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Dorking boss Marc White gives compelling post match interview after 6-0 defeat at Gateshead

Dorking Wanderers boss Marc White gives quite the compelling post match interview after his side’s 6-0 defeat at Gateshead.

Billy Chadwick netted a hat-trick to give Gateshead interim manager Rob Elliot his first win having taken over coaching duties last month after Mike Williamson departed in favour of a switch to League Two side MK Dons.

The Heed Army went winless in his first three fixtures in charge, including the the FA Cup exit last weekend at Yeovil Town.

Stephen Wearne, Greg Olley and Regan Booty were also on target with the result sending Gateshead into the National League playoffs, with 29 points from 7 games played, while Dorking fall to 18th with 21 points from 19 games.

Marc White said: Well obviously really really bad that at the office and you have to take defeat like a man um that’s where we are we we lost by a far superior side.

I mean in life you have to be a you know have to to be a winner you’ve got to be honest and you know you can’t um you can’t cry about things and know what Mike Williamson and built that now Rob is taking on is a real credit to the people involved down their boys and their football team they’ve gone all over the country this year already um got to Wembley um had an outstanding finish to the season they’ve gone and smacked teams already this season by six goals away from home uh if you’re not on the money against these then uh they will punish you.

We lacked defensive aggression believe it or not it’s hard to really find positives but in terms of our uh you know off the ball shape etc, first half we had a lot of the ball I think almost the first four goals you know we had the ball almost 5 seconds before they turned it over, almost felt like on the break almost.

But you know they were forcing us to play backwards forcing us into mistakes it wasn’t luck it was it absolute tactical and we had four or five boys that just didn’t turn up and I know lots of people been tuning in uh waiting for me to to swear and call them all sorts of names.

But we need to be obviously we need to take it like men that’s how it is and you know obviously massive thanks to the supporters that turned up we are in transition this is all part of our journey and then when we win our next division or when we get promoted again you’ll remember Gateshead 6-0 and you’ll talk about it and that is that is how this football club’s always been we’ve been in this position over the years many times and you have to really bite down on the pillow you’ve got to look up where you are in terms of where we are this season we excruciatingly short of players on full fitness.

We’ve got boys that are it’s very fragmented there’s no one at an equilibrium every you know one boy here one’s there um so we are obviously fragmented um and you have to beat the best in this division against the best teams this Gateshead team everybody knows.

In fairness to me, I called it when we played him in our first game last year I said this is a great side and this team Gateshead team could beat 100% absolutely anybody and that’s not me trying to you know um give them over plaudits you know they deserve all the plaudits that’s how it is in football thats how it works you know you shake the hand at the end go yeah you were way better and then you wait for your day in the sun that is where we are we’re a long way from home we’ve had our arses smacked.

They were by far the better side in terms of their um in terms of their their forward patterns in particular um and their defensive aggression I think they were two the two things that made a big difference and if you flip that on its head that was where we struggled defensive aggression and forward patterns both teams had relative share of the ball in the match.

I’d imagine when we see the stats which is which would be rare they’ve got the best possession in the league so yeah we came second um they were the better team by far it’s sometimes less frustrating to lose 6-0 than it is to lose 1-0 or 2-1 or like Dagenham last week when we gave them two poor goals because this is where you have to go right this is where we are we’ve got Boys on our side that been the five, six, seven years we’ve got to look at personnel we’ve got a really you know once we get them up to levels of fitness we want we’ve really got to look at that and be comfortable we’ve got enough in the building which is what we’ll do and until then we’ve just got to work hard.

Obviously the fans as I know they will because they’re brilliant fans just need to support the lads and I’m sure they will um and the management team this is our journey that’s the journey we’ve been here before one promotion every few seasons I remember it’s not a failure to be in the National League for the second season you know it’s a expectation has to be managed and we need to realise where we are and that’s where we are, so you know circumstantial you know a very fragmented team with lots of problems right now, lots of boys are not fully fit, lots of boys missing, no wingers in the club really at the moment, but lots of boys not fully fit fundamental Gateshead were by far the better side uh we didn’t defend aggressively enough uh didn’t play forward as much as we could have done when we had opportunities um and then the bigger picture is this is why we follow Dorking Wanderers that’s what it’s about that’s the journey then that’s the journey so we’ve got a you got to take it like a man that’s how it works that’s how it works.

You can watch the full 9 minute interview below including his response to when asked ‘how concerning is it from your perspective in terms of the manner of the goals, in terms of the spaces available a lot of through ball centrally today, the way we’ve kind of gone the other way so much defensively’ (skip to 5:35 in the video).

This is how Twitter users reacted as Dorking boss Marc White gives a compelling post match interview after the 6-0 defeat at Gateshead…

@LRbix: We all thought it was going to be a cracker of a interview, fair play to Marc about those comments at us! 😂🙌

@Heed_Army: I’ve had some tongue in cheek quips about Marc White, I.E. multiball. But his post match interview after the Gateshead defeat was fantastic, the football man came out and said it how it is with class and style, I know people like his rants but that’s how it’s done. His side might have been beaten 6-0 but they fought to the end, held their shape and gave the following fans the credit they deserved. If they play their game, a good run of results will come soon, stay the course

@andymason86: I’ve never understood some of the hate he gets he’s football through and through and puts his money where his mouth is what he’s done for his hometown is phenomenal

@TanniaCook: Well said Mark, don’t forget where @DorkingWDRS have come from. No club will ever be like Dorking Wanderers. A history which will live forever. The days will come with winning streaks. Up the Wanderers 🔴⚪️

@FreddieScovell: When I started supporting this club, there was about 50 of us at home games. Marc is right, remember where we have come from and appreciate where we are. It’s been one hell of a journey, so far and every journey has ups and downs. The one consistent through all of this is Marc. 👍

@irpReigate: Really classy and compelling post match interview. Marc usually judges things pretty well and his integrity is what will carry the club forward.

@cazbernie: To be fair it’s a classy interview. Being a proper football man he’ll be hurting tonight (we’ve all been there!) but he was gracious and realistic.

@stephen_tasker: Always comes out and speaks after games. Win or lose he is Mr DWFC. Wanna see the old barnet though 👀.

@StevoJW: Marc is a realist and brutally honest ! Love his honesty. Chesterfield fan but want Dorking to do well. Needs a few players

@BrownSlices: Possibly the greatest quote I’ve ever seen in a post match interview and Marc didn’t even make it, it starts off by the interviewer saying “Wanderers consigned to their heaviest defeat in the national league… so far”. Really classy interview though, the guy is just a human and that’s what I like

@thompa1967: That’s a class interview from someone I thought was a complete gobshite and bellend so fair play and good luck on your journey x

@AdesSurrey: Really, really good interview. Keep the bigger picture in mind, all part of the journey (a cliche I know, but true).

@slimtim9: Don’t think he could say a lot else tbh.. not much point digging out the players, and as he said,10 years ago playing in this League against the calibre of the opposition etc was a dream.. keep going lads

@past_sunderland: Has a genuine love for football and has done a cracking job as well. Hope Dorking keep rising eventually

@ROBHDSE: Agreed, really glad this was the response from Marc.

@AHappyWalrus: The most honest Football Manager, period, and by a wide margin.

@Gavin_Rudd: Thought he would be fucking raging! Gave credit where due though! #TheHeed

Michael Brown: Honest assessment from the gaffer. Gateshead were excellent, Dorking abysmal.

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