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EFL footballer jailed after being filmed repeatedly punching woman outside nightclub

An EFL footballer has been jailed after he was video recorded repeatedly punching a woman outside a nightclub in London.

24 year old Andrew Akingbaje, who was a promising player for Peckham Town and Accrington Stanley and had interest from Charlton Athletic, launched an attack on the female named Krystal Mission in the early hours of the New Year’s Day this year.

He admitted one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm when at Inner London Crown Court this week and was sent down for three years.

Patricia May, prosecuting, said: “They were queueing up when some females distinguished by wearing blue wigs barged into the queue and then accused Krystal and her friends of having pushed in.

“Everyone went into the club and there was no trouble in the club, but there came a time about 3am when Krystal and her friend were in the bathroom when one of the women in blue wigs came in and threatened them.

“It’s at that point that they decided that they should go but the blue wigs group came out to them, accosted them outside the premises, and by the conclusion were apparently trying to provoke them.

“The girls were having none of that. One went to call a cab and in the meantime the blue wigs group got into a black range rover and Krystal and her friend walked back towards the bar.

“It was at that point when they were crossing the road when the defendant came up and punched Krystal several times causing her to fall to the ground.

“Her friends tried to rescue her, but in the course of fending them off he hit both of them as well and then dragged Krystal along the ground.”

“It was at that stage when she managed to get up from the ground and get herself upright when somebody, who turned out to be a street warden who was mistaken for a bouncer, saw the aftermath of this, grabbed hold of her, thinking that he was protecting her.

“It was by this stage that the defendant and the blue wigs group again came up to Krystal and it was a this time that the friend started recording on her phone.

“While she was being held the defendant handed his mobile phone to another person then came right up to her as she was being held and punched her very viciously on the face several times.”

Back in 2017, Akingbaje was previously convicted for ABH on an ex-girlfriend of his back in 2017.

Mission, 21, posted on Instagram after being attacked, revealing her swollen face and told her followers: “I just feel pain everywhere.

“To be honest I’m just putting everything together at the moment, I was all a bit of blur.

“I don’t think I’m going to go out anymore. I just keep thinking about it. It’s probably going to take a while for me to get over this.”

Bethany Condron, defending, said: “It shows the court where there’s 10 to 15 people on top of him punching him. He comes very close to being driven over by a car.

“There was a mistaken belief Miss Mission was involved with the people earlier.”

The promising footballer also beat up two of Crystal Mission’s friends, which has been kept on file.

Judge Mark Bishop said to Akingbaje: “I want to make absolutely clear to you, you are facing a custodial sentence.”

He also added: “I have seen the film and it’s a chilling piece of violence against a woman.

“On January 31, you pleaded guilty to this count but on a limited basis, claiming that the victim had been assaulted before and you weren’t responsible for those injuries and that she tried to attack you and she had spat at you.

“That basis of plea was not accepted by the prosecution.

“You then confirmed in open court that you were pleading guilty in a full facts basis, in other words that you were not maintaining your previous plea.

“However, in a pre-sentence report after that I read that you were maintaining to the probation officer that same version of events minimising your culpability.

“That demonstrates a continuing lack of insight into your continuing violent behaviour towards a woman.

“I therefore do find find that expression of remorse particularly persuasive.” He said he had previously spent 13 months in a young offenders institution and was jailed for 18 months in 2017 for wounding his partner.

The judge added: “I’m satisfied that you do pose a serious risk, particularly towards women. You are dangerous to women, in my judgement.”

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