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EFL to make big changes with VAR, points deductions, rules and transfer window discussed

The EFL are reportedly set to make big changes with VAR, points deductions, rules and the transfer window being discussed this week.

The most debated topic you could say of the lot is the English Football League aiming to bring in a VAR-light system as a low-cost alternative to the video referees used in the Premier League.

The system could be used from the start of the 2023-24 season and would aim to protect against damaging refereeing mistakes, report The Times, but wouldn’t have the offside technology or the same number of cameras used in the top flight.

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The International FA Board is set to approve more competitions using a VAR-light system when it meets on March 3. It has been tested in several countries, including the Netherlands, and at the Asian Football Confederation’s Women’s Club Championships.

FIFA’s protocols allow for two main VAR-light systems…

1-3 camera system
Competitions with smaller camera plans can test VAR Light systems during offline trials, with no direct impact on the game. This will provide a platform to explore fresh ideas and new potential solutions. Using fewer cameras will also provide an insight into the usability and efficacy of VAR solutions operating with fewer camera angles.

4-8 camera system
Competitions that have a camera plan of four to eight cameras can use these systems during live trials, exploring the possibility of reducing staff and technology requirements.

Meanwhile, the EFL have issued some statements, talking about some changes, read what they had to say below…

At an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) earlier today EFL Clubs approved changes to Regulations in respect of self-reporting of unpaid player salaries and the summer transfer window, alongside ratifying the League’s Annual Accounts.

Regulation 53 – Self-Reporting of Unpaid Player salary

A new requirement for Clubs to self-report instances of non-payment of player wages has been introduced to reflect the views of both the League and its Clubs that non-payment of salary obligations is a serious breach of Regulations.

With immediate effect Clubs must now notify the League within two working days of the due date if they have failed to meet their financial obligations to a player or players. Any Club in default of payments to players will, as is the case currently, be subject to an immediate registration embargo.

If a Club defaults on payments, it will be able to accept a sanction by way of an ‘Agreed Decision,’ which must be ratified by an Independent Chair in accordance with EFL Regulations. Alternatively, the Club can elect to have the matter determined by a full Independent Disciplinary Commission. New sanctioning guidelines have also been introduced, ranging from a suspended sporting sanction to multiple points deductions.

Today’s changes follow a comprehensive review by the League and its Clubs into instances of non-payment and will allow any alleged misconduct to be addressed in a timely manner without requiring prior notification of breaches from the Professional Footballers’ Association.

Regulation 42 – Summer Transfer Window

The EFL and its Clubs have agreed to open the summer domestic transfer window in line with the international transfer window.  As a result, and subject to the day of the week, the domestic summer window will open 12 weeks prior to the closure of the registration window and not the day after a Club’s season concludes as has been the case in previous years. The EFL will confirm the opening date of the summer 2022 window in due course.

Annual Accounts

EFL Clubs have approved The Football League Limited Annual Report and consolidated financial statements for the period ending 31 July 2021. These will now be filed at Companies House in accordance with the Companies Act 2006.

EFL Championship Clubs have approved a number of changes to the division’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules (P&S) that will take effect immediately. The amendments come following a period of consultation and take into consideration a range of representations from Clubs.

In total 8 proposals were put forward and were passed, requiring a two-thirds majority of Championship Clubs. The main changes are summarised below.


As a result of a number of Clubs highlighting that the pandemic continues to have an adverse financial effect despite a return to full capacity stadiums, Clubs have opted to reintroduce COVID add backs into the P&S calculation for season 2021/22.  The impact is that Clubs will be able to claim lost revenues or exceptional costs directly relating to the pandemic up to a value of £2.5m for the reporting period 2021/22. Clubs can claim up to £5m for seasons 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Accounting for Player Registrations

Clubs are now required to provide a Player Registration schedule that will ensure greater transparency in respect of information that includes but is not limited to players wages, sell-on rights, registration costs and amortisation.  These new requirements follow the principles of the UEFA Club Financial Fair Play Regulations.

In addition, EFL Clubs have agreed that a mandatory requirement for the amortisation of Player Registrations on a straight-line basis should be included.

