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Die-hard Portsmouth fan serving three-match ban from attending games as video emerges

Die-hard Portsmouth fan ‘Pompey John’ is currently serving a three-match ban from attending games according to reports this week.

The fan, whose full name is John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood, has been banned after mooning and making ‘lewd gestures’ towards Coventry City fans.

He admitted receiving the suspension notice after a 2-0 home pre-season defeat to the Sky Blues in July.

The supporter, who is always seen wearing the big hat, showing off his tattoos, appeared in footage rubbing his trouser covered bum with his fingers in front of the away supporters.

The News write how Westwood started making rude gestures after being moved by stewards towards the Milton End due to noise complaints from fans – receiving verbal abuse from the travelling support.

“I did those things at the game after extreme provocation,” Mr Westwood told the newspaper. “With my profile, I’m having hundreds of them swearing at me and calling me a paedophile.

“I’m taking all this abuse, so I do some light-hearted banter back by doing a moon. It was done in humour, and my friends who have seen the video thought it was funny.

“It was a kangaroo court,” he went on, “It’s cancel culture. I feel sorry for the club because they’re under pressure to do something because of keyboard warriors and this political correctness-driven world.

“You won’t be able to fart in a ground soon without offend someone.”

Westwood, who also sang “Pompey is a geezer’s club” at the game against Coventry, accepted his ban, but promises to keep singing Portsmouth songs, and “maybe some wokey PC ones” too.

Portsmouth fan and Her Game Too ambassador, Rebecca Elanor, said the clip of Mr Westwood rubbing his bottom was “disgusting” and “made her skin crawl.”

She told The News: “We know when you go to a football game that it’s not the atmosphere of a theatre. Since it’s a pre-season friendly, you’ll have families bringing their kids, maybe for the first time.

“If i went to that game when I was first going to Pompey, as an 11-year-old with my dad, he would not have brought me back.”

Mr Westwood’s three-game ban will end after Portsmouth play Lincoln City in League One. He will be free to attend their next home fixture against Cambridge United on the 16th of August.

Fans reacted on the die-hard Portsmouth fan serving a three-match ban from attending games as a video emerges…

@peadubya66: It’s always someone else’s fault. This isn’t the first incident.

@Willmott3Sam: Turn down the alcohol use and he’ll notice it himself

@silouska: You can be a fan without being lewd

@c_p_mcgreal: if he’s cancelled then i’m all for cancel culture! Keep him cancelled!

@tjacksonpfc: About time he’s always drunk turns up late and chants are foul not the image pompey wants it’s 2022 not 1970 let’s hope more clubs ban him

@angellahash: So you miss 15-20 of the game each half because drinking. Can’t see because of being drunk. Show ass off and shocked you get banned

@Nicola0378: So he’s annoyed at being banned for 3 games, but doesn’t even turn up and watch a whole match 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

@jamesfrowen: ‘59 year old’ comparing himself to Kim Kardashian. The man’s a lost it case. All he’s got to do is turn up and act like a normal human but he can’t take responsibility and it’s everyone else’s’ fault

@86501: If he acts the same first game back there needs to be another ban. Sexism and behaviour like that cannot be allowed at FP, that’s not cancel culture, it’s welcoming all our fans.

@DavidHu90497109: I think it’s time for him to grow up a bit

@Ultragrumpy: What culture does he represent other than clowning 🤡?

@Merl1n79: How is it cancel culture, hes back the next game, any other fan would of been banned a long time ago for some of the behaviour. will be interesting to see what the atmosphere is like without him today and when he returns. Have to say I didn’t miss him or his bell at Hillsborough, I was missing the drums more.

@Gordzilla28: Been a long time coming, make it a longer ban, give us a rest from his dribble. Drum and bell are supposed to enhance chants not try to drown them out..

@gdhawkes: Guarantee he will be stood outside the ground in his smelly clown suit ringing that bloody bell still.

@coshamkev: What happens outside the ground is a matter for the police. If he causes issues outside today they need to deal with him. I always thought turning up drunk at a football grd was an offence anyway!!!

@Perry_PFC: Got worse over the years used to be alright but now some games he doesn’t even turn up until the 60th minute it’s also very embarrassing for the club and the fans

@DavidAn96499303: I like John a lot, he’s Pompey through and through, he helps everyone with tickets etc and he can be a great comrade … unfortunately John even I found your actions distasteful…. Serve your ban John don’t do it again and move on! PUP

@DrWatsonpfc: Cut down on the booze and marching powder, stop telling other fans what to sing and not sing, have a wash, tell your hangers on to calm down then we’ll talk, pre ’92 he was ok on the lower north but with sky making him famous he’s now an embarrassment, grow up John PUP

@DFPernia: He was next to us before the incident in question, he’s a menace and should be banned for good. Total embarrassment.

@Paulhearn8Hearn: He got off lightly, he needs to be accountable for his actions. Personally I think he needs some professional help. I admire his loyalty to the club but his behaviour sometimes steps over the line of what is acceptable. JW seek some help or this will head in just one direction.

@khooper8695: Nothing to do with cancel culture you muppet. Don’t act like a **** and you won’t be treated like one. Today will be a blessing. Atmosphere without his bloody bell going every 2 seconds.

@mravrillavigne: Guys a bellend. Always has been. No remorse. Maybe he could spend the 3 games planning how to get to games on time. He’s been a monster since sky made him a poster boy

@twovests: “Keyboard warriors”? I’m sure there’s plenty of us that would gladly tell him face to face what a muppet he is

@deanprobert89: Mans a prick. Hope he gets a permanent ban in the future. Fratton Park isn’t the ‘John Westwood show’.

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