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Doncaster release angry statement with fans furious at what Darren Moore said

Doncaster Rovers have chosen to release was comes across as an angry statement with fans furious at what Darren Moore said on his exit.

Donny have been left well and truly unimpressed after seeing their manager quit the South Yorkshire club to take charge at neighbours Sheffield Wednesday.

The 46-year-old, who had been in charge of Rovers since July 2019, comes in to replace Tony Pulis as the new permanent Owls manager. The Owls have had Neil Thompson in interim charge since Pulis’ exit in December.

Moore’s first match in charge of Sheffield Wednesday will be Wednesday night’s Championship clash against Rotherham at Hillsborough.

Doncaster have since named Andy Butler in temporary charge, and chairman David Blunt said in a statement: “We are disappointed that Darren has chosen to leave the club part way through what has been a season full of promise.

“We have made significant efforts to support Darren over the past 18 months. We ensured he was able to build a team capable of challenging in the top six. This has included supporting him through the past two transfer windows despite the difficult financial circumstances.

“Our ambitions remain to achieve a top-six finish. We hope and expect that Andy will use this time to put himself in the prime position to secure the role on a permanent basis at the end of the season. Andy’s first priority will be to halt the team’s recent run of poor form and put our season back on track.”

Darren Moore spoke for the first time on quitting Doncaster for Sheffield Wednesday, he said: “Moore said: “I’m really pleased we managed to get things done.

“I want to thank the chairman for giving me the opportunity to manage this football club.

“I’m here to express my honour at managing this wonderful club.

“It’s been great to meet the players today and we’ve had a great first session. I’m looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow.

“What I will say to everyone is, what has gone has gone and we all need to come together.

“We need to be together, and if we can do that with the army of fans we have, we can look forward to the challenge. I’m calling on everyone to come together.

“We know it’s a big challenge ahead of us, but we want to be facing these hurdles as a unit.

“I’m glad to be part of this army and we want to go into this challenge together.”

The new manager insisted he had no hesitation in making the move to leave a stable position at Doncaster to become the club’s ninth full-time boss in the past decade.

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Moore, who did not go into details surrounding his contract, said: “The thing for me is everybody will have opinions and views as to where the club is at.

“Mine is probably the most important as ultimately the opportunity has been given to myself. What has gone on has gone on (before).

On the decision to plump for Moore, Chansiri said: “Now is the right time to change. We are still hoping to be in the Championship and we have 14 games and there are still enough points to stay up.

“As I mentioned in the past, we also look outside (abroad and in the UK) for who is a good coach to fit our situation.

“I think he (Moore) is ambitious and he has a good mentality. When I had a chat with him, I think he is straightforward and we also have some laughing during the conversation.”

Doncaster made ‘significant efforts’ in backing the ex-Rovers chief over his spell at the League One club – including during ‘difficult financial circumstances’ during the last two transfer windows.

Moore commented: “In terms of the upset, it is because of what we did at the football club. In terms of my heart and coming back to the club and being a former player there and coming back as a manager, I gave my full support and backing to the club.

“I worked extremely hard to see the club in the right direction. I am pleased in terms of where the club is at now and with the appointment they have made (in Andy Butler) for that continuity and I wish the club and the players every ounce of success this season and going forward.

“I thank the Doncaster fans personally and hope in their hearts that they understand.”

Fans reacted as Doncaster release an angry statement with fans furious whilst other made light at what Darren Moore said…

@rtid75: I don’t know why, but I expected better. He seemed a more genuine and honest man than most. It’ll be a shame when he gets booed should our paths meet again, but he’ll deserve it.

@Donnybarmyarmy: Makes McCann seem like a Saint

@billyowner1: Fuck him. Hope he gets relegated and loses his job.
Back stabbing dishonourable arsehole.

@MatthewVickera1: 2 much to resist 2 many pound signs more like just be honest cos what else apart from history has he really got to look forward to about that job

@Gavinius: With Chansiri’s track record it could be a very short term move

@doncasterman: Talking out of his arse again #hotair

@HarrySwain3: Lower than a snakes belly. Hope he doesn’t get given the time at Wednesday and gets handed his p45 at the end of the season.

@Orrie2014: I’m not going to miss his bullshit comments in the press anyway. He talks out his arse more than any manager I’ve known for a long time

@smdrfc: 🐍

@drfcmiller86: I hope we got the compo upfront as they don’t have a pot to piss in

@Filo221963: So much for buying into the Club Doncaster ethos, it was all lip service, the man has no honour or integrity

@OliverFardell: Might as well just copy and paste what McCann said when he joined Hull, will be exactly the same shite coming out of his mouth

@theoverrover: Why? I think plenty of other candidates had turned the club down. One allegedly called it a “Poisoned club.”

@dannymdrfc: I hope he stands on a plug

@djoftherovers: Easy to leave us for bigger team, same will happen if he does well there loads of bigger clubs in championship and league 1 than piggies. They’re not even biggest club in Sheffield.

@Filo221963: He’s lost the plot, he can’t turn down a basket case relegation club?

@TheRobSmudge: Knob head

@ryanwashbourn26: Couldn’t turn down a move that may end him up in a worse position that he was in with donny he is clueless

@OwenMil44475425: How is that an opportunity battling relegation to go back to league 1 essentially a side wards move to a club that has more money but is severely mismanaged club

@DaveWrDGS196168: Of course he had a choice. He’s made it let’s hope that it gives @drfc a positive boost to finish our season. Good luck to AB and the squad

@joelDRFC: Easiest team talk ever for butler on Tuesday night

@BigBenjani: He clearly doesn’t care. So let’s move on and get behind Butler!!! #drfc

@hellodavemywife: Yes Darren you have let us down . Not the great man I thought you were

@MMMMMNoodleSoup: Always liked Darren Moore always thought he got stitched right up at WBA and was doing a good job at Donny but personally think he’s made the wrong move here and if I were a Rovers fan I wouldn’t be “understanding”

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