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‘Disgraceful scenes’ sees Southport and Chorley fans fighting outside stadium

‘Disgraceful scenes’ sees Southport and Chorley fans fighting outside Haig Avenue stadium with the hosts winning the game 2-1 on Saturday.

Disgraceful scenes at Haig Avenue this afternoon as fans from both teams let off smoke bombs and flares during the game. Police arrived and allegedly did nothing as more smoke bombs were thrown.

At the end of the National League North match more smoke bombs were let off outside the stadium as fans clashed with police in Haig Avenue. Several people were arrested.

Southport won the match 2-1 with both goals from Jordan Archer.


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The game itself saw a strong second half performance sees Southport come from behind to beat Chorley in a tense game giving the 1,390 fans in attendance an eventful Saturday afternoon.

Carver thought he had taken the lead but his attempted bicycle kick was cleared off the line after a great piece of defending by a Chorley defender. The game had few chances following that until the 28th minute where Ustabasi hit a long range effort past McMillan giving Chorley the lead.

Not much happened in the latter stages of the first half other than a couple of good saves by McMillan to keep the hosts in the game, the first half finished 1-0 to Chorley in what can only be described as an underwhelming half of football.

Southport in the second half and after a few good chances they finally equalised in the 73rd minute when Hmami sent in a strong corner which Archer got on the end of and put the ball past Urwin.

Archer doubled his tally following a well-worked move found Watson in behind the defence with Archer putting his header firmly past Urwin.

The game finished 2-1 giving Southport a boost after moving up to 7th with a tough game on Tuesday as leaders Brackley Town visit Haig Avenue next up.

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Social media users reacted to ‘disgraceful scenes’ which sees Southport and Chorley fans fighting outside the stadium…

@Jackalbion96: I live for National League North nonsense

@Abiemmi29: Went to see @southport_fc today. Brilliant match as a fan but the behaviour of some of the teenagers in the big group was disgusting. Throwing a water bottle at the goalie was horrible. Setting off flares is getting dangerous.

shermsview: This is, as big time, as it gets for these clubs

alanmcg68: Thugs… 🤬

pres_97: Chorley got twatted everywhere

nipperevo: Wankers

michaelrclarkson: Plastic scousers embarrassing

somerset_maugham_1: Imagine behaving like this over conference football 😂

ewan.jeff: Southport fans are pussys

@BaptistBecker1: Thought I’d seen it all but the Southport and Chorley ultras going at it down Haig Ave is proof that I haven’t

@IBlameChrisLane: Hi @southport_fc, well done on the win today. Can you explain what the club is actively doing to address the fact that you cannot safely control the behaviour of a significant number of our fans at the moment? Thanks

Billy Wainwright: couldn’t believe what i was seeing outside the ground, absolutely pathetic

Lewis Atkins: Well that was an unexpected afternoon – why does the minority have to ruin it for everyone else?!

Gary Denham: shocking behaviour from some who are only attending games with the intent of causing trouble.

Frank Hastings: It’s becoming such a issue across the game with anti social behaviour and flares/smoke bombs

Ollie Edwards: these people aren’t fans of the club @southport_fc

Eddie Foster: getting silly, we dont want southport to become a club known for it’s troubling fans, i thought they were better than that, definitely got worse since after lockdown too

Si Bailey: You could see the trouble happening after the game from a mile off, kicked off in the stands with flares and smoke bombs on the pitch, not enough done outside the ground

Andy Fairfield: Imagine fighting each other in the street around cars causing a disturbance only to get yourself arrests and no doubt banned from stadiums, strange people about

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