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Derby scrap talks with Erik Alonso over takeover after posting suspicious video

Derby County have chosen to scrap talks with Erik Alonso over the proposed takeover after posting a suspicious video on social media.

Mel Morris, the Rams chief, is set to abandon discussion with the Spanish businessman amid concerns over whether a deal can be concluded.

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire has been speaking on the latest installment of the Price of Football podcast, where he provided an update on Derby County’s proposed takeover.

However, the entrepreneur has thrown doubt over his credibility as Derby’s potential new owner after posting a suspicious video online, Maguire revealed.

He said: “He put up on social media footage of an absolutely amazing looking apartment with the sort of implication that this is his pad, and people can go, ‘Wow, blimey, Erik, you are the man. Yeah, perhaps you are this incredibly wealthy individual that you keep alluding to.’

“And then, you know, fair play to an eagle-eyed fan, who said, ‘hold on, I’ve seen that before.’ And it turns out that it’s footage from somebody else who put up an Instagram of their real apartment in Bel Air, which apparently is worth $42 million, and all that we know since then, is that Erik Alonso has gone very quiet, and I think he’s deleted his Twitter account.

“So yeah, my view, and this is just an opinion, is that Derby County would be dodging a bullet if he doesn’t go ahead with the deal, but I may be proved wrong. He could turn out to be an incredibly philanthropic billionaire, and they’re going to win the Champions League in four or five year’s time as appears to be the voices in his head.”

Alonso has come in a acted dodgy from Day 1, proving to be a controversial figure since revealing an intention to buy the club, insisting he has the funds required to take charge of the club.

The 29-year-old, and the Championship club, announced on the 7th of April that they had agreed a takeover with his company No Limits Sport Limited.

Days later he insisted his ultimate goal was to lead Derby into the Champions League, you know it’s going to end badly when one makes such ambitious claims.

“My goal is to make Derby big again and get back to the Premier League as soon as possible,” he told BBC Radio Derby.

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But it is understood the deal is now off and Morris is now talking to other interested parties with a consortium from America now back in the frame.

Derby declined to comment on Thursday evening say The Telegraph, however this has dragged on long enough and after Alonso tried to fool the fanbase with that video, it would seem now it the right time to end talks.

Alonso was active on social media since expressing his desire to buy the club, however endured an epic fail earlier this week when he deleted his Twitter account, hours after being outed of re-using an exact year old footage of a large property included in a TikTok video to claim it was his own house.

It showed a luxurious home which was supposedly his property was revealed to belong to an estate agent in Los Angeles. Alonso is understood to have alleged that his account had been hacked.

Alonso was previously linked with a bid to buy Sheffield Wednesday earlier this season, so Owls fans know all to well about him and his antics.

The latest development comes after a torrid week for Derby, who avoided relegation from the Championship on the final day by one point.

Earlier this week, it emerged that the English Football League won their appeal against Derby over misconduct charges, with the club facing a potential points deduction next season.

Derby also lost their bitter legal row with former club captain Richard Keogh, being ordered to pay around £2million in compensation by a tribunal.

Believe it or not, Alonso is responding back to fans on Instagram that the deal isn’t off and that it is all lies. This guy is something else.

Fans reacted as Derby scrap talks with Erik Alonso over the porposed takeover after posting a suspicious video…

@davo261088: Boo! That was shaping up to be a right laugh.

@AmbroseBarnaby: The club has dodged another bullet! Would very much welcome the Americans on board!

@Ramsfan124: Finally, some good news

@WestSussexRam: Best news in since the final whistle on Saturday!

@KESA_RAMS: Ending the week with some good news

@Rams80s: yesssss best news I’ve herd all day

@samsandars: Very lucky escape by the sounds of it! Bloke sounded well dodgy!

@MedCLJS: I’ve got a few quid down the back of the sofa

@stace_dcfc: You seriously have to repeatedly question MM’s judgement and that of those advising him in the sale of OUR club. Gabay, BZI and Alonso, does he not conduct any due diligence with these chancers. Hopefully this one isn’t another false dawn

@superrammy: Scary to think how a man with MM business acumen could handle things so badly not once, but twice! We have to hope that this one proves genuine. Third time lucky

@jonloveridge83: Thanks Erik. That was fun 😂

@redfern_i_j: This is no surprise whatsoever, but speaks volumes about Morris’ judgement. First BZI, then the hollow vessel that is Alonso. Let’s not forget Gabay either, who ended up being arrested via Interpol & questioned re a divided fraud in Germany. Who next I wonder

@BenjaminJJ03: Best news we’ve had all week

@TheVenueDerby: Adios 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

@LeeClewley: Thank fuck for that 🙌🏻🙌🏻

@METwedds: It’s absolutely incredible, infuckingcredible, that Mel Morris even considered selling our club to BZI or Alonso. Mind boggling, reckless madness #dcfc #dcfcfans

@viksinghdosanjh: Probably dodged the bullet here! Lets just hope the next time Morris agrees a deal to sell the club doesn’t put a statement out until its fully completed! #3rdtimelucky #dcfc

@KevClifford: Eric is fuming, he just remortgaged his mansion to fund the club 😭

@Nobby0101: You have got to think that if it is Appleby, Rush, GSE et al it won’t be a long process for them to be ratified by the EFL. They were sensible, dull and constructed that 2014 play off side for next to nothing. After Mel’s Millions and the last 12 months it sounds perfect.

@IDCluroe: Unless the American consortium is even dodgier, I can’t imagine why it wasn’t in first place before.

@gempopmoo: Not rocket science to no he was a farce

@robertswjake: Had such optimism when Alonso first got involved but he acted so ridiculous and now I’m glad he’s not involved #dcfc #dcfcfans

@MauritianMonsta: GET FUCKING IN COME ON #dcfc #dcfcfans

@DCFCtalk: Come on Mel now stop getting mugged off by clowns and get someone proper in! #dcfc #dcfcfans

@stefdcfc89: Finally good news. Time to move on let the yanks buy the club and move on from the mess that has been the last 2 years #dcfc #dcfcfans

@dcfcstephen: Thank fuck. Finally a bit of good news. #dcfc

@brearley_daniel: Sorry things didn’t work out Erik, at least you’ve still got your mansion to go home too and your millions in the bank, best of luck with the football agency,with love from all #dcfcfans xxx #dcfc

@Pat00758889Pat: #dcfc fans scrambling to change profiles to ‘stars and stripes’ from anything Spanish

@Lionel_Galant: Please let this be good news! I don’t care if the Americans have escaped from a lunatic asylum, we need Morris & Pearce gone! #DCFC

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