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EFL issue statement with Coventry City handed a suspended points deduction

EFL issue a statement with Coventry City handed a suspended points deduction for breaching regulations earlier in the 2022/23 season.

The Championship outfit and the EFL have reached an ‘Agreed Decision’ over disciplinary sanctions following the postponement of games due to the unsafe and unplayable condition of the pitch at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

Dave Boddy, Coventry City Chief Executive, said: “Our supporters will know that we were left with a pitch at the Arena that was unsafe, dangerous and unplayable for our first games of the season, following the broken promises of a new pitch by Wasps, and the extensive usage at the Commonwealth Games Rugby 7s.

“The debacle they caused – and the cashflow problems, reputational damage and inconvenience they created for the Football Club, as well as impacting upon our sporting performance and our supporters – should have been an indication to us all of the financial plight they were facing.

“Despite the nature of our tenancy at the Arena, and the lack of any control of pitch maintenance at the Arena, it remains our responsibility as an EFL club to adhere to the regulations of the competition.

“We have accepted the decision of the EFL and the sanctions imposed on us, to minimise the sanctions that would imposed upon us, with the point deduction being suspended.

“We hope that this draws a line under this and that this is a situation that should never be repeated at the Arena.”


Coventry City has received a five-point deduction to be suspended for the remainder of the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 season, after the Club acknowledged that it had breached EFL Regulations relating to pitch maintenance, which led to the postponement of August’s scheduled fixtures against Rotherham United, Wigan Athletic and Huddersfield Town.

Coventry City will also pay compensation to the away Clubs along with associated costs of the EFL investigation.

The sanction was imposed in accordance with the terms of an ‘Agreed Decision’ which has formally been ratified by an Independent Disciplinary Commission Chair as per the requirements of EFL Regulations.

The relevant Regulations provide:
Regulation 8, Appendix 1, Part 3

2.1 The Club is to be responsible for the maintenance of the pitch and for the general maintenance of the ground, including (but not limited to) ground safety. The Club must ensure that adequate arrangements are in place to maintain its pitch in good order, as required under Regulation 13.

27.4 Each Club shall take all reasonable steps to maintain its pitch in good order. The League may require a Club to take such steps as it shall specify if not satisfied that an adequate standard of pitch is being maintained, including but not limited to The League commissioning an independent report on the state of the pitch by a Club, the cost of such independent report to be borne by the Club concerned.

Regulation 32.1
Each Club will use its best endeavours to ensure that each match under
the jurisdiction of The League takes place on the date and at the time fixed for it.

Regulation 32.2
Any Club failing to fulfil its fixture obligations in respect of any match
under the jurisdiction of The League on the appointed date or dates or causing The League to suspend any fixture shall be deemed guilty of misconduct, unless the Club is successfully able to demonstrate that Regulation 32.2 applies. The burden of proof will rest with the Club.

Regulation 33.1
Except where these Regulations provide otherwise, Clubs must give
priority to League Matches whether home or away. This means that a Club must not allow any matches or activities to interfere with or take precedence over League fixtures required to be played in accordance with these Regulations.

Agreed Decision and Sanction

5. Regulation 86 allows the EFL and a Club to enter an Agreed Decision where it is appropriate in the circumstances to conclude a matter effectively and equitably without referring the matter to a Disciplinary Commission.

6. Accordingly, the EFL Board invited the Club to consider the following proposed sanction in respect of the Charges:

1. Subject to paragraph 4 below, a five (5) point deduction to be suspended for the remainder of the 2022/2023 season and the 2023/2024 season.

2. The Club shall pay the EFL’s costs of this investigation in the sum of £6,000.

3. The Club shall also pay such compensation due to Huddersfield Town FC, Wigan Athletic FC and Rotherham United FC in accordance with Regulation 32.4.

4. The suspended points deduction shall be applied immediately upon any charge being proven, or admitted, relating to any further missed fixture of the Club in the 2022/2023 season and/or 2023/2024 season.

5. This agreed decision shall be published on EFL.com, together the ‘Proposed Agreed Decision’.

7. The Club accepted the Proposed Sanction.

8. The parties agree that entering into this Agreed Decision shall not constitute a waiver by the EFL of its rights or remedies (however so arising) in respect of any future breaches of the EFL Regulations by the Club, including but not limited to any further breaches of Regulations 32,
33.1 and Appendix 1, Part 3, Regulations 2.1 and 27.4.

Here’s the fan reaction as the EFL issue a statement with Coventry City handed a suspended points deduction…

@glenw1411: And I thought I couldn’t dislike Wasps and the EFL more. Both are a disgrace.

@ftblalfie225: Now they can get a move on and approve Doug

@SwiftyR90: Not too bad I suppose, shame about the fine we have to pay though, potential transfer money that is.

@dharvey4: Could be a record low points score in the Premier League next season, if we start on minus points. 😂

@1987Coles: The EFL are a joke. @WaspsRugby when your ready we’ll have it however you want.. cheque / cash.. I’d say in bonds but we know how that ends..

@SkyblueBern: Blimey 😧 my heart skipped a few beats there also thinking that the Doug King ratification had been completed. Perhaps 🤔 the EFL wanted do get this done before? Dealing with the takeover issue ? Wasps failings monumental. Mr Ashley internal signs and wasps seats gone please.

@skybluelee76: The reasons to hate the London egg chasers grows bigger by the day.

@skybluejacko: I didn’t see EFL imposing any sanctions on any teams calling games off for COVID when they didn’t have there players vaccinated or when Luton called a game off last week cause they didn’t have undersoil heating #pusb

@jto123: EFL are a joke.

@chris2400: And we’re expected to welcome this shower back. This is down to them… and owing us money too… shame on them.

@Jimi_Dyer: Dave not holding back 😳

@TnsCov: The EFL the gift that keeps on giving

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