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Dulwich Hamlet manager leaves role after being at the helm since 2009

National League South club Dulwich Hamlet confirm that manager Gavin Rose leaves his role after being at the helm since 2009.

Rose took charge of over 550 first-team matches and won two promotions with Dulwich – the Isthmian League South title in 2013 and then the Isthmian League Premier Division playoffs in 2018.

The South Londoners currently sit 21st in the league table, dropping into the bottom four after a 3-1 defeat at Tonbridge Angels last weekend.



It is with enormous personal sadness that I have to announce that the club has decided not to complete and execute the contract extension for Gavin Rose’s role as men’s first team manager and he will leave the position with immediate effect.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to work alongside Gavin over the past four years and whilst we all knew the reality was that all managers eventually move on it was genuinely difficult to accept that time would ever come for us.

Simply thanking Gavin for all that he has achieved and wishing him every success in future feels hopelessly inadequate, he will always be part of the Dulwich Hamlet family and I sincerely hope this will not be the end of our association either personally or professionally.

Gavin has been responsible for many of the all-time high moments in living memory at the club and his contribution deserves the legendary status I have no doubt it will gain as people look back on what he has achieved here since his appointment in 2009 which makes him the club’s longest serving manager.

It is both those moments and the length of service that have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds as the board have worked hard on making the tough decisions in many areas both on and off the pitch to the benefit of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club and which we believe are necessary to deliver the long-term objectives we set in October 2018 when supporters stepped in to save and then rebuild the club.

The departure of any manager from any club is a difficult decision as it impacts everyone associated with the club but I say with no hint of exaggeration that I believe few clubs have been through a change of this magnitude and everyone at the club understands how de-stabilising this will be and is committed to steering us through the times ahead and the challenges that are bound to arise.

On behalf of the club and the board,

Ben Clasper, Chairman

SEASON    LEAGUE     P    W    D    L    F    A    P      POS

2009-10   ISTH-1S   42   14   12   16   57   64   54     12/22
2010-11   ISTH-1S   42   19    8   15   79   59   65      5/22
2011-12   ISTH-1S   40   26    8    6   73   26   86      3/21
2012-13   ISTH-1S   42   28    5    9   91   42   89      1/22
2013-14   ISTH-P    46   25    7   14   96   65   82      6/24
2014-15   ISTH-P    46   21   13   12   66   51   76      4/24
2015-16   ISTH-P    46   23   12   11   93   58   81      5/24
2016-17   ISTH-P    46   22   14   10   89   55   80      3/24
2017-18   ISTH-P    46   28   11    7   91   41   95      2/24
2018-19   NAT-S     42   13   10   19   52   65   49     14/22
2019-20   NAT-S     35    9   10   16   51   50   37     19/22
2020-21   NAT-S     13    4    4    5   15   17   16     ABAND
2021-22   NAT-S     40   13   12   15   63   60   51     10/21

Twitter users gave their reaction as the Dulwich Hamlet manager leaves his role after being at the helm since 2009…

@LiamK1998_: I actually can’t believe it but good luck in your career Gavin Rose

@cfcbenyu: All the best in your future endeavours. Wish it worked out further than what he helped us achieve but reality is that it hasn’t been and its good to see the club are making strides to improve on the current form

@GaryPanton: Oh wow, that’s a big move. Think the time’s right for a change but huge thanks due to Gavin for everything he’s done for the club.

@Steve_JN_Smith: All the best to Gavin Rose for the future. He’s done a fantastic job.

@OffTheLineBlog: Understandable, even if it is a tough decision. Given the playing squad available, you should be doing better than 21st. Underachieved last year and this, so bound to happen. Be interested to see who gets it.

@GlenSTFC: Bobby Wilkinson incoming?

@savehalfmoonpub: Gavin has been a total legend, but this sounds like the right call for where we are right now.

@knighty1gk: Bloody hell… Will defo be successful in his next job wherever he goes. 💪

@afcmark1: Good luck Gav, all best for the future.

