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Details emerges from Sunderland player Jack Diamond’s court case as he denies rape allegation

Details emerges from Sunderland player Jack Diamond’s court case as he denies an allegation of rape and sexual assault.

The 23 year old footballer, who was suspended by the Championship club in March when charged last year, met a woman on Tinder, a jury has heard, with prosecutors saying Jack Diamond assaulted her at his home in Falstone, Fatfield, Washington on the 7th of May 2022.

Appearing at Newcastle Crown Court, he has denied rape and sexual assault, with it heard that the woman told police she agreed to come over to his place for  a “cuddle”, of which she tells police on video, but wanted to “physically throw up” after being attacked.

He is said to have “roughly” groped her, then raped the alleged victim at the property of which he had been been shared with teammate Anthony Patterson at the time.

A jury also heard she was on a course of medication which meant she had to avoid sex.

As per Shields Gazette, Prosecutor David Povall said that Jack Dimamond “wanted more than that”.

Mr Povall told jurors: “Eventually she agreed, she consented, to him penetrating her vagina with his fingers. He did that, that was consensual and as he was doing that she pretended to orgasm quickly, in order to bring that to an end.

“He then asked her to hold his penis in her hand as he went to sleep and she did that and agreed to that.”

Mr Povall adds that a short time later, Jack woke up and started to “feel and caress” the woman, but after she asked him to stop, he continued.

He added: “He straddled her as she lay in the bed and despite her protests digitally penetrated her vagina with a finger or fingers.

“This time, she said, roughly, with force, so that it caused her pain.”

Mr Povall told court that Diamond soon stopped, but he “huffed” and acted “rather sulkily” when asking her to give him a masturbation.

He added: “She said no, she didn’t want to and she lay with her back to him while, as far as she could tell, he started to masturbate himself.”

Mr Povall said that while Jack didn’t fully penetrate her by pushing his penis towards the woman’s vagina from behind, this was enough to be classed as rape.

She had “eventually” consented to some sexual activity but then soon woke up to Diamond “caressing her”.

The woman told the officer of the attack: “I’ve never felt that way before. I thought I was going to physically throw up”.

She added that it “felt like it lasted forever”.

Jack Diamond tried to remove the thong from her and then tried to perform the sex act.

It’s also claimed that she heard him typing on his phone, living in fear that he was trying to set up a threesome with Anthony Patterson.

She managed to message her friend to come and get her, then when she told Jack that she was leaving, he replied said “sound”.

Diamond, who was on loan at Lincoln City at the time of the incident, but had his stay terminated. has denied rape and assault by penetration.

He told police when being questioned that it was the woman who initiated sexual contact, which he rejected as he believed she wanted “more”.

She said that Jack Diamond “grabbed her wrists” and also became “quite aggressive” during the alleged rape, telling the police that: “It was like a switch had gone off.”

Jack Diamond said to officers there had been consensual sexual activity but no intercourse, and that the woman was “jealous and possessive”.

Two potential jurors for the trial had to be excluded “out of an abundance of caution” after they said that they were Newcastle United season ticket holders.

The 15 potential panellists were questioned if they were season ticket holders of Newcastle United or Sunderland, and if they were looking to attend the FA Cup meeting this weekend.

Judge Edward Bindloss told potential jurors, as per BBC News: “We want a jury who are able to put aside all issues of support and affiliation and come to a fair and objective view.”

Excluding two of the potential panel, the judge said: “This is not meant in any way as a criticism of them but Mr Diamond is an employee of Sunderland Football Club. Anthony Patterson may or may not be called for the defence.

“The test of bias is not just actual bias but the perception of bias.”

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Rape Crisis England & Wales is the charity working to end sexual violence and abuse.  We provide specialist information and support to all those affected by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and all other forms of sexual violence and abuse in England and Wales.  We are also the membership organisation for 39 Rape Crisis centres. Together, we aim to educate, influence and make change.

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