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Dorking’s Marc White calls out own players in sweary interview after 6-0 defeat at Barnet

Dorking’s Marc White brutally calls out his own players during a sweary post-match interview after Saturday’s 6-0 defeat at Barnet.

The Bees solidified their place in the National League playoff race with a huge thrashing over struggling Dorking at The Hive.

Barnet were dominant throughout the match, with the first goal coming after just 10 minutes, as Nicke Kabamba successfully converted a penalty.

Gatlin O’Donkor then got on an opportunity, and struck one from 25 yards into an empty net, leaving Dorking’s goalkeeper Harrison Male, 23, helpless.

Callum Stead got Barnet’s third after half an hour, and shortly before the break, the striker made it 4-0 when he unleashed a powerful shot to secure his second goal of the match.

With 10 minutes remaining, captain Dale Gorman tapped in a fifth goal for Barnet. Then in stoppage time, Zak Brunt completed the scoring, ensuring a comprehensive victory for Barnet.

Dorking’s Marc White didn’t hold back post-match, this is what was said…

Interviewer: Right we’re at the hive it’s finished Barnet 6 Dorking Wanderers 0, Mark you said it might be like a game of chess it wasn’t really was it

MW: No it’s a game of fucking demolition um no listen what to start so we they’ve only played sort of three back fours or whatever all season so we planned for them plan a variety of back threes um which meant we would have had an extra man at the back so we knew we had to have an extra man at the back um and then saw the team sheet and could tell they were 433 and then playing on our back line um and we didn’t have the players on the pitch to go into a back four so that was the sort of the fundamental problem with the start of the game for any sort of you know for the fans that like the technical side we play we plan to have an extra man at the back just like in the home game keep the ball um they changed formations for the first time in a while caught us cold we didn’t have the we couldn’t go to back four on the pitch um and then a really poor start um it’s important mate listen got you got to call players out that’s how it works with me you know you we we have to trust our players Alfie had such a really poor start really poor start then gets a second yellow car for descent in as many games yeah wants to concentrate more on his own game pressing them instead of letting the guy put a ball over the top and um the defendant was just woeful balls over the top I was just literally back to front it was literally just there was nothing you know no disrespect there wasn’t anything elegant about it because great managers see the weakness and uh and then sees it and Dean just literally said yeah put the ball you know on them they’re defending man for man um and we defended really badly man for man and then but the nature of the goals is a big deal Josh who’s obviously a brilliant Alfie can clear it for the first goal poor poor clearance Josh then puts his foot high in the box which is just really bad decision, 1-0, Joe’s then arguing with the ref standard stuff for two three minutes then loses his man then gets himself on a yellow you know for the you know in the first 15 minutes for the upteignth time time um obviously we then go to back four and carbon copy really in the back four kind of kept the ball really cuz now we’ve got an extra man yeah you now we’ve got an extra man at the back obviously that’s if we’ known how they were playing we would have chosen that way to play kept the ball kept the ball then more poor defending uh Tom Blair he walks around arguing with everybody then don’t pick up his man from the throw another just thing is you can make as many excuses as you want I’m putting the boys on the pitch so I have to take responsibility and I will and I do but what I would say is I’ll also be the boy that don’t put some of them players back on the pitch

Interviewer: Do you think some of it is now sort of like a mental thing Mark cuz the the the ability and the talent is there but some of these things that are happening seem to be that kind of mental side of things with the dissent and the arguing and things like that that are happening sort of outside of the actual game itself

