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EFL issue statement on Huddersfield being controversially denied equaliser vs Blackpool

The EFL have took to issue a rather damning statement on Huddersfield Town being controversially denied an equaliser vs Blackpool on Sunday.

Canada international Theo Corbeanu’s third goal in four games earned Blackpool a 1-0 Championship victory at struggling Huddersfield.

The on-loan Wolves striker’s first-half effort consigned the hosts to a sixth defeat in eight games in all competitions, with Danny Schofield’s side having also failed to keep a clean sheet in any of those contests.

But a controversial incident denied the hosts a share of the spoils when a second-half Yuta Nakayama effort was judged not to have crossed the goal-line.


The EFL is incredibly frustrated that a technology failure at Huddersfield Town and Blackpool has overshadowed a fantastic weekend of action on the pitch.

We have now received an initial assessment from Hawk-Eye, the providers of the Goal Line Technology service in the Championship, that during a second-half incident with Huddersfield attacking, the match officials did not receive a signal to their watch or earpiece as, due to multiple factors, the ball was no longer being tracked following it entering the Blackpool goal area.

Separately, PGMOL have confirmed officials were unsighted due to obstruction by players and therefore unable to award a goal.

While the system was tested and functional prior to the start of the game, further information is expected from both Hawk-Eye and PGMOL following a full review of the incident.

Technology is there to support the decision-making processes of match officials in the Championship and it failing in such a manner on Sunday is a matter of great concern.

For clarity, the referee’s decision is final and the match result stands.

Huddersfield’s Danny Schofield: “I’ve seen the incident a number of times from a number of different angles and it’s a tough one to take because we feel it was a goal that was not awarded. When I went to speak to him at the end. I was very emotional and he was pointing at his watch, because he was going off goal-line technology, so it’s difficult to pin the blame on the ref because it was down to the technology and I’m not sure if he can overrule that. It would certainly take a brave man to do so.

“We’ve not had the best start to the season and it would have given us at least another point on the board, so it was a big moment and we feel like we have been let down. We’re fighting for points and we need these things to be right.”

Blackpool’s Michael Appleton: “I’ve not looked back at it and I’ve done that purposely, but I’ve been told it was potentially over the line and that’s not great from their point of view. I’ve been in the game a hell of a long time, though, and I know these types of things can happen. They have happened against me before and I know the club were on the receiving end of one last season against QPR.

“We changed our shape, so that was something new for the players because I thought that it could help us on the transition and turnover and it certainly did for – as much as we were under a bit of pressure in the second half – I never felt uncomfortable if I’m being honest.

“We knew that we would have to defend crosses, but defending them with three centre halves lining up on our six-yard box, we were quite comfortable with that and the threat we then had with Corbeanu, (Ian) Poveda and (Jerry) Yates was really pleasing.”

Midfielder Jon Russell believes that the controversial goal that wasn’t given for the Terriers on the hour mark against Blackpool would have turned the tide in Town’s favour in the 1-0 defeat.

“I feel like we played much better today than we have most days. We did well as a team, but I don’t feel like decisions went our way,” Jon told HTTV post-match.

“I think the goal that wasn’t given as in would have been the turning point. These things do happen in football though, so now we have to get on with it.

“It’s disappointing, as it would have been a turning point for us. I think we would have carried on and won. We have to move on, and go again in the next game.

“I really don’t feel that we played badly but as I’ve said, things didn’t go our way today. If we keep playing like that, I think we will get good results. We must keep working hard and play to our full potential.

“If we carry on and get that win, I can see us going on a good run. We did that last year, and look where it got us. We have to believe that we can do it.”

“It’s a big win for us, particularly after Wednesday’s result,” he said.

“We looked disjointed as a group against Blackburn, which isn’t us, so to respond in the way we did today was pleasing. I thought we controlled the game without the ball at times, which is a good sign, and we picked our moments to attack well.

“We probably could have gone ahead sooner than when we did, given the chances we created, and sometimes when you got those big chances they don’t come round again. But, we were patient and didn’t get too disappointed when the chances didn’t come off.

“We had a change of formation, which I thought helped us on the day as well, and we got the rewards for that, so I’m really pleased.”

The decisive strike, which was Theo Corbeanu’s third in four matches for Pool, was one Appleton believed was a deserved goal.

“There was a real calmness to the finish,” Blackpool’s Michael Appleton said.

“It was a good pass from Jordan to set Ian up, who’s finish was actually decent, but it just struck the post.

“Theo’s had the composure to finish it off and that was great to see. He knows where the goal is and he’ll get more goals and assists to his name between now and the end of the season. He’s a great lad and is learning all of the time. He wants to learn and wants to be better, and we help can develop him as much as possible.

“We’re pleased with a good away win and it’s now all about training this week ahead of Saturday’s match.”

Twitter users gave their thoughts as the EFL issue a statement on Huddersfield being controversially denied their equaliser vs Blackpool…

@BaggiesTom1: Technology is causing more harm than good

@shanewood14: What a joke

@tangerinelisa: Although this went in favour of my team this weekend I would have been rightfully annoyed if it was the opposite way round. I can fully understand the officials being unsighted due to their positioning but it’s a pure reminder this and also VAR can’t be relied upon.

@PastorBowley: Don’t disagree and feel for Huddersfield but some of the decisions that went against us last season, we were due a bit of good fortune.

@matthtfcjohnson: Hits the back of the post and rolls backwards you couldn’t make it up

@sykesj1973: Clearly over the line.

@WalshyBoy3: As a Blackpool fan, you’ve fully been let down there.

@matthtfcjohnson: What good does this do anybody? Clowns. First it was VAR at Wembley now this rubbish

@BellersTheBlade: 1 in 9000 chance though lads so don’t worry, that will make you feel much better

@_paul1978: So what happens at the end of the season if that missing point sends Huddersfield down, or Blackpool’s ‘extra’ 2 points sends them up at someone else’s expense, or some other permutation? The technology is not fit for purpose.

@mariehtfc: Note the comment ‘technology is there to SUPPORT match officials’ yet ref and Lino’s response was to look at the watch, they no longer rely on their eyes!

@stevenwpeterson: Funny where was no statement when our goal against QPR was ruled out last season, was one of the big teams involved this time round maybe? 🙄

@chrisgalton: State of English football 🤡🤣 Technology not fit for purpose in the #EFL @EFL and officials not fit for purpose in the @premierleague #premierleague 🤣 ‘The Beautiful Game’ has become a comedy of errors. #lufc

@Matt_Johno32: To be honest it’s a joke that yet again technology in football has failed, but it’s about time we got some luck going our way. Feel for the Huddersfield fans, we’d be fuming if it were the other way around, but calls for a match replay or for the goal to stand are comical #utmp

@Danj2203: They obviously can’t do anything about it in terms of changing the result. But an apology should be issued. Not having its swings and roundabouts either. The standard of officiating is crap. Town have got away murder at times as well. It needs to change #htafc

@olifisher: The statement doesn’t actually clarify anything. Just that something didn’t work but they don’t know what, and we did score a goal but they can’t do anything about it now. Bunch of weapons

@CKScott__: Wow! Football really is in the mud at the minute. Officials, VAR and now goal line technology are screwing clubs over. We won yesterday and my overriding thought leaving the ground was how piss poor the referee was. @EFL and @PremierLeague sort your shit out, it’s embarrassing.

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