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Donation page launched to try help Coalville Town so ‘fans have a club to follow for many years’

A donation page has been launched to try help Coalville Town so ‘fans have a club to follow for many years to come’.

Coalville Town saw chairman Glyn Rennocks’ decision to step down from his position and forced to resign from the Southern League.

When the club’s main financial supporter unexpectedly withdrew their backing for the Ravens two weeks ago, their future was thrown into uncertainty.

But thanks to the efforts of first team secretary Steve Cartwright and youth team secretary Wayne McDermott, Coalville managed to secure a place in the United Counties League.

The announcement of their move to the UCL was made and then came the appointment of a new manager, former Coalville captain Ash Brown, just 24 hours later.

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“Weʼre raising £5,000 to Coalville Town have been reborn as a community club ensuring supporters have a club to follow for many years to come.

“In May 2024 it was announced that Coalville Town had resigned from the Southern League.

“A group of supporters decided that they want to see mens senior football continue so they dropped down several divisions to start again.

“To enable the club to function in the close season when there is no gate revenue we are asking supporters of Coalville Town and the wider non league community to help us get going again as we prepare for our first season in the United Counties League Division One.

“Any help you can give will be hugely appreciated.”

Coalville Town Youth FC wrote: “Great chance to help support the club and get going again once we’re up and running will be great to get behind them each week through the gates until then a positive chance to support with a few quid those who can afford to. OUR TOWN OUR CLUB 🖤🤍”

Wayne McDermott said to Coalville Nub News that the hard work begins now: “Even if we’d ended up in something like the Leicestershire Senior League, I think that would’ve been too low to get the engagement from the fans and to be able to afford to keep football running.

“It was a hell of a 72 hours to be honest with you.

“There was a lot of work to do, but we met the deadline and we’re pleased with the outcome. Now the real work starts.”

On how the club would now be funded after being re-organised behind the scenes: “We’ll have a lot of smaller sponsors, perhaps companies that can afford to support us with £2,000 a year or so.

“But one year that might be affordable, another it might not be. It makes it easy for people to come and go, while also having a nest of money to make us sustainable.

“That’s one of the first things we’ve been working on, and from the feedback we’ve had, there are people on board already.

“Some of the older sponsors are still there – they still want the association with Coalville Town.

“There’ll be meetings with potential investors and a supporters’ meeting as well.

“But we need more people to buy season tickets, turning out and rally around the club.”

Wayne said they had to try and get as much done in such a short amount of time so that they have a senior men’s team for the 2023/24 season.

He added: “You have to take it on board and get it done.

“Plus we put together the knowledge we already had – and to be fair to Glyn Rennocks, he helped us with whatever information we needed and the questions we had.

“But Coalville Town has to be run differently financially now.

“It will continue to be the case that the 900 kids who play here will not be subsidising the senior team, that’s never been the case.

“The youth set up has a 3G pitch which gives us a better facility and adds interest to the ground.

“Players coming here next season will see we have a great set up. Nobody else has those facilities at step 6.”

But now Coalville need a fresh squad of players to make sure they are ready for pre-season and an August league kick-off.

Wayne added: “We’ve got Ash in with an experienced managerial team so that’s in place.

“There’s a couple of months to get friendlies in place, but we won’t be having the Leicester City XI here now, it’s not the right level.

“But we’ll get back there.”

This is how fans reacted with a donation page launched to try help Coalville Town so ‘fans have a club to follow for many years’…

@retrovinyl90: To have almost half the total in a day is incredible. Keep the support coming!

@Dent0n_: It’s absolutely mad that it’s come to this. Surely Glynn could’ve planned well in advance to step away from running the club. Effectively having to start again should never have had to happen.

@lloyd_215: Could this not have been done earlier to fund the club in the interim while they looked for alternatives to carry on competing at step 3? Strange to start a charity case after relegating themselves, blimey

@KalacDropsIt: The people trying to restart the club are not the same people as the person who took the decision to withdraw from the league.

Mitch Winter: I’ve just read that one of the lower league clubs is offering 5 years season tickets. Something you might want to consider. The club is Dorking Wanderers.

Kirat Sandhu – Helping our Community: Let’s all get behind Coalville Town Football Club and keep grassroots football alive! 🙏

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