Introduction of Monitoring for Forecasted Breaches

With a priority to ensure future compliance with the P&S rules, Clubs have agreed that where a breach is forecasted in future years then the League should have the ability to impose a business plan or appropriate monitoring requirements.

Trevor Birch, EFL Chief Executive said: “Over the past two years of unprecedented challenges and upheaval, the priority of the EFL has been to support Clubs practically wherever possible while maintaining the ongoing integrity of our competitions and the League as a collective. I’m pleased to say that the changes agreed by Clubs will help them manage ongoing financial issues in the short term, while providing the League with additional powers to assist Clubs in complying with their P&S obligations going forward.”

Twitter users reacted as the EFL get set to make big changes with VAR, points deductions, rules and transfer window discussed…

@ConnorParker10: Ok we will have our points back then thank u

@RTranterDesign: Staggering. As if you haven’t been changing the rules to suit all along. The amortisation amendment is the admission that Derby County did nothing wrong.

@LiamSmytho: Beyond a joke this. Honestly unbelievable

@StefanBroome: What a farce this organisation is, we’ll have a 9 points back then no?! 🐏

@TridentRAM: Turkeys voting for Christmas comes to mind!
EFL Vendetta 100%
Premier League 2 Breakaway needed NOW!
EFL. Not. Fit. For. Purpose!

@radnoj: “In addition, EFL Clubs have agreed that a mandatory requirement for the amortisation of Player Registrations on a straight-line basis should be included.” Which means it was not mandatory until now. Therefore we were deducted 9 points for *not* breaking the rules as they stood

@DcfcFansTalk: Take them to court @dcfcofficial

@RamGritstone: Making the rules up as they go along again. Yet when we claimed the reason we went into administration due to Covid oh no you can’t do that. 12 point deduction it is.

@realjonnybowes: Going into administration is completely different. That is directly as a result of a poorly ran club not COVID. No other clubs in EFL went into administration, just Derby, but it must be someone else fault!!!

@mark_orlow: Gibson in your fucking pocket.

@ReeceDaviesSWFC: SWFC currently in league 1 due a 6 point deduction and now the clubs have decided to change the rules. Love it.

@McelweeAlfie: Seems a bit dodgy that you’ll throw the book at derby, but amend the rules so the countless other championship clubs that are in breach of ffp don’t get punished as severely.

@jasonhawkins87: I’m not even surprised. I’m more shocked it doesn’t say (apart from Derby County) after every paragraph

@triscooper1985: Next: awarding Reading’s 6 points back but not Derby’s 9…

@dogavic: So basically now you’ve nearly finished screwing over Derby, you’re changing the rules to stop other teams getting punishment for offences already committed. Utterly laughable. We’ll see you in court. #EFL #NotFitForPurpose

@Derby2Jo: This should be the nail in your organisations coffin! The appearance of corruption, changing the rules to suit certain clubs, ignoring the impact of covid on Derby. An independent body is needed now!!!!

@lewie74: This makes me think the EFL is bent like hell. It looks like every club that have a member on the efl board get away with everything. Derby & Reading had members on board then when they left that post the clubs get hit. Now new members their clubs are getting away with it

@frankie812: So this basically confirms on the two issues you punished #dcfc you were wrong as you are now changing the rules on COVID losses and admitting that Derby’s method of ammortalistion was NOT a breach of your rules at that time Can we have our money and points back #SaveDerbyCounty

@swigger67: So Derby get taken to the cleaners and almost forced out of business and then clubs vote to relax the FFP rules!! Sounds really fair……not!!! Surely DCFC should be looking to sue or at the very least get our points back?

@Ian_Bushby: So I never believed the conspiracy nonsense or vendetta thing – but what is clear is that the horse bolted, you made the horse that bolted lame, you closed the gate and all the other horses got looked after and well fed… #dcfc #dcfcfans

@DomJL96: An organisation that has absolutely no shame. How can you change rules midway through a season as well as creating a rule that you’ve already punished someone with, before it was even a rule? Embarrassing. Independent regulation is urgently needed. @KieranMaguire @Sjopinion10

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