MW: 100% there’s there’s a couple of boys that I’ve told are not coming back just to be i’ got to be honest about it you what I mean I’ve got to be honest about it um just being straight just I’m not having it a whole week of planning whole week of planning you know when the going gets tough we got a few boys that physically can’t go with it mentally can’t go with it so they’re done with me I don’t give a shit where we end up but I’m going to make sure we’re surrounded by boys I know won’t let us down the fans deserve that the management team deserve that I’m putting faith in boys that have got ability but not mental ability that’s the bottom line and at this level they just to be honest with you James it’s embarrassing for them for them like it’s under 15s and that’s disrespectful to that arguing with the ref for three minutes after decision and then your man gets in front of you then you get a book in then it’s oh why take me off no shit Sherlock why do you reckon you come off Joe on a yellow two n down and that’s not disrespectful because these boys get paid good fucking money they get paid good money right they get fucking they pay mortgages out what they get paid right and they’ve got to be better and I’ve warned a few individuals too many times now and I’m afraid to say if people wonder why fucking one of our supporters is planet right back they know because I’d rather go down fighting with the boys we’ve got that love the club than boys that having been warned 15 times about their mental ability cannot find it listen they’re nice guys they’re nice guys but they’ve not got the mental capacity to play at the level and you know what that is just how it is I back myself I back a lot of our players I’m not going to let the same individuals let them down and that overshadows because Josh had made a bad mistake for the first goal you know there poor defensive display but I can’t come off a field again talking about discipline. Alfie you know so listen I toyed with well what do I say because then people go get know Marc blah blah blah but you know what the fans pay their money they travel they deserve to understand how it is I’ve been so over loyal to players right from the first game of the season when we go down to 10 men for fucking 25 minutes at Chesterfield right from then players the you know I can’t trust and um you know that’s more full me but I’m not going to for the next six games we won’t see them boys around it and it does seem harsh on them but to be frank I don’t give a fuck because they are paid good money and they are grown men and they can fucking 100% sort themselves out that’s how it is it’s not acceptable at all and I’m saying it because it goes through the team James you’ve got grown men grown footballers that are having that are scared to talk to their teammates for reaction because they can’t cope so anyway so I thought mentally mentally a few boys let me down um strategically we caught a cold with the formations um and um I’m really disappointed ultimately this time of year the goal difference is no good anyway this this time of year is a game that’s written off that’s it

Interviewer: Yeah I mean yeah we were chasing that game it got away from us early on didn’t it um what’s the plan this week then Marc obviously there’s a game on Friday now so it is it going to be two training sessions how are you thinking this week’s going to go

MW: Yeah two training sessions it’s you know um hope we’ve you know got a bit of fitness around us um it’s we it was only a week ago that we should have beat Solihull in a fairly contested game it was only two weeks ago we beat Chesterfield um so it’s you know it’s not like we’re some kind of whipping boys but um we we go again we have to be bold enough we have to be bold enough to zero it all out yeah yeah to zero it all out and um and and go again that’s the bottom line and um it is ultimately my issue um you know we know we’ve had a load of bad luck this year but ultimately I put the team on the field so I’m there under per to be judged um and um what I’d say is it’s there’s there’s still a lot of football to be played and what we have to do is is just say well hold on a minute if you did win your next two games but what would that mean well quite a lot you know so you have to you have to find the way of just getting on with it James which is difficult but I just want to say obviously a big thanks to the supporters um massive thanks to supporters borderline our best support away from on this season in terms of noise um I can’t talk about the um you know if I talk about the Three Men In Black then I risk getting suspended

Interviewer: Well I mean I’ve yeah I mean particularly for either side really with the both sides the way that they

MW: Both sides but you know what mate obviously we was worse than them that’s what I would say so yeah just disappointed that um we uh capitulated and under pressure and just a couple of boys zap the energy out of their own team and and and just by not handling the situation the right way so that’s where we are with that mate and I just want to be really clear I don’t give a fuck when their agents call me moaning saying no you know not fair to name a player yes it fucking is yes it is cuz we’ve got fucking single parents bringing their kids driving a Barnet right to watch Dorking Wanderers win it want to give everything for us to fucking survive and they need their fucking players to be able to handle pressure if they can’t they’re in the wrong place that’s how it is

Interviewer: Well yeah and you said recently didn’t you as well you want your players to be able to play through that pressure um and that’s what it’s going to be like over Easter as well cuz the games are Friday Monday aren’t they it’s a quick turn around with a home game against Bromley and then way all the shot so the pressure is relentless isn’t it

