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Dorking manager Marc White gives hilarious reaction to abuse from Kidderminster fans

Dorking manager Marc White gives a hilarious reaction to receiving abuse from Kidderminster fans during the two sides’ recent meeting.

This isn’t the first viral video if you like to come from the FA Trophy Fourth Round tie from the weekend, with a Kiddy fan seen taunting prior to the game.

BunchOfAmateurs retweeted a video, saying in the quote tweet: “First rule of abusing strangers – don’t walk into your mate’s shoulder.”

BunchOfAmateurs then posted another clip from their recent episode, saying: “If you’re going to give Marc stick all game, you’d better hope @DorkingWDRS don’t score a world.”

The narrator says: “When Nick Wheeler slams home an equaliser from 20odd yards, it gives Marc the chance to respond to the fans who have spent the last 45 minutes abusing him from the stands. As Nick and his teammates celebrate, they’re oblivious as to the ammunition they’ve given their gaffer on the sidelines.

“Some of the fans who know they’ve been asking for this take Mark’s antics with good grace. But not all of them take it that well. After the match, we were keen to find out from Marc how his TikTok notoriety that, frankly, is my fault might be affecting him.”

The interviewer within the video says to Marc: “I mean, we never touched on this, we’re not that self referential. But I am interested to know, because Bobby was saying they were shouting, you ticked at him. You had a fair bit of that today. It’s not something I saw coming. Is that affecting you in any way? Do you enjoy it? Do you dislike it? How do you feel about it? Honestly?

Marc White said back to the interviewer: “I honestly could not give a fuck. I’m not going to lie, I could not give a fuck less if I tried. Because of where we come from, the park leagues, we were brawling in the recreation park, we were jumping behind fences and you name it, that’s where we come from, the club. I’m not that guy that gives it and can’t take it. So, like today, I sat there and I took it. And at one nil is fucking serious shit being said, right? Yeah. And I just thought, yeah, go on, wait till we fucking score. Do you know what I mean? And when we scored, given it and I couldn’t take it, they were fucking handing out hankies in the fucking audience, literally, they were buying fucking Keenex, right? That’s what it’s all about. But a few of them but then come down and they got it and they smiled and shook hands. Do you know what I mean? That’s what football was about, like, you fucking give it, you take it. That’s how it is.

You really can’t help but love the guy, is honesty, as we saw in a post-match interview gone viral recently.

The Dorking Wanderers manager went viral again with an honest yet slightly X-rated verdict on his side losing 5-1 to Oldham Athletic a week or so ago.

Marc White said: Well from our perspective obviously it was shit. I want to just applaud all of our fans the Wanderers fans, I want to say a massive thank you for the atmosphere created, their loyalty, they’re getting behind the team, they’ve got to show the same resilience that the management team do and the players do at the moment and I know they will and I want to say a big thanks to the Oldham fans for getting piss wet through. We’re obviously building our new away in so not ideal good you know train strike or not they travel down today so listen they’ve had a good day at the office and they’re going home tonight buzzing and you know um you know that hat’s that’s good for them but um obviously the story of the you know the situation is in terms of the match you know we’re 1-0 up we’re in control. You know in possession, Oldham goal, Archie said got to do way better I didn’t press the game, right possession possession possession, Lincoln’s gotta come off his line 2-1, possession possession possession you know, 46 minute you know goal looks like it’s potentially hand ball who knows we need to see that one but it’s it’s a common theme we could just you know bottom line is there’s no point everyone going well defence is not good enough it’s shit, you know obviously that is the case is we’ve got way too many mistakes in us um it is the same individuals making mistakes to be honest with you and it’s the same individuals that really don’t let us down Ed Harris when he plays Dan Gallagher, McManus, Ryan Seager, James McShane you can’t fault any of them today you can’t fault any of them they had boys around them that play the game in a way where they’re prepared to take risk you have to be at this level extremely switched on and diligent and we’ve got boys that just gamble and take risks.

“I promise you we set the team up really well we’re part-time one of only two teams part-time we don’t get a lot of time with the boys we know exactly how Oldham would play we set the team up fine we wanted to make some changes off the back of last week because we conceded four goals um from uh you know a couple of individuals on the bench today Bobby Joe uh Nicky were involved in mistakes last week and I wanted to give opportunities to boys that have been training well so there’s nowhere dressing up the situation you know um in in honesty you know hold them up one 5-1 because we are shit at defending and that is how it is that’s the fact of the matter no disrespect to Oldham at all oh the second goal was phenomenal by the way what a goal and that deserved you know that really was a deserved goal um but it comes from it comes from like such a basic you know like Ed and that defend perfectly the ball’s three yards out and downs on his line and you know then then it turns into a corner etc etc so the errors were made mate they’re not good enough I don’t it’s not about just chopping changing we’ve got a lot of boys to return to the team that will make a big difference defensively as well Kyle Kennedy Cheadle they’re doing a lot of good work Isaac um pulled out training Thursday so we missed him today um I genuinely um you know genuinely think there’s something there for us to build on at some point at some point not right now, Barry’s gradually getting his sharpness back Barry Fuller, um but we’ll talk about it all day mate and uh we have basically been uh blown our own foot off, um same individuals don’t let us down same individuals do I think for anyone that was here it was obvious second half um how abysmal a few certain individuals were I’m not going to call them out um and it’s just shown that it was only you know there were five one and not two or three one because the officials were so bad it was unbelievable I’ve got to say honestly they should pack it in literally packing packing do what they do I’ll tell you what they need to do the national league as well get rid of these headsets where people are where these four officials think they’re like acting like dominos drivers talking to each other the whole game distracting each other the whole game yet John John that’s a throw that’s a throw you know the ref don’t get your ref his own game he’s got three people talking in his ear this referee today these officials could not even get and I’m sure if you asked David from the opportunities this is not about the 5-1 we lost five one because we’re shit at defending this is me just being upfront about it right these officials today were appalling and I mean appalling right did not even know what a throw was when it was in front of them could not even see what direction the ball went and they’re all talking to each other the whole time guess and I said this I said this to them at the league meeting you know let referees referee the game in the middle let them back themselves yeah key decisions you know go and ask you know an assistant you’ve got four people like on on permanently talking to each other literally so the ownership is diluted in it I tell you now today when you see the foulback for the fourth goal right there could be it could be a handball for the third right we’ll have a look at it right but you come out thinking right but I’ve half a chance here getting back in the game with free one up we’re kicking to our fans but the boy goes through the back of Bobby in front of the linesman and ref puts his whistle on his mouth twice don’t blow game over and you’re thinking you’re you’re joking me so listen for me I am really disappointed um obviously the management team will graft really hard the fans are stay behind the team we congratulate Frank and his Oldham you know firm and well done to them and David who’s got a win and you know he’s been under a bit of pressure there mate but we’ll say what we see in football uh Dorking one was not good enough management team have to take obviously share responsibility um officials abysmal um weather we move on and within a day mate the table I’m just going to say like the end of the day you know we we need to work hard we need to find something to build on guys um and there’s a long way to go if the table stopped today there’s a lot of teams that would all be in the same position basically um it’s not even worth looking at we you know bottom lineup we’ve got to work on improving off the field that’s what we’ve got to do.”

It isn’t the first the Dorking boss Marc White gave an extraordinary interview, as earlier in the season, he produced a a boob analogy Ian Holloway would be proud of after the thrashing by Wrexham.

The Wanderers fell to a 5-0 defeat at home to the National League title favourites.

After the game, Dorking boss Marc White produced a boob analogy to describe their poor performance, which you can see below.

Following a humiliating defeat, Dorking boss White said: “We can’t defend for s***. And at the moment, if we fell in a barrel full of tits we’d come out sucking our thumb, that’s the bottom line.”

This had fans recalling the moment Ian Holloway said the same sort of quote a while back. On a particularly poor run at QPR, he said: “I’ve had such bad luck at the moment that if I fell in a barrel of boobs I’d come out sucking my thumb.”

This is what fans had to say as Dorking manager Marc White gives a hilarious reaction to abuse from Kidderminster fans…

@DirkTurk: Can’t help but love this bloke 👏

@jahtufc: In that scenario, if you’ve been dishing it got to take it, especially with that strike. Love the series, shame we’ll likely be off the list next season either due to our lack of hospitality for boa or due to our inability to defend or attack and heading to nls

@MattTooze: Lesson for anyone wanting to give Marc stick, you will look like a right lemon 😂Marc always has the last word 😂

@MarkNancarrow: Brilliant!! & Marc is one bloke/manager everyone would have loved to play for. ⚽️🏆

@Jonsparker07: What a bell end… All about him

@sidpage_: Bloke is a legend and seeing him in person his the exact same as he is on camera🤝.

@H5MZA_11: I need to go watch Dorking before the season is over 😂

@joshtay48487246: This guy 😂😂

@ultras_DWFC: Marc, don’t ever change. ❤️🤍

@Bradley_Brown10: Quality 👏🏻🤣

@johnmackie1976: Brilliant this 😂😂😂😂

@Lisawoody30: What guy ….. absolute legend 👏🏾 ⚽️

@deangeorgeevans: A lot of time for this 😂😂

@tomd0312: Against us but still funny

@Alanjons7: Great to see this from a manager willing to have a laugh with fans.

@Twister19184630: Love that man. That’s what football is all about.

@Doogiehall: We love this feller he’s one of our own @DorkingWDRS legend and he’s taking us to Wembley

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