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‘Disappointed’ Sunderland condemn own fans for number of incidents at recent matches

A ‘disappointed’ Sunderland have took to condemn their own fans for number of incidents at recent matches, with a strong warning issued.

These came at games away to Wigan Athletic and Shrewsbury Town, with the use of pyrotechnic devices and fans entering the field of play without permission now being reported to the EFL and FA.

Should this continue, it could mean that the Championship outfit will be issued with a reduction in away fixture ticket allocation for future matches.


Sunderland AFC continues to be extremely disappointed by the unacceptable conduct of a very small minority of supporters.

Multiple incidents of the use of pyrotechnic devices and fans entering the field of play without permission were reported to the EFL and FA following the Club’s fixture versus Wigan Athletic at the DW Stadium, with additional incidents taking place during Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup tie at Shrewsbury Town.

Supporters are reminded that the use of pyrotechnic devices breaches ground safety regulations and poses serious risk of injury to the individual and their fellow fans.

Anyone caught possessing or using pyrotechnics, or any other illegal items, will be reported to the police and prosecution could result in a permanent criminal record, which may affect their employment and education, and could result in a prison sentence.

Those identified carrying or using pyrotechnics or entering the field of play will also receive an automatic Club ban, which could also be extended to accompanying parents or guardians of children who take part in these activities.

Further incidents could also to lead to the Club facing direct sanctions, including a drastic reduction in away fixture ticket allocation.

These acts are dangerous, illegal and have severe consequences – and they have no place in football.

SAFC would like to thank supporters who continue to show their support in a friendly, respectful and considerate manner.


This is what Twitter users said as a ‘disappointed’ Sunderland condemn their own fans for a number of incidents at recent matches…

@juneandalan: Rules are rules! Stay off the pitch, stop the pyros and behave yourselves. Dead easy or the club could be penalised 🙄

@Adam_Michael90: You sound fun

@DanielConnor17: No pyro no party

@martinmegs70: Adds to the atmosphere. Just look at various grounds round europe

@RyanRiley92: How come European team’s come to England. Set loads off and the FA don’t bat and eyelid. Yet one smoke bomb goes off in a football league game and there’s hell on?

@_alexsmith1999_: Are these the same divs who were lecturing Cov fans after opening weekend? 🤣 Hypocrites, always have been always will be

@Bailey20237032: Wey this ain’t Ross Stewart’s new contract

@_WM_02: shut up

@410laetrr: no pyro no party ☹️

@paulgs001: Weed them out, throw them out, keep them out.

@safcjack25: Grow up lads

@thedozeffect: Knobheads gonna spoil it for us all

@EngelsjordTomas: you will get there, its gonna be nagging for some years, and then you win, Flares and smoke is here to stay.

@harrytdixon20: Love pyro England so boring compared to other countries

@JakeStappard_: Wigan always grassing us up mind

@branalvere: Why is it Borussia Dortmund can have 25000 fans behind a goal all letting off flares but SAFC fans get a ban for a little smoke pyro? It’s daft.

@twangmackem: That’s my point. You look at Italians and they have loads too

@CharlieFtm7: What the actual fuck 😂

@PhilBeckettuk: If away allocations are reduced so be it. Might be the only way to get through to some people.

@KezzaSAFC: Aye that will help…🤦‍♂️

@JohnSmi34926067: Nowt like the odd bell end or two to spoil it. #SAFC

@GJohnson2022: Question? Why is there a massive problem with pyros the last two games but at Wembley we had about 40 in the crowd and no one mentioned it?

@JacobSwallow4: Never heard of any injuries caused by a pyro at a football match in England 🤷

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