MW: Yeah and we’ll go again on Friday yeah I think I think the sign of a sign of a really you know when things are wrong is when you could when you can go and get beat six always say you should never get beat six a game of football in the same division as anybody and you know that’s on me ultimately but I also need to explain to people what’s going on so they get it I’m not going to finesse it I’m not going to fluff it up I’m saying it how it is because I can tell you now I’ve given people a lot of fair warning so that’s where we are but yeah so I mean listen poor defending you know overshadowed for me by some bad discipline Alfie, Joe, Tom and um we will just put a team out that give the all for the fans James and I guarantee 100% that I sort it all out hopefully in time

Interviewer: Chesterfield won the league today Barnet going to be in the playoffs obviously and we wish them all the best for the rest of the season as well good side

MW: Yeah mate and listen what thing’s done is brilliant he’s got great players got great players um you know get some you know get some work in they can play two three formations they’re honest they get on with it you I don’t see those sort of issues in other teams around us um so really you know fair play to Dean um I think he done great back from when he at Wealdstone and then yeah for the Chesterfield boys brilliant leadership you know got beat at Wembley I can only imagine what that felt like that night and uh they’ve got their hands on the trophy put the lead to the sword somebody said to me yesterday you know looking ahead at next season whoever’s in this league it’s anybody’s you know next season um when you think about it you know so um but you know congrats to them tonight obviously I’m not going to ask our fans trust me in my judgment I’ve been done a long time in terms of what I’m telling you in in terms of what was going on on the pitch today half time it wasn’t a nice place you know I totally get the fact we have to get the right players on the field that we can trust they might have to expect to see a few boys out of position if need be but we’re going to give it our all for six games Never say die and there’s a long long way to go in terms of the table but of course we need to get points that’s where we are

Interviewer: Thanks for your honesty as always Mark

MW: Yeah I’ve got I’ve got to be honest right I’m not going to out like a fanny and say oh you know and hide things because these boys I’m the fucking owner right and I know how much some people pay to support the club and travel and give for the club so them fucking players that can’t learn and I’m not talk I listen I’m fine with one-offs I’m talking individuals that I’ve warned 15 times so you know that’s where we are with that if I end up fucking running out this year you’ll know why that’s where it is

Twitter users reacted as Dorking’s Marc White calls out his own players in a sweary interview after the 6-0 defeat at Barnet…

@Dragonfly293: 👀 👀 wonder what the owner makes of that interview…..oh sorry I forgot. Give him one thing he’s brutally honest something other managers get called out on weekly!

@dlbriggs8: Couldn’t agree more after watching that today. Really need to get behind Marc and the players who really want it for Dorking.

@GaryPascoe04: A very honest interview, I do feel sorry for Marc sometimes.

@PaulBoycott1: Fair play to Marc white . At least he comes out for interviews win or lose . National league is a tough league

@DDEvans23: Hopefully Marc sticks to his guns and doesn’t involve those players again and takes that with him into the off season, regardless of what league they are in.

@MunneryGary: Some interview that 🤯

@iainjmac: Let’s see if Marc has the courage of his conviction and stop being loyal to players who aren’t good enough

@classic1sport1: I don’t think it is loyalty to players who aren’t good enough. He’s called out players whose attitudes aren’t right for the team. You can see too. He wants players he can trust not to have their egos take control

@phil_dfc: Fucking love the honesty Marc gives after every interview Funny how fan bases react at different clubs Look at what happened to the manager who called out players at another club and got hounded out by the fan base 🤷🏻‍♂️

@durhamchris1983: Love his honesty. No bullshit

@MarkH0893: Refreshing honesty from Marc White wish our manager could say this about some of our lot #oafc

@SamuelCol1115: Wow what a review. Basically said joe cook wont play for the club again, and maybe even Blair and Rutherford too?! As well as fully admitting to being over loyal, which is something I said in a recent comment. There seems to be a real issue with the squad at Dorking

@Cole15Williams: absolutely fucking brilliant stuff this by the way. how it should be

@james_harpin: He’s bang on. Some of their players were embarrassing. Also, Dean got the system bang on today.

@Ryan01020304061: I love this bloke. Players are soft as shit now a days, he’s bang on. Might have ability but mentally a lot can’t cope.

@RichWXM: Marc White pulling no punches here 👊

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