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Dulwich slam Braintree after stadium removal threat mid-game

Dulwich Hamlet have took to slam Braintree Town after being handed a stadium removal threat at Cressing Road Stadium mid-game on Saturday.

With half time approaching, Dulwich tweeted their anger at being told their official camera crew could be kicked out, yet right next to them, a fan was spotted doing the same, yet nothing was said to that lad.

A series of tweets was issued by Dulwich via their official Twitter account, and Hamlet had to defend themselves on a number of replies.

The club wrote: “Weirdly our camera crew have been threatened to be removed for filming the game today after 35 minutes…

“Not sure that’s allowed @braintreetownfc – Why would you want to kick out hard working volunteers who are by rights allowed to film?

“We sent you names and roles as per rules, you let them into the ground.

“Why would you now want them to stop filming?

“No other club in the existence of DHFCTV has ever threatened to kick out our volunteers, no matter the level.


As mentioned, Dulwich slam Braintree after getting a stadium removal threat mid-game…

@YourInstReplay: Shocking @braintreetownfc! How you gonna grow the game if no one can watch it

@TheIron4Me1898: I’ll answer that. We’re a poorly run club and have been for several years

@_npryan: Are you winning by any chance?

@kaqoo: WOW! Unbelievable.

@LiamDHFC: They were told we were filming and didn’t object when sent details. I’m sure league rules allow away club to film. One of the reasons I couldn’t be bothered to go because there are certain people there who always make you feel unwelcome.

@YT40: I will not be taking Around The Ground to @braintreetownfc then. #shortsighted

@GMixture: They probably counted* your fingers and when they found out you only had five on each hand, they got a bit upset.
*had to use a calculator.

@craigw87: Surprised it isn’t the @TheVanaramaNL and the idiots in charge at HQ. Why many volunteers in media sections have left and people like Ollie at HQ who is clueless!

@pengedragon: What nonsense is this @braintreetownfc? Maybe the admin are in defence and the defenders are on admin today #DHFC 💖💙

@baleboy_93: Appalling from Braintree, but not surprising, as the two previous visits there were issues as well, security staff there just turned a blind eye to us filming because they knew the chairman was wrong in trying to get us to stop. First time this has happened in DHFCTV history

@mattchapp96: Imagine resorting to do things like this, the #DHFCTV lads have always been a good bunch to work with, they don’t deserve this. What you doing about this then @TheVanaramaNL? 🎥

@adbryan15: Just because they are losing?

@1863Football: GET A F#####G GRIP @braintreetownfcwhat are you like!! WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

@bamcradley: Pathetic club, they deserved to be removed from the ground imo

@6Thiagoat: It’s all kicking off in the national league 🤣

@richardpotty: Horrible club Braintree. Bit like Dover n Boreham Wood

@CarlisleFan14: Disgraceful club

@puffpuff65: Pathetic if true, let them film

@aarronpullen: Braintree Town are added the exclusive list of strange National League clubs, joining Boreham Wood and Dover Athletic.

@MaxRoscoe8: Disgraceful Club this @braintreetownfc Sort it out. Knobheads!

@Chelmsford_City: Braintree all over!

@CPFCRVA: What the actual f—?

@sambunn: Not like Braintree to be twats about visiting media 🙄

Dulwich Hamlet then took a photo of someone in the stands getting footage of the game on his phone and questioned Braintree if they were going to issue a threat to him too…

Dulwich added further: “For avoidance of doubt, this is to highlight the hypocrisy of Braintree threatening our media team, who have the right to film the game, with being kicked out for doing their job.

“We’ve asked this lad if we can get his footage”

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