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Derby player out for 12 weeks after 50/50 with manager Wayne Rooney

Derby County player Jason Knight has been ruled out for 12 weeks after a 50/50 tackle with manager Wayne Rooney according to reports.

It’s gone from bad to worse for the former Premier League player turned Championship boss after it emerged he was responsible for the injury which has sidelined his own midfielder.

Rooney is said to have gone in for a challenge on Knight during a training game and left the Republic of Ireland international with an ankle injury.

This now looks to have ruled him out for at least two months of the crisis-hit Championship club’s season.

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The incident took place at Pennyhill Park, which sees it’s own hotel and spa based in Surrey where the Derby team had stayed for a pre-season training camp.

Rooney was forced to take part in order to make up the numbers with the club very short of footballers.

The ex-England international currently has nine registered players for the senior team, and two of those are in fact goalkeepers.

Times have been made harder with the absence of Knight as Derby continue to their legal row with the EFL.

It is understood by the Telegraph that Rooney’s challenge with Knight was a “50-50” and an accident, however it’s the 20-year-old academy product who is now facing an extended period out of action.

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Rooney is currently experiencing a difficult weekend after reporting a range of leaked photos to Greater Manchester Police which appeared to show him sleeping in a hotel room with a group of young women.

An investigation is underway into the pics, which went viral recently, and Rooney denies acting inappropriately.

Rooney’s representatives have been notified and are looking into the matter has been reported to police.

Derby officials spoke with Rooney on Monday at the club’s training base and will not be commenting while the investigation is ongoing.

On Knight’s injury, Rooney said on Saturday after a 2-1 defeat at Salford: “Jason will be out for eight to 12 weeks. He has rocked his ankle, thankfully, he doesn’t need surgery but needs the time to make sure he gets his ankle strong again.

“Of course (it is a huge blow), everyone knows what Knighty brings to us, he is a fantastic player, great energy, and he will be a loss, but we have to deal with that.”

Derby are still locked in talks with the EFL over lifting a “full” transfer embargo, which will permit them to sign free agents or players on six-month loans.

It’s understood that the Rams have been given the go ahead to now make signings, with defender Curtis Davies the first in line to be offered new terms.

Derby look to kick off their Championship season at home to Huddersfield on the 7th of August.

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Fans reacted as Derby player Jason Knight gets ruled out for 12 weeks after a 50/50 tackle with manager Wayne Rooney…

@Grantnffc1: I actually feel for them now. There is no hope 🤣

@MichaeAndrew1: Gift that keeps on giving 😂😂😂😂

@DannyPorter97: Couldn’t make it up at this point haha

@seanncubexi: Deffo going down now unless you lot get lucky again

@NFFC_FPL: 😂😂😂 just fold the club at this point

@Si_Fi_87: We’ll still find a way to fuck that up as well

@11tomcull: Won’t be the first time Shrek’s taken out a knight

@sjforsyth: For fucks sake

@gