/4’s of the world can’t stand us. What an absolute dinlo this guy is.

@MathiesonKieran: Football might be coming home but he definitely isn’t. Muppet

@JennisonThomas: got some bollocks my friend 🤣

@Patrick94339331: 😂😂 is he still alive does anyone know

@EllisDennantAV: Wow. Good luck fella 🫣🫣

@Joegouldd: Thickest thing I’ve ever seen

@notthisagainrob: What a fucking idiot. No wonder Europeans attack the English

@bcfcjohnny: lad on the right chose life 🤣

@Jamesy_1995: This is why nobody likes us

@pdymcv: What are the odds for him returning back to England unharmed? @RequestABet

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