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Dorking slammed over derogatory word used in tweet as player joins Chesterfield

Dorking Wanderers have been slammed by fans over a derogatory word used in the club’s tweet as a player joins Chesterfield this week.

The newly promoted side retweeted the Spireites’ announcement that they had signed Darren Oldaker, leaving a caption in their shared post.

However it’s gone down rather badly, with over 180 people quote tweeting it and hundreds more replying to what Dorking had to say, before Wanderers then took to delete it.

@DorkingWDRS wrote: “Good luck to the ‘Pikey Pirlo’ in his new venture. See you soon Darren.”

In early June, the National League club posted a piece on departing players, written by the club’s co-founder, chairman and manager Marc White. The piece was edited on the website today, getting rid of the word ‘Pikey’.

The original piece read: Darren Oldaker is moving on to pastures new. I love 11, he reminds me of the lads that played for us during our first few gears, he is a real character and I know that he will remain close to the club. On the field he was unbelievable, he could do things that no one else could. Every opposition manager tried to stop him but failed, he glided through games. Similar to Dan [Lincoln] he came in at the perfect time for us and planed a pivotal role in our success, the ‘Pikey Pirlo’ will be missed on another level!


Chesterfield have agreed the signing of Darren Oldaker, subject to FA and National League approval. 

Following the expiry of his contract at Dorking Wanderers, the midfielder is set to join the Spireites on July 1.

Oldaker said: “I’m absolutely delighted to sign for such a big club. I literally just want to get going now.

“It was a tough moving away and moving everything up here, but I’m more than happy to do it. I can’t wait.

“[Paul Cook] was massive [in the decision to join Chesterfield]. He’s had interest in me for a couple of years back when I was at Gillingham.

“He’s clear of what he wants from me as a player at this club and I’m ready to do it for him.”

Oldaker started his career in Queens Park Rangers’ academy before spending four years with Gillingham – gaining his initial taste of first-team football.

After leaving Priestfield, he had spells at Billericay Town and Westfield. He also spent some time with Welling United, sandwiched in between spells at Hythe Town.

The 23-year-old moved to Dorking in November 2021, immediately becoming a fans’ favourite at Meadowbank.

Oldaker played 25 times for Wanderers during the 2021/22 season, scoring four times and helping Marc White’s side win the National League South play-offs.

SEASON    LEAGUE     P    W    D    L    F    A    P      POS

2007-08   SUSSEX-3  24   12    6    6   58   47   42      4/13
2008-09   SUSSEX-3  26   15    2    9   70   45   47      5/14
2009-10   SUSSEX-3  28   15    6    7   78   44   51      4/15
2010-11   SUSSEX-3  30   24    2    4   93   35   74      1/16
2011-12   SUSSEX-2  34   21    6    7   80   48   69      3/18
2012-13   SUSSEX-1  42   10   11   21   62   80   41     20/22
2013-14   SUSSEX-1  38   16    7   15   68   63   55      8/20
2014-15   SUSSEX-1  38   26    5    7  101   51   83      2/20
2015-16   ISTH-1S   46   27    9   10   99   56   90      2/24
2016-17   ISTH-1S   46   33    6    7  103   44  105      2/24
2017-18   ISTH-P    46   16   10   20   77   80   58     14/24
2018-19   ISTH-P    42   28    9    5   87   31   93      1/22
2019-20   NAT-S     35   14    8   13   58   56   50      7/22
2020-21   NAT-S     18   12    3    3   40   17   39     ABAND
2021-22   NAT-S     40   25    6    9  101   53   81      2/21


Youth career
–2015 – Queens Park Rangers
2015–2016 – Gillingham

Senior career
2016–2019 – Gillingham – 21 games (0 goals)
2018 → Hythe Town (loan) – 14 games (5 goals)
2019 – Billericay Town – 2 games (0 goals)
2019 – Westfield – 2 games (0 goals)
2020–2021 – Hythe Town – 13 games (1 goal)
2021 – Welling United – 3 games (0 goals)
2021 – Hythe Town – 11 games (0 goals)
2021–2022 – Dorking Wanderers – 24 games (4 goals)
2022– Chesterfield

As mentioned, Dorking get slammed over a derogatory word used in a tweet as the player joins Chesterfield…

@eweteabee: travellers face enormous and widespread discrimination both from individuals and from local and national government especially in areas like Surrey. A club normalising an anti-traveller slur and using it as a joke is horrific. please delete this and consider how your club can better engage with the traveller community in the Surrey area to ensure this casual racism is stamped out

@Seanoftheshed: @DorkingWDRS seems to think that deleting it and pretending it never happened means might all just go away. That is not a good look either.

@JoFilipino: Just wish your player all the best using his name, surely!!!! His departure is somewhat tainted by your language!!!

@Atrevete_te_te_” It’s the last acceptable form of racism in this country, and it’s wrong. I’d be lying if I said I’d never heard a “where’s your caravan?” at my club, although there are two travellers sites, both well integrated, within a few miles of our ground. You don’t expect from the boss

@NCFCadam: You what?

@theCommitteeFC: Fucking hell lads.

@shrimperjon: Shocking tweet from @DorkingWDRS

@dollydimplearmy: Nah, don’t do this.

@JoeStephenson96: Erm this really ain’t it my guys

@SKontheradio: Would suggest whoever posted this doesn’t fully understand that this can be offensive , they aren’t that sort of club

@WorldFamousHot1: Reported

@FunSoph: You might want to delete this racist tweet.

@listenoldchap: “Pikey”?? 🤔

@Johng1spireite: WTF

@joemarshall_: The Dorking tweet has gone, but bloody hell

@ExileToffee: Seriously? This is totally unacceptable language. You need to delete this and apologise to the travelling community.

@AllAtSeaFanzine: There’s a wider issue. One of Southend’s best ever players, Freddy Eastwood, is of Romany Gypsy heritage and to this day we still get ignorant chants about ‘pikeys’, the games vs Dagenham last season were particularly backwards. He retired several yrs ago but the chants continue

@alfiewm_: why do you feel comfortable using racist slurs against GRT people? would you so casually use other racial slurs?

@ForeverAYellow: not surprised to see this tweet get taken down so fast, strange nickname that is

@gabe_soder: Ooooooooo dorking deleting this one within an hour I reckon

@Adrian_Corbett: Dorking Wanderers Twitter blocked me because I said it wasn’t very professional by their Media Officer to be abusive and quite nasty towards a neighbour having concerns about things that were happening on match days.

@AgainstLeague3: Dorking, or more specifically Mr White, should apologise. I’d be surprised if he and/or the club wasn’t charged by the FA.

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