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Did Mbappe lose his ‘chance’ on a big move?

Kylian Mbappe is a player that is renowned around the football world, although it might be for other reasons than what he is able to achieve while on the football pitch.

Indeed, there is no denying that the French superstar is one of the very best in the world and is likely to be a Ballon d’Or winner in the future. Others will continue to keep him in the argument that it is between him and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland as the world’s best player, especially as the era between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi comes close to its inevitable conclusion.

Naturally, given his stature in the game, many enjoy placing sports bets on him, too. With the 2022 FIFA World Cup on the horizon, many will be interested in wagering on the games that involve him and France, while they may also look to enhance their overall tournament by playing other casino games at the same time. Indeed, there are a number of football-themed casino games now available to play, including beautifully-designed slots based on the upcoming major tournament, and this Joe Fortune Online Pokies guide can help players if they decide to play these types of games for the very first time, or are looking for pointers that can enhance their overall experiences.

Nonetheless, there are a number of reasons that Mbappe is also known in many households, and they are not reasons he would be too happy to be known for.

Mbappe becoming a bit of a moaner

Aside from being a player that is reportedly controlling everything at Paris Saint-Germain, earning a huge €50m salary, and having been given a massive €100m signing bonus just months ago, the 23-year-old is becoming a bit of a moaner; something many like to banter him about. In fact, he continues to create headlines because it has been claimed that he already wants to leave the Ligue 1 giants because he is very unhappy with how certain things have turned out.

It has been claimed that he is unhappy that PSG has broken a number of promises that were made, which has led to him becoming allegedly frustrated. Among those to have been suggested, it has been claimed that he is unhappy playing by himself up front, he is unhappy a new centre-back was not signed this summer, as well as the fact that Neymar continues to remain at the Parc des Princes.

However, according to the player himself, Mbappe has come out recently and stated (as per Fabrizo Romano): “I have not asked to leave Paris Saint-Germain in January. I’m not furious with the club, it’s not true”, thus suggesting that all is well in the French capital.

But, should he decide to look for a move away from PSG, has he already lost the chance to make another big move in his career? Let’s consider this for a moment…

Huge wages

Of course, if he were to move on and get a transfer away from PSG, he would need to find a club that would be willing to pay him the salary that he commands. With the French club having reportedly given him what they have, it could be very difficult for any club in football to match that, or even get close.

We all know that Real Madrid has been a club that is very interested in taking the player should he ever become available, as has Liverpool, but are either of these teams in a financial position to be able to take on his salary? That is something that remains to be seen…

Do other clubs want the noise that he brings?

As highlighted, despite the fact that he is still only 23 years old, it would appear that he is forging himself as a bit of a moaner. This is something that could put clubs off, regardless of the incredible talent that we all know him to have.

His antics – if they are to be believed – could lead to an unhappy dressing room, which could then have a huge impact on the pitch. If a team becomes unhappy, then their attempts to challenge for a title such as the Premier League or La Liga depending on where he turns up could be made even more difficult than before, and certain managers are unlikely going to want to tolerate it.

Final Thoughts

While it does seem absurd to suggest that Mbappe has already ‘lost’ the chance of sealing a transfer away from PSG in the future given that he is only 23, there are a number of factors at play that could make things a little difficult. 

Nonetheless, as we know in football, literally anything can happen – who thought Lionel Messi would ever leave FC Barcelona? – and if teams really want to make the Frenchman part of their club, then it would not be a surprise to see them do everything they can to make him theirs if he does become available for a transfer in the future.

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