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EFL punish Morecambe and their owner after failing to adhere to terms of agreed decision

EFL have decided to punish Morecambe and their owner Jason Whittingham after failing to adhere to terms of an Agreed Decision.

Morecambe FC and the owner of the League Two club have been charged with misconduct by the English Football League (EFL).

The charges relate to the breaking of an agreement made in August, after the late payment of wages in March this year.


Morecambe Football Club and owner Mr Jason Whittingham have been charged under EFL Regulations for failing to adhere to the terms of an Agreed Decision, which required a financial deposit equating to 125% of the Club’s monthly turnover to be placed in a separate club account to facilitate the ongoing payment of Club wages.

In August, funds were deposited in line with the agreement for a previous failure to pay the Club’s wage bill, however on September 4, those funds were used and Whittingham failed to re-deposit the amount, despite requests from the League.

Mr Whittingham’s failure to re-deposit the funds has led to personal charges, while the Club has also been charged for failing to meet deposit account requirements.

The charges will now be considered by an independent Disciplinary Commission with the outcome to be communicated by the EFL once a decision is reached.

The terms of the original Agreed Decision can be viewed here.


Morecambe Football Club responds to EFL charges.

In response to the EFL’s announcement that one charge has been brought against Morecambe Football Club and two charges brought against the Club’s Owner, in relation to a failure in September to replenish funds required by the EFL to be held in a deposit account following the Agreed Decision reached between the EFL and the Club in August, the Board of Directors wishes to make the following short statement:

Firstly, these are misconduct charges that have been referred by the EFL to an independent disciplinary commission to take place in the New Year. Bond Group have therefore instructed specialist sports lawyers to defend the Club’s and the Owner’s position at that commission.

Secondly, the Board remains focused on the priority of ensuring that Morecambe Football Club meets all its obligations, which means working with Bond Group to prevent cashflow issues and doing everything within its powers to expedite the process of finding new ownership as quickly as possible.

Fans gave their reaction as the EFL punish Morecambe and their owner after failing to adhere to terms of an agreed decision…

@JamesAtkinson95: Does that mean 3 point deduction likely imminent?

@MorecambeFCFeed: If the lawyers can’t successfully defend the case, yep.

@KeironUTC: I don’t understand why there still isn’t a rule in place making sure that people/organisations looking to buy football clubs will be fit for purpose. Especially given what’s happened to countless clubs due to awful ownership. Another club in a worrying free fall… #UTS | #EFL

@ryanhackett03: Fuck off jason ruining This club to pieces🤦‍♂️ #jasonout

@VaniaMorozov15: I thought that russians and putin are the ones I hate the most. But it turns out not. Jason fuck you

@LeopardsLad27: Fucking do something about getting the parasite gone then. He’s gonna make morecambe bust whilst you sit by and do naff all as per

@thescreenster: Fuck off you clown #JasonOut

@adamReadingFC: another club turning into a free fall…. vile vile organisation @EFL

@JCrook93: Points deductions for both of my clubs. Crook

@fcdesigns7: Another club in trouble due to owners. Stop handing points deductions and punishing those who work and support the club. SORT OUT YOUR OWNER TESTS AND PUNISH THEM AND NOT THE FANS!

@blackpoolwhite: Bad news for fans but at least you’re doing what an independent regulator would do, and keeps the @WeAreTheFSA national councils mitts off that role. Asking for sums to be stumped up before allowing a takeover to take place would be the next step 👍

@SallisMichael: Not even mad at the EFL for this one. At least they’ve called out Jason’s bullshit before it gets somehow even worse. The punishment should be solely on Jason and his incompetence. Unfortunately it’ll probably be a points deduction. Jason needs to fuck off

@MylesBowen15: 1 step forward 10 steps back

@joephelan44: We must be the nicest club in the world , why haven’t we fully kicked off yet 😂

@JakeEnglish_: We can’t do any protests at the game, because it’ll be disruptive and lead to negative consequences!!!!! 🙄 Meanwhile we have to sit and accept a points deduction?

@jayspray04: The EFL need to support the club through this and work with the board to get that rat out. @EFL don’t let our club die.

@jim_bell17: Instead of punishing clubs can we punish owners?

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