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‘Disgraceful’, ‘Sick in the head’ – Rangers fans respond to journalist’s update

‘Disgraceful’, ‘Sick in the head’ are just some of the words used by Rangers fans as they respond to a journalist’s update.

It has since been learned that Ondrej Kudela was planning not to travel to England this week because of ‘health problems’, with UEFA now officially opening proceedings over the racist incident involving Gers’ Glen Kamara.

The 34-year-old was accused of racism by Kamara when Rangers faced Slavia Prague in the Europa League last month, in what looks to be a completely unacceptable incident.

The Czech side progressed to the quarter-finals at the expense of Steven Gerrard’s side and they are set to take on Arsenal in the first leg on Thursday night, but Kudela will not be involved.

Reporter Andrew Maclean took to his Twitter account to state that Kudela wasn’t going to play in the game at the Emirates Stadium, citing health issues as the reason for not travelling.

Meanwhile, the centre-back is set to be questioned by police over what happened with Kamara during their 2-0 win over Rangers.

Since that report, Ewan Murray reveals that UEFA have actually suspended Kudela for one match while they investigate the matter, but that hasn’t stopped the Scottish Premiership champions’ supporters from understandably ripping into the original excuse that was going to keep him from travelling.

@AndrewMaclean_ tweeted: “Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela will not travel to London to face Arsenal due to ‘health problems’.

“Kudela was due to be questioned by police over the Kamara incident when in the UK.”

As mentioned, Rangers fans as well as some from other clubs respond to the journalist’s update…

@fplyen: He’s out with nasal contusion after Bale elbowed him in the face and Kúdela didn’t finish the game. He wasn’t available for Slavia during the weekend either. Also, Kúdela was in Wales last week.

@AmarD__: Only nasal? I was hoping it was a head fracture. Oh well

@Raberto54085252: UEFA have been very quiet on this matter about time they spoke out about this player punish him and make sure it won’t be tolerated in the game again but just silence from them ! If he had nothing to hide why won’t he travel then 🤨. We all know why.

@AFCWilliam_: This man dodging the police. Arrest him

@unbawmcgaw: Health problems…….. sick in the head more like

@BradHicks20: Extradite him then!


@B4zzaholica: I believe the phrase is “Shite Bag Problems”

@petera1872: @EuropaLeague how you can allow that game to even go ahead is disgraceful….you have sat on this for 3 weeks now and done nothing! @UEFAcom

@SIMA1872: He knows. You know. They know. We all know. @slavia_eng condone racism. I stand with Glen Kamara.

@MattyWintersV2: So in other words. He’s shat it again

@onestafc: Came down with sudden case of cowardice. If he had nothing to hide he’d talk to the police

@Tel5050: We all predicted this immediately after the incident. They really are terrible at attempting to hide their guilt. Seriously need the book thrown at them. The club are on the same level as the individual.

@AdamPayoux: Why is he hiding if he’s innocent

@NaflanesrA: Gangster on the pitch. Tissue paper soft off it 🤣🤣

@OwenKreisler: so xhaka has to two foot him when they play the second leg? what a shame we have to wait an extra week 😥

@nikkieastley: Ahahaha yeah course he’s bottling it

@LeeRuss36110746: Because he’s a gutless cunt

@RANGERSviews82: Is being scared of the truth a health issue 🙄

@Smiffie4: Health problems? It’s called, “brick in it“ 😤

@DonnieDaeThat: A racist and a coward. Some fucking guy.

@stevie_mcguigan: What an absolute wank of a guy he is

@lainnycolinrfc: Don’t think anyone is surprised by his cowardice 😠 however I think @EuropaLeague really should have come out with some kind of comments by now. After all this happened in their tournament. There is more that 1 coward here 😤

@BigMoNaeDough: If you’ve done nothing wrong, surely you’ve got nothing to hide? Absokute shite bag

@TheAndraeMcRae: Awe, that’s unfortunate. Could use some broken ankles with that nose.

An unnamed Slavia Prague representative has spoken out about UEFA’s statement on the incidents that took place at Rangers last month.

With Kudela provisionally suspended for one match while UEFA continues with their investigation, a statement on Slavia’s website says the “inspector is unable to confirm or refute the description of the incident by Mr Kamara or Mr Zungu”.

Speaking to Seznam Zpravy, a representative at Slavia Prague who wished to remain unnamed has spoken about the latest update from UEFA, claiming that it was a good thing the referee didn’t hear what Kudela said to Kamara.

“We take it roughly as a better draw. It is important for us that the alleged racist insult, from which Kamara accused our player Kúdela, was not heard by any of the referees or other officials, so it was not recorded in the match report, it cannot be detected from any available footage of TV cameras,” the unnamed representative said.

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