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Derby reveal the punishment given to drink drive duo Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett

Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett have this week out their punishment after they were arrested for a drink drive crash in Derby on the 24th of September.

It has been announced that they have been fined six weeks’ wages who were also charged for the incident and are due to appear in court on the 15 of October.

The Rams have also ordered them to serve 80 hours of community service and rehabilitation. Read the club and Mason Bennett’s statements below…

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“Derby County Football Club has completed the disciplinary hearing regarding Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett in respect of their involvement in the events of last Tuesday evening, which resulted in both of them being arrested and scheduled to appear in court on 15th October.

“Irrespective of the outcome of that process, the club will not tolerate any of its players or staff behaving in a manner which puts themselves, their colleagues, and members of the general public at risk of injury or worse, or which brings the club into disrepute.

Both Lawrence and Bennett are therefore being fined the equivalent of six weeks’ wages – the maximum contractual limit – and will serve an additional 80 hours of community and rehabilitation, which will include a drink aware course.

The club will be making no further comment regards this matter.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies



“On the night of Tuesday 24th September, I made huge mistakes after consuming alcohol.

“What I did was wrong.

“Being a footballer and someone who young fans look up to I know the example I set is key. I am ashamed.

“At 23 I am old enough, and I was brought up, to know better.

“I understand that such actions have serious consequences. I take full responsibility for my actions and accept the punishment that the club has issued.

“I have to and will learn from these events and will strive to be a better person.

“There’s no excuse for what I’ve done. I’m sorry to my family, my friends, the club, all Derby supporters and to the wider football community, I let you all down.”


After reading the statements, fans took to give their thoughts by replying to the club on Twitter, some were satisfied and others were still left reeling – see what they had to say on the next page.


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