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Eastbourne Borough mocked by fans after drastically changing their club crest

Eastbourne Borough were mocked by fans after drastically changing their club crest amid a new era for the National League South side.

The club dropped the updated badge on Friday, and judging by the reaction, it hasn’t gone down as well as they hoped, especially with the logo being changed from majority red to blue with a hint of red.

Eastbourne state the home kit is still planning to be red, which will be at least some relief to supporters, but still, overall this is a bad move from the club.


Since being formed, the club badge at Eastbourne Borough has taken two forms to date – and it has been given a facelift ahead of a new era at Priory Lane.

The previous badge had represented a Martello tower, specifically the one at nearby Langney Point, with a cloud passing across it. The club had sought a crest that was identifiable with the local area and the initial choice was between two local landmarks: Langney Priory and the aforementioned Martello tower. It was modernised in the early 1990s and has now been redeveloped again as the Sports look to move forwards on and off the pitch.

The Martello tower has been given a makeover, and is seen on waves which represent Eastbourne as a seaside town. Whilst the dominant colour on the badge is navy blue, the club’s primary colour will continue as red.

Simon Leslie said on changing the crest: “It’s about evolution.It’s not a revolution here. People think there’s a revolution, but there really isn’t. I’m evolving the club. I’m taking it into the next 10-15 years of its life. The Crest has been the same for over two decades and it’s time to just gently evolve. There’s going to be a change in the kit. We’re going to keep gently, improving every aspect of the club, right from the grassroots, right to the top.

“My message is, look, you’ve all been very vocal and critical, and I’ve got no problem with that. You must criticise us as much as you want, but you must come. You must come watch the games. You must come turn out cheer. Because what will make a difference to this team is that this stadium is full every week. This stadium needs to be full of people who are passionate about Eastbourne Borough as I am. I’m absolutely super excited for this season. I will do everything I can to make this team a huge success. Help every single player achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions. And if you turn up and cheer for us, we’ll be a match made in heaven.”


In his first interview with the club, new boss Mark Beard said: “It’s amazing, i’m so privileged and honoured to be manager of this great club.

“It’s been a whirlwind, in the space of two days Danny Bloor left, the next day I approached Marc White at Dorking and then met with Alan Williams and Simon Leslie and in the space of 36 hours i’ve gone from looking forward to a season coaching at Dorking to now manage Eastbourne Borough.”

The club moving to full-time status will effect player recruitment over the coming summer, with conversations already ongoing with members of last season’s side.

Beard added: “I’ve had to speak to the current players here, to tell them about the season, how we’re going to approach it with training and how we’re playing.

“The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, but we want to bring in the right characters, the right players to give the supporters a team to be proud of.

“The vision of Simon Leslie is one that I believe in, it’s how I’ve built my whole career both playing and then coaching.

“It’s the player care, the individualised training programmes we’re going to provide, the team ethic, we are going to look after every player we really want them to be here. It’s not about finances, it’s not about money, it’s about them wanting to play here and create a good atmosphere.”

And what should fans expect of Beard’s team? The 48-year-old left his position as Head Coach at Dorking Wanderers to join the Sports, having spent four years as Academy Manager at Brighton & Hove Albion.

“If anyone’s seen my Dorking or Brighton teams, we will look to play high-tempo,” Beard explained.

“We will look to play out, but if it’s not on then we will have to mix it up. It all comes down to the training – each player will have an individual programme, an individual development plan.

“We have a very good strength and conditioning coach, we have coaches looking at tactics, technical and the psychology side as well. If you have a group of players who are working together all the time, they are only going to get better and better and improve all the time.”

As mentioned, Eastbourne Borough were mocked by fans after drastically changing their club crest…

@ClaretCroch: That has got to be the biggest downgrade in history. What is that 😭

@adamf_99: Why’s the badge blue? Thought you lot play in Red?

@LeeCPDAFC: I’m not an Eastbourne fan but that’s awful. Not even Red! 🤷🏻‍♂️😫

@nicknadge84: Did the Microsoft word art paperclip help you out on this one? Not very AI is it?

@MilesR502: Does “joining the journey” involve integral parts of the clubs history!? Joke

@ColinPep1: Very warm day for 1st April

@tazthebaffled: As a pompey fan and havant fan I think it looks alright. But I’m sure Eastbourne is a red town and if you go blue kits it will cause uproar.

@MottysMic: As a neutral and a hopper that new badge is simply woeful. Previous badge not broken, didn’t need ‘fixing’

@Matty_Neumann: Not sure about this one lads

@JayoT93: A badge is a badge. If it signals success and a charge up the league, I won’t be bothered in the slightest.

@DCPlaya2: If im being honest this is a bad choice

@BorobladeTony: That’ll be a merchandising disaster……hopefully!!!

@LeeBHA1901: What was wrong with the old badge

@NikChambers16: I wouldn’t be delighted

@JamesWillett5: I believed our rebranding at Hastings united was shocking to start with but grown to like to now, however that is pretty bad 😟

@MrLeeKington: Yikes 😅

@jmpodmore: Wow 🤦‍♂️

@MilesR502: Looks horrible

@MacWatkins19: That is horrid

And what was wrong the iconic original?
Who’s shit-for-brains idea was this?

@LukeCTFC2022: Great idea to divide the fan base from the very beginning.

@Alexs1056: You might want to replace the seats and make the kit blue as well

@HarveyLock26: Awful that


@JrmTansey: Heat must have gone to your head. What is that 🤣

@ccfcclaretarmy: what the hell is this 🔥🔥🔥

@jack_butler091: Hahaha that’s wank

@HCdoyle_: Not a massive fan of this with the blue etc, our colours are red and black…

@LivoAaron: What is that

@hazza856: Oh dear… that is horrible. Whoever designed needs help.

@_____Phil_____: Oh Christ! Looks like you used word art 😂 think you might want to rethink this one…

@ForeverOUFC: Rubbish. One of the main reasons I liked this club was because of the club crest and the you go and change it to that?! Incredibly disappointed and deserve this backlash

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