@thedanhorler: At least I won’t feel bad for taking them as my FM save.

@MarkAMcGann: Very sad day. But the right decision.

@Sitdown_Jim: Thanks for everything Gavin. 💗💙

@major_rawls: Enormous gratitude to Gavin for everything he’s done for the club. Legend!

@Radiateur2: Thanks Gavin, you gave us a lot to smile about in the last 13 years. Good luck wherever you go next. Tough but the right decision Ben. Up the Hamlet

@sirjezmond: I’ve enjoyed so many happy memories supporting the club under Gavin’s tenure, he will leave as a genuine club legend, but this felt like the right decision for the good of the club. Good luck for the future gaffer 💙💖

@CheltJohn65: Disappointed but can understand boards decision, results not been great this season.

@SebLosardo: Wow, was not expecting this! However, it does feel like the right time to part ways. Gavin has done a tremendous job overseeing enormous change & huge challenges over these last few years! Best of luck for the future Gav 💖💙

@nd_______01: We will always, ALWAYS, follow Gavin Rose. Allez allez allez 💖💙 #thankyouGavin

@physio123456789: Omg Thanks gavin for all you have done for DHFC, Take care Bloke

@peckhamasbestos: Terribly sad day, but we move on. Massive thanks to Gavin for all of his tireless work 🙏🙏🙏🙏

@Barnes22Sam: So grateful for what Gavin has done for us 💕💙

@Hefff88: An absolute legend 👏👏

@Cinema4CwellGrn: His achievements have been beyond legend. A very sad day which we had to expect at some point but never really wanted to think about. Good luck to Gavin – he will do very well elsewhere ❤️⚽🏆

@PaulGMiles22: Absolutely the right decision given form over the last 9 months (no one person is bigger than the club), but Gav should leave with his head held high safe in the knowledge that he will always be considered a club legend. Thank you Gav for everything.

@IanKaye: I never thought I would see the day but unfortunately it’s the right decision. He should have done the honourable thing and resigned at the end of last season. He could then have been thanked properly for his service and everything he had done for DHFC. I wish him well.

@ian_sheen: The right move, sadly. The club has been underperforming on the pitch for the last couple of years, and with the funds, resources and crowds we get, the form just hasn’t been good enough. Thanks for everything Gavin, but it’s time to move on.

@dulwichomnibus: I can’t pretend to be disappointed but thanks to Gavin for the happiest of football memories. Particularly bringing Erhun to Champion Hill and promotion roundabout. #dhfc

@Paula_Griffin65: Genuinely the end of an era. Have known Gavin & Junior for nearly two decades not just as players & management but also as friends & allies too. When I was ill in Guys with cancer 5 years ago a card arrived front the team wishing me a speedy recovery. More recently when I came out as transgender Gavin, Junior & the players showed immense solidarity. Adapting to my transition seemed easier for them than it was for me. Never once have I been misgendered or deadnamed by either of them. 💖💙🏳️‍⚧️ I’d hope the club revives the proposed testimonial to raise funds for the @riofoundation to give fans a proper chance to say a heartfelt goodbye & thank you for bringing this club back from wallowing in mid table Isthmian League Division One South to where we are now

@rbw275: I managed Dulwich Hamlet in Football Manager ’21 from the Conference South to the Prem in consecutive seasons and when the club built a new stadium they called it the Gavin Rose stadium rather than name it after me 🙄

@ChrisCPiper: The man has built that club up from top to bottom sad day for that club losing Gavin & kads

@benstonesfc1: Massive shame that. One of the most respected management duos in non-league over the last 13 years. Gav and Junior have done a tremendous job with helping to develop young players, some of which have come from tough backgrounds. Wish them all the best with their next challenge 👍

@littlepaul1885: I was privileged to be on Gavins interview many years ago, never imagined what a great job he would do and how successful he would be. He brought the club up. Credit to Junior too. Both blokes are absolute gents and I believe we will see plenty more of them. Best of luck.

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