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Emotional Steve Cook updates fans after his Dad has medical emergency at Bournemouth

An emotional Steve Cook updates fans after his Dad has a medical emergency at Tuesday night’s Bournemouth v Nottingham Forest match.

The defender revealed his father suffered a cardiac arrest shortly before the Championship fixture got underway, posting an extraordinary tweet after the game.

Cook played with his side losing 1-0, however the result is the last thing on his mind as he thanks paramedics for saving his father’s life.

“First of all a big congratulations to @afcbournemouth on promotion but tonight I need to thank the paramedics at the game. Unfortunately my dad suffered a cardiac arrest just before the game and they managed to bring him back to life. I’ll forever be grateful for their actions,” he wrote.

Cook issued the tweet after bravely playing through the game, though he hasn’t confirmed if he was told of the desperate medical emergency before the match.

The player ended up with a cut to the head in the first half which bled profusely before he was stitched up at half time.

He suffered a clash of heads with Nat Phillips in the 19th minute and was substituted late on at the Vitality Stadium with Kieffer Moore’s decisive goal sealing Bournemouth’s promotion.

Cook is described to be a Cherries legend, previously playing 387 matches for Bournemouth, including three Championship games earlier this season, before joining Forest in January.

Bournemouth boss Scott Parker, who left newly-crowned champions Fulham to join the Cherries last summer, said: “I am very proud of the team and the group of players.

“I see this group every day from the minute I walk in here. This group are a special group and they deserve their moment, they deserve to be in the Premier League.

“I am excited and pleased we are in the Premier League. We deserve it. Our aim was to get promoted and we have done it.”

Twitter users reacted as emotional Steve Cook updates fans after his Dad has a medical emergency at Bournemouth…

@loulour1982: Sending you, your dad and your family so much love and good wishes Cookie xxx

@ryanbardill_: A massive props to you for playing and giving everything. Hope he’s recovering well ❤️

@zoechurchouse_x: Steve, just tweeted about this. I feared the worst as it took so long to get the defib to him. So pleased to hear he pulled through. Thoughts are with you and your family. X

@PaulKenward: Sorry to hear that Steve, hope he recovers well and you guys smash the playoffs. Was good to see you back at Dean Court and hope your testimonial is a great occasion and the celebration that you deserve.

@laithgaribaldi: Bloody hell, how you managed to play with that on your mind is ridiculous. Absolute warrior. Hope he’s on the mend!

@ReissNFFC: Credit to both clubs Steve. With that & the head injury as well, to play, balls of steel. Speedy recovery to your Dad.

@RCMorgzz: All the best to you and your dad cookie. Hope he is all okay. The fact you were able to play at all after that proves your character ❤️🍒

@IanTrem: Well if that doesn’t bring you back down to earth… Huge respect to all the health staff that help out at grounds, heroes one and all. Hope your dad is better soon!

@ForestFanBase: Hope he’s 100% fine now. Puts things into perspective. What a pro playing on despite that. 💪🏻❤️

@Claire_nffc_x: And you still went out there tonight?… huge respect… sending all my love to you and your dad… praying for a full recovery ❤️ x

@markden27845626: Christ Steve I don’t know how you put in a performance like that after that had happened. All best wishes for your dad to make a full recovery. You are a 🍒 legend and always will be

@IAmLukasJ: Bloody hell Steve. Best wishes to your dad! Hope he’s ok 🍒

@nffcalways1: Wow… this sort of news always puts things into perspective and refocuses people on what’s really important, stay strong and I wish your Dad all the best #nffc

@LeaperStuart: All the best Cookie to you and your Dad!! You are clearly made from the same mould as your Dad!! Total fighter throughout!! I hope your Dad recovers enough to see you gain promotion in the playoffs!! Stay strong!!

@Stuart_Clarkson: I have no idea how you managed to play. Speedy recovery to your Dad. Hope you’re head heals quickly.

@nffc999: It happened literally 15 minutes before kick off, so Steve wouldn’t have known before the game, not that it really matters. Both me and the Mrs asked the police if he was ok at HT, but they didn’t know. The paramedics where quick and did an unbelievable job, glad he is ok 🥰

@TeamCaric: Fucking hell! Really hope your dad makes a 100% recovery. But what a player. Blood pouring out of your head and still have your all. Officially a legend at Forest now. ❤️

@brogaaaaaaan: I’m lost for words, how you composed yourself & managed to play with undoubtably a lot of worry and stress on your mind, big respect to you! – hope your dad has a speedy recovery, we all love you so much Cookie ❤️

Oh boy. So tonight, Steve Cook played a pivotal game:
– Against his old team of 10 years, with whom he’d started the season
– With a head so gashed it bled every 5 minutes
– With a Dad in immediate post recovery from a cardiac arrest incident
Beyond professional

@Robertc1970: Football isn’t a matter of life or death. And while it’s a nice line to say, “it’s more important than that” … it isn’t. Thank goodness Mr Cook senior is OK. That Steve Cook still played is incredible. Big love to all.

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