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EFL considering automatic point deductions for teams who fail to pay wages on time

The EFL are said to be considering calls to introduce automatic points deductions for teams who fail to pay players on time, according to the Daily Mail.

It comes with supporters and clubs left in anger at Bury being allowed promotion to League One last season despite in struggling financial times with an uncertainty of competing the following campaign.

Bury were unable to pay their players and staff’s salaries from February onwards, they still went up before getting expelled months later, having not fulfilled a single league fixture.

It is reported that League Two clubs are unhappy at Bury’s ‘financial doping’ in signing players with wages around £8,000 a week but then failed to pay it out.

So the EFL are trying to come up with a solution where clubs who fail to pay players for a month being automatically docked one point, with another two being knocked off for the second month they refuse to pay salaries.

It was mentioned at EFL governance meeting last month and will again be talked about with all 72 clubs come the 26th of September.

The same meeting will also see clubs vote on if Bury will be allowed to re-join League Two next season. Though it apparently looks extremely unlikely that Bury will be readmitted.

There was a poll by @AgainstLeague3 on if fans would support the EFL considering automatic point deductions for teams who fail to pay wages on time. 73% of 1,858 voters went for ‘Would support’ and 27% picked ‘Don’t support’.


After reading up on the solution the EFL are considering, supporters took to give their thoughts on if they approve on it on not with many hoping if would include all staff and not just playing – see those tweets on the next page.


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