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EFL confirm fate of Derby and Wycombe’s season as decision is made

EFL confirm the fate of Derby and Wycombe’s 2021/22 season as a decision is finally made following a statement issued on Friday evening.

The Rams WILL play the season in the Championship after EFL decided not to appeal against verdict over club’s accounting policies.

They will open the campaign against Huddersfield Town on August the 7th. HOWEVER, the saga is not over just yet – Derby must refile accounts by the 18th of August and could face a new charge. Nothing like a bit of late drama ay?


The EFL can today publish the written reasons relating to the Independent Disciplinary Commission’s sanction verdict in respect of the recent proceedings between the EFL and Derby County.

Following the decision, the EFL remains disappointed that the Commission has determined that a £100,000 financial penalty is appropriate, when it was found the policy adopted for the amortisation of player registrations and the description in the notes to the Annual Accounts did not comply with Profit & Sustainability (P&S) rules.

Alongside a financial penalty, the Club received a reprimand as to its future conduct and has been ordered to submit revised and restated accounts for the years ended 30 June 2016, 30 June 2017 and 30 June 2018 to the EFL by Wednesday 18 August 2021. 

While the EFL does not agree that those sanctions are commensurate to the breaches found, following consultation with our legal advisors, the EFL Board has regrettably determined that there are insufficient grounds to appeal the sanction imposed by the Independent Disciplinary Commission.

As a result of the League’s successful appeal, the Club’s re-stated accounts and revised calculations are to be prepared using a compliant form of amortisation in accordance with accounting standard FRS102 and the requirement of the P&S Rules. 

Once these have been submitted, the EFL will then be required to consider the submissions in reference to the P&S rules and in particular re-assess whether the Club has complied with the requirement to limit losses in accordance with those rules. 

The P&S rules have been adopted by both Premier League and Championship Clubs as a means of assisting them in regulating their own financial performance. Having done so it is incumbent on the EFL to uphold those rules and, as previously demonstrated, it will apply the full force of the current regulations as appropriate. 

As a consequence of the EFL’s decision not to appeal, the divisional placings for season 2021/22 are to remain in accordance with the fixture list issued on 24 June 2021. 

The written reasons can be found here: https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/judgments/judgments-202021/

Fans reacted as the EFL confirm the fate of Derby and Wycombe’s season as a decision is made…

@zakbrownz: No surprise the EFL have decided to let derby get away with it. £100k fine is absolutely nothing

@JaneJac54550719: Nothing …we are skint but sure we will be ok 🤣🤣

@bainespne: I bet if the shoe was on the other foot and Wycombe stayed up and had Derby financial issues whikst Derby genuinely got relegated like Wycombe did, I bet the efl would then relegate Wycombe.

@craig_latham: Not fit for purpose! Shambles of an organisation

@wbaIiam: They’ll have enough players for 5 a side at least

@TrickyLMC: Doesn’t matter with the state they are in with their 13 players they ain’t staying up next season

@anyoldsport: Gutless. Anyway they’ve only got 10 fit players on their books and a potato in charge. Feel for Wycombe

@pogzy31: This is precisely why nobody has any faith in the EFL. They punish certain teams with points deduction, forcing liquidation etc yet they end up doing something like this and not punishing Derby? Ridiculous

@callumkitson: Wycombe should sue the league of Derby aren’t relegated.

@WiseJammy: No club in future now can get points deductions or demotions with this precedent. Just get a fine thats easily payable and cut corners as much as you like. What a weak organisation

@d_p_ball: Joke… do what you want. Absolute kick in the teeth to the clubs relegated who follow the rules. Hopefully a big points reduction

@jellis90: Even your own legal advisors are telling you to let it go, but you can’t

@spaniels1980: Wow, this this like a great deterrent for clubs 🙄

@Tim_Rowson: So #swfc break the rules and get a points deduction, Derby break the rules and get naff all…What a joke the @EFL are

@Thebluerooms_: If this is a league 2 team on the other hand your sending them into liquidation. Bottlers x

@Lincolnstokie: What a joke

@NFFC_FPL: Disgraceful, EFL not fit for purpose, Wycombe are the real victims of this.

@callumLtfc: bottled it.

@Neil_Harman57: I’m afraid that is a gutless decision. A small fine and a reprimand for years of rule-breaking. The Football League is forfeiting all credibility.

@bettyLUFC: Horrendous decision – the most inconsistent organisation out there

@danm80: EFL once again demonstrating that they are not fit for purpose

@SeanRos31277283: The @EFL have gone soft how do Derby get away with so much. If that was @NFFC they would throw the book at us. It’s a hoke

@bainespne: I bet if the shoe was on the other foot and Wycombe stayed up and had Derby financial issues whikst Derby genuinely got relegated like Wycombe did, I bet the efl would then relegate Wycombe.

@wba434: Of course back handers, if it was a smaller club they’d be gone now

@LikeAMayan: Wycombe robbed

@LUFC_Arizona: Wycombe should sue both the EFL and Derby.

@Matt_Walker96: Fuck off. Derby for Wycombe would have been a brilliant trade

@TheGodfatherUk: Hope Wycombe start legal proceedings against Derby and the EFL. What is the point of the latter? Why do they even exist as a body? SPINELESS

@theWycombeWay: Worth remembering that this could yet kick start our own legal battle with Derby County. It’s not quite over yet. #Chairboys

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