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Dorking boss Marc White produces ‘greatest first line of an interview ever’ after win at York

Dorking Wanderers boss Marc White produces what fans dubbed the ‘greatest first line of an interview ever’ after the 1-0 win at York City.

Tom Blair’s late goal saw Dorking climb out of the National League relegation zone, unleashing a powerful shot which rattled the crossbar before bouncing into the back of the net.

The win means that Dorking are three points above the drop zone, taking 37 points from 32 games, while Southend are 20th with 34 points (10 deducted) after 30 games and Woking are 21st also with 34 points but from 32 games. Kidderminster are 22nd with 32 points from 32 games, Ebbsfleet 23rd with 32 points from 33 games and Oxford City rock bottom with 27 points from 33 games.

It shows just how big a win that was for the Wanderers, in the battle to stay up, as we now go into the second half of the season.

Marc White summed up the win by saying: “How d’you like them apples, motherf*****s, yeah? That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m saying, James, yeah?

“One thing you should learn about a team that’s come as far as us is you should never write us off. Never write us off.”

He continued: “If you can be anything, be really good under pressure, as a team management team etc we worked all day Sunday, we had player meetings Sunday night, management meetings Sunday night, we drafted we planned the game meticulously and the boys I know to a man the boys played really well executed not just one game plan but two or three that you know Neil changed his formation a couple of times it’s bit like chess at points and the boys got a great result I mean uncanny away form, but it’s all about tonight really, the fans that came up here you really deserve to be buzzing the whole way back could if you don’t follow Wanderers because you think it’s not a great time then more fool you because we deliver great times when you least expect it. I can’t guarantee a part-time team you know success with where the club is at this stage, you’re so many things off the pitch we need to do and build what I can guarantee that we will be the last men standing train and you saw that tonight in the management team and the players.

“I thought it ironic that we scored a winner of quality because we haven’t really had that quality all season, so many of those players like Tom Blair have been missing for long periods that the boys that can change games, so it’s ironic that he got a brilliant winner and that’s the bottom line so over the moon for the fans that came up here the ones that come from the north the ones that came all the way from Dorking. They won’t care how long it takes to get home now and I really appreciate I’ve had so much support since Saturday cuz people love Dorking Wanderers, people get Dorking Wanderers, they know that we are not entitled to be playing all the teams we’ve played in the last two years, Notts County, you know York City, Wrexham, and they know we’re not entitled to we were playing Saltdean in Sussex County 3 we were playing PSV Offshore in Crawley League Division 5 right and you were playing as well James right yeah that’s how bad we were right true.

“You know if you follow Dorking Wanderers, if you support Dorking Wanderers you got to know your history um because that is where we’ve come from is quite remarkable so I’m going to be really positive I’m going to be really really happy about it because that was what we’re all about as a team um we still got loads of more work to do obviously, we got to go again Saturday but in terms of what could have been achieved off the back of Saturday’s result today ticked all the boxes .

Interviewer: I think you should be really proud as well Mark of the club and and the togetherness of the players and the squad and the mentality that they show tonight because it appeared to me that there was a plan that was clearly executed by every single person that had a wondrous shirt on tonight and that real togetherness and that team spirit really shone through and I think obviously that was evident as the game went on as well and the work and the hard work that was being put in uh so you must be really proud of the players for doing that

Marc: Yeah really proud I mean I thought the victory really was all about the players tonight, won the battles all over the pitch and it’s hard to pick out individuals, but you know the likes of Hollis and Craig and Carter in particular you know Dan Pybus, Josh Taylor, where’d you end it you know Bobby Joe really defensively sound, yeah we played well, they played well they they worked really hard on the weekend Monday you know we were talking on the phone about what we’re going to do and they delivered it mate and then they delivered it under pressure away from home in a relegation zone for the first time since we’ve been in this division and they’ve delivered it and uh in an amazing you know away York City iconic club

Interviewer: Yeah this is not an easy place to come is it and you would have seen the Matt their chairman sort of rallying the troops this week trying to get big crowd in here and make it quite sensing the importance of the game and and in typical kind of Wanderers fashion we’ve sort of turned up and sort of sport that a little bit haven’t we and we we you know we’ve had that many times over years you must be

Marc: Many many times yeah really really proud we still got a we got so much work to do on and off the field we got I keep saying it there is some exciting news coming very very soon that I literally can’t tell anybody and these are significant things that are going to make a huge impact to our club in order to go forward, but you know like I said really just brilliant I can’t say thanks enough for all the support the players have had I’ve had all the fans that come up here tonight self James, Wanderers spirit the flame is still there and um you know in this league it entitles you to nothing right we might go and get whack 4-0 Saturday it’s a tough old gig but we’ll enjoy tonight whilst it’s there.

YORK CITY: Sykes-Kenworthy, Fallowfield ©, Crookes, Akinyemi (62’ John-Lewis), Howe, Barnes, Batty (74’ McLaughlin), Chadwick, Amos (62’ Davies), Woodyard, Smith.

UNUSED SUBS: Duckworth, Burgess.

DORKING: Male, Taylor, Pybus, Craig ©, McManus (81’ Moore), Prior (87’ Ottaway), Carter, Taylor, Hollis, Blair, Francomb.

UNUSED SUBS: Kennedy, Cook, Gallagher.

ATTENDANCE: 4,117 (99 York supporters)

As mentioned, Dorking boss Marc White produces the ‘greatest first line of an interview ever’ after his side’s win at York…

@PaulCampbell72: Possibly the greatest first line of a post match interview ever….

@ricmonval: New tactic: Play all of our games away from home, up north ❤️

@footybore: “how d’ya like them apples MFs?” 🤣🤣

@Billy__Piper: Unbelievable Win. MW strikes again. What a club. However , please don’t do interviews whilst chewing a chewing gum.

@d0nkeydr0p: That’s how managers should start a post match interview… love it!! 😂 #apples 🍎

@ChivertonLaura: I just love Marc 🫶🏼😂

@mattitude_29: Never fails to make me happy this guy

@4Hosking: 🤣😂 Love this bloke

@Chipstead_Gas: Love him or hate him he says it exactly how he feels 👌

@Love_non_league: Perfect tactical analysis

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