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Dorking criticises added time rule after losing thriller to Chesterfield late on

Dorking criticises the added time rule after losing their 4-3 thriller to Chesterfield late on in the National League opener.

Substitute Joe Quigley netted a dramatic 93rd minute winner to leave the Spireites breathing a sigh of relief come back from being behind.

Paul Cook’s side opened the scoring on the 23rd minute when Ryan Colclough hammered home the opener before Wanderers were soon level with Jason Prior poking in a Josh Taylor cross.

Prior then put his side ahead from the penalty spot in the 52nd minute, only for the hosts to equaliser when Colclough went down the left to pick out Liam Mandeville, who made no mistake to make it 2-2 on 64 minutes.

With seven minutes to go until the board went up, Mandeville sent the home fans wild with a free-kick.

Three minutes into the 14 added on, Sebastian Bowerman found the net from a cross sent in to make it 3-3.

But with some much time remaining, and the way the gam has played out, another goal was scored, Quigley producing a great headed winner to seal all three points for Chesterfield.

Dorking’s Jason Prior said on Sunday, the day after his side lost to Chesterfield late on: “This new added time rule madness needs addressing.

“94/95 minutes is hard enough on your body and is what everyone is used to. 20 minutes added time is a joke. Saturday/Tuesday that could be an extra half of football!

“clearly haven’t considered the impact on the players and the inevitable higher injury rate. If this is going to carry on, allowing 5 subs is a must. If it’s not broken, don’t TRY and fix it.

“It’s as simple as book anyone at any point in the game for obvious time wasting and go back to normal.”

Dorking boss Marc White said he had been unhappy with the amount of added-on time.

On five shown in the first and 13 in the second, he said: “The only way of describing it is to say, what are they doing now?

“Listen, I know that there was a big outcry last night from a lot of clubs, and I know the National League are picking up on it on the club’s behalf.

“So at the meeting, they said, we’re going to do real time for goals, for substitutions, and they were going to do an extra thing which doesn’t affect timekeeping, where you’re not allowed back on the pitch after an injury for 30 seconds. I agree with all three of those things. I think they’re really good ideas because goals and substitutions you get in every single game, and it takes away the negative ball of 30 seconds if it was a minute or whatever. And people wasting time.

“Never once did they say they’re going to make it. Basketball, they’ve added on 30%. 30% of the second half was added back on top. That is absolutely impossible to come to that conclusion.

“The point is this, right, is that if anyone listen, the way football works again, it’s real talk, isn’t it? Teams that are winning don’t want to rush. Teams that aren’t winning do want to rush. That’s how football works. If the referee feels like the team that’s winning don’t want to rush, they’ve got the laws of the game cautions to speed the game up, and any decent referee uses that really well and speeds the game up, et cetera, and deals with it.

“Okay, so on the premise that 14 minutes, you’ve said it in other games yesterday as well. So what that means that if you’re to follow that logic, then within the 14 minutes, okay, take out the goals and stuff, whatever, within the 14 minutes, there’d probably be another 20% of that to go on, and then within that time there’d be another 20%. And it just go on and on and on.

“So the FA have not given out any understanding behind what the rationale is. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re leaving it to the fourth official to work out in a fat packet. You cannot blame the officials in charge because they are taking instruction from the PGMOL who seem to constantly have this thing where they will not leave the game alone. And it’s disappointing.”

See more by clicking on his broadcast below midway through…

Chesterfield (4-2-3-1): 1 Harry Tyrer, 22 Raheem Sheckleford, 5 Jamie Grimes (c), 12 Tyrone Williams, 3 Branden Horton; 4 Tom Naylor, 28 Ollie Banks; 17 Armando Dobra, 7 Liam Mandeville (18 Jesurun Uchegbulam 89′), 11 Ryan Colclough (10 Michael Jacobs 88′); 9 Will Grigg (27 Joe Quigley 83′)

