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EFL propose using regional hubs to complete season

EFL propose using regional hubs to complete season, in an open letter to all 71 clubs, the Evening Standard have reported.

Of course the organisation’s main preference is play out the remaining 341 matches behind closed doors at the usual stadiums, however they have started planning in case it isn’t feasible to use all grounds.

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The league are looking at multiple fixtures being played at “regional hubs” in London, the South West, the Midlands, the North East and the North West.

There are seven EFL clubs in the capital, including five in the Championship and one each in League One and League Two.

Each club were also asked to submit “an operational plan” about the suitability of staging matches without fans, making sure the location is the safest of areas to reduce the spread of coronavirus but also easiest to get to.

It is not revealed whether the regional hubs would be broken down by division or if venues could potentially host matches from all three tiers of the Football League.

No decisions have been made, but the EFL want to be ready with a plan should they get the go ahead from the Government to resume.

The regional hubs plan, which would be submitted by every club’s safety officer, would all need to be in agreement.

By limiting the number of venues, it would ease strain on the country’s emergency services who have already been hard at work and doing over time over this pandemic.

The Standard state that the proposal is unlikely to be met with universal approval across the EFL after Premier League clubs voiced their concern with the plan to finish the campaign at “approved” venues, saying it would damage the integrity of the game and could give advantage to particular teams.

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