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Derby’s Wayne Rooney winds up fans with jibe at Nottingham Forest

Derby’s Wayne Rooney winds up fans on social media with a jibe at Nottingham Forest ahead of the two sides’ East Midlands Derby.

The Rams manager was talking to the media on Thursday, but caused a stir online after referring to Nottingham Forest as ‘Notts Forest’.

As we all know, it’s a mistake that will always produce backlash from a club’s fanbase, and many Forest fans did just that whilst Derby supporters took the mickey after he made the mistake in his pre-match press conference.

Both sides have seen an upturn in form of late, as they both look to keep pushing themselves away from the relegation zone and up to mid-table in the Championship.

Forest currently sit in 16th place whilst Derby are in 18th, but have an eight-point gap over Rotherham who sit in 22nd.

Wayne Rooney said in the clip ahead of the game against Nottingham Forest: “I’m talking about controlling your emotions – but I’m not talking about – if the balls there to win, not going to put tackles in, being aggressive, trying to run over Notts Forest.

“And that’s something we will impose on them. It’s on them to try and deal with that from that aspect.

“The one thing you can’t afford to do is lose your discipline, get involved emotionally because you might be a local lad or you might be trying to hard to impress. That’s something we need to control.

“But on the other hand, if there’s tackles there to be won, we will certainly be going in to win those tackles.”

When asked if he is doing anything different in the build-up, he replied: “No I don; think there is any need for extra motivation, or to change the way we work or do anything differently.

“The messages we’re giving to the players are good messages and the preparation is the same preparation we’ve being doing with every game.

“I think the one thing we don’t want to do is to start doing something different before such an important game.”

Chris Hughton is looking forward to his first trip to Pride Park as Forest boss, but says the absence of fans will be felt.

“I’d be looking forward to it more if we had our supporters there. I know what it means to them,” said Hughton, who added: “Apart from the fact it’s against our rivals, it’s against a team that’s been around us in the division and that brings extra importance to the game.”

Hughton says Forest will go into Friday’s showdown at Derby County in high spirits.

“At the moment, it’s a very happy changing room. And sometimes that comes with the type of win.

“It’s wonderful to play free-flowing football and have lots of space and be an end to end type of game. They are wonderful games to win. But equally so when it’s at a particularly a tough place like this, and these are a good side.

“We’ve seen a lot of them this season. Nobody has beaten them convincingly. And that was the case for us tonight. I thought we were the better side, but it is a game that could have gone either way.”

Hughton admits picking a side will present him with some tricky decisions.

“It will be difficult, but that’s what you want,” he said. “You would rather have them difficult decisions to make, and if you’ve got them difficult decisions to make it is because players are pushing.

“I wouldn’t say players are demanding to play, but by their performances they’re telling me they want to play in the next game.

“But what we have got is a lot of games. And I think probably, as we all know, if you win a game, then you’ve made the right decisions. And if you don’t, then you haven’t.

“So at the moment, I’d like to think that hopefully we’re making a few right decisions.”

Derby’s Wayne Rooney has added to the derby hype even if it was intentional or not, as he winds up fans with a jibe at Nottingham Forest…

@clarkeyref: Notts Forest. 😂🎣

@jethrofairley: He’s not said anything about Nottingham Forest, though I wish Notts Forest good luck in their match against Wayne Rooney’s Derby County.

@NashG88: Reeling in the red dogs

@adamcm88: Notts Forest, he’s learnt already has our Wazza

@forest123uk: Whose notts forest

@Mark3a: In regards to the Derby fans enjoying him calling us Notts Forest…. ‘Nottingham’ is a quite a big word with lots of letters in it to say. He does struggle bless him…. that’s why he’s at Derby. If Bury was still around he would have gone there…. easier to spell

@Mark3a: yeah because he NEVER lost his emotions or went reckless in big games, letting himself getting wound up and lashing out and getting sent off… glasses houses wayneeeee

@FirstCenobite: Calling us Notts shows a distinct lack of knowledge and appreciation of the two teams involved and what it means – it may be his undoing #nffc #dcfc

@cLawn92: On the wind up calling them Notts Forest. Love to see.

@Simontoonarmy: “Notts Forest ” … a wind up or poorly informed ?

@razzo1: @WayneRooney tell me more about this unknown team Notts forest cause I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the league #wanker

@Wolfie23499325: Nottingham you muppet

@clubberlang22: Prick…

@DGravener: Wat a 👊🍆💦💦💦

@johnjoex: Always hated this smug twat

@MrSwift1973: Fuck off ya fat ginger granny shagger

@JayStevenj: What a prick scouse fat cunt

@lynnwhiley: NOTTS Forest???!!!

@Dangerous180: Notts forest….he knows.

@bethanydids_HBW: Excuuuuuuse me mr @WayneRooney 😡 we are NOTTINGHAM forest 🌳 get it right!!!

@1884Derby1884: Are you watching #nffc 👀 Notts Forest 😂

@DZYB4: Let’s face it, caveman not smart to make Notts joke, would love to see @JoeWorrall5 score the winner on Friday. #nffc

@BX1884: He was told at the start of the week Forest hate being called Notts Forest, still does it tho 🤣 some boy

@Clarkey_No1: Bit disrespectful of Walter Rooney on the eve of the derby to call us ‘Notts’…

@ashleighward96: The fact he calls them Notts Forest to try and wind them up is my favourite thing ever

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