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Does Amazon’s Premier League streaming offer a blueprint for the future of football streaming?

Amazon Prime has hosted a variety of Premier League match days this season as it hosted many fixtures at the turn of the year as well as often picking up mid-week fixtures.

Amazon’s agreement to broadcast Premier League games offers a much cheaper alternative for fans to watch Premier League games.

For just £7.99 a month fans can subscribe to Amazon Prime which means they have access to all of the fixtures that Amazon streams live.

The benefits of Amazon’s streaming

Compared to the enormous fees required to have BT Sports and Sky Sports included in a television package this is a much more affordable gateway to accessing live sports.

Amazon Prime also broadcasts all of the different games that are happening simultaneously with competitors usually focusing on one game that takes the spotlight.

ExpressVPN’s infographic shows what drives football streaming in the United Kingdom; the Premier League teams receive a huge amount of stream searches in the UK, with Liverpool leading the pack.

The ability to watch any given game on Amazon as well as it being a much cheaper option compared to other providers gives it huge advantages which could help decrease illegal streaming of the league.

If fans have a cheaper and easily accessible option requiring a simple Wi-fi connection to stream, then illegal streaming figures could decrease massively in the UK.

One of the main reasons people turn to illegal streams is a lack of access to legal avenues.

A worldwide streaming service

Amazon’s Premier League streaming service could perhaps be expanded worldwide and fans from around the world would have a much more affordable method of watching their favourite teams.

There have even been talks of the Premier League potentially creating a Netflix-style Premier League streaming service in which all of the games could be found on one single platform which would be accessible across the globe.

According to Reuters, the Premier League is broadcasted to 800 million households in 188 different countries.

There are also around one billion followers across the Premier League’s social media channels which showcases the huge popularity of the league.

The league is currently said to bring in around nine billion pounds in TV revenue from the UK and around the world per year.

Based on Amazon’s model, around £96 would be produced from each subscriber per year. Based on 800 million households tuning in to the fixtures, this would produce revenue of a whopping £76 billion.

In taking charge of the league’s streaming or allocating it to a provider that would broadcast all of the games the league could generate much higher revenue while also making the game much cheaper for fans to access.

In turn, interest would likely continue to grow in the league with it being accessible for a much smaller fee and the increased revenue the league would receive would mean the clubs have even more funds to work with.

In concept, the idea of a Premier League streaming service seems to make too much sense, maybe one day it will be put in place and football will be built for the fans once again.

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