Unused Subs: 8 Darren Oldaker, 21 Ash Palmer

Goals:Colclough 22′, Mandeville 64′, 84′, Quigley 90+3′

Yellow Cards: Williams 24′

Dorking Wanderers (3-5-2): 1 Harrison Male, 37 George Francomb (15 Joe Cook 25′), 5 Tony Craig, 22 Barry Fuller (c); 8 Matt Briggs, 20 Dan Gallagher, 11 James McShane, 17 Josh Taylor, 3 Bobby-Joe Taylor (30 Seb Bowerman 46′); 9 Jason Prior (24 Harry Ottaway 77′), 19 Ryan Seager

Unused Subs: 23 Jack Jebb, 25 Aaron Kuhl

This is what fans said as Dorking criticises the added time rule after losing the thriller to Chesterfield late on…

@jane36london: Totally agree – all our part-time players still on the pitch at the end were utterly shot to pieces after a tough pre-season too! Felt for you. 110 mins just isn’t football! Selfishly, even us fans want to a game to be finished by 5 o’clock to get on with the rest of our lives!!

@TonyTheExile: Maybe players should stop wasting time then. Very annoying to watch. They will stop wasting time if it is automatically added on as there will be no advantage to wasting the time in the first place. Therefore, added time will reduce.

@stevedeltasix: The players should stop wasting time. happens ever game, be more respectful to other players and stop kicking the ball away, the time used up on free kicks and corners is ridiculous @brucemillington don’t blame the officials, the players should sort it not Moan about it ⚽️⚽️😎

@SpireiteLiam: Haha like the fact you went down for a few minutes and then when walking off was laughing at the home fans because you knew what you were doing. Shame it didn’t work pal. You reap what you sow. 🤣🤣

@hessy08: Ur meant to play for 45 mins each half of there’s 20 added on means u have only played for 25 so far so stop time wasting and u won’t see such high number fans pay to watch a 90 min match not 40 mins football and 50 mins time wasting about time it got sorted

@BigNumberFour: Meh – If players as a collective didn’t spend so much time feigning injury, time wasting and basically out-pettying each other then I would have some sympathy. But here we are.

@stevethelionp: You’re right, maybe, and it’s just an idea, players could just stop time wasting and get on with the game. The power is in the hands of the players/managers to reduce time added on. As an aside, why shouldn’t the time for substitutions be added on, rather than a standard 30 secs?

@nlprofessor: There not playing for 93/94 that’s the point isn’t it?

@srn15111961: Jason… most football rules come in to prevent the players from denying the paying public from seeing 90 minutes of entertaining football. If the players stopped diving.. kicking the ball away unnecessarily.. arguing with the ref etc etc there would be no need for many rules.

@BurnMarks1962: Players can reduce the amount of time added by getting on with the game.

@jontheduck96: Ball in play was averaging 55 minutes in the premier league. Fans pay a lot of money are getting shortchanged.

@BowkerStu: Don’t time waste then simple as that

@ElliottGibbs4: If the balls only in for 20 25 minutes they should have plenty of energy left this is the whole point. You clearly think it full on foe 45

@grey2day: Stop the time wasting then. It’s in the players own interest.

@Dom_Dorey: Imagine if players didn’t waste time. Another annoying thing is the amount of players asking officials “How long?” with only 34 mins played in the first half, its getting ridiculous. About time the refs/assistants didn’t reply to that question.

@mark_kelly256: Oh, bless – those poor highly-paid athletes (who don’t care much for the fans anyway) having to work harder? How about starting games earlier weeknights, who cares if Sports results aren’t till 5:15 on a Saturday? If you’re being paid £££(£££), be grateful and put a shift in.

@LFC38967685: Point is they aren’t playing 90 mins they are pissing on for 30mins plus with time wasting, breaks for injuries, kicking the ball away, the added time time makes them actually play closer to 90mins. Something the fans pay for..

@AndyBluecoops: I agree but don’t go 80 odd minutes time wasting as it’s going to be added on as no urgency at all on Saturday and fans are going to be stuck in the ground until 5.30 if this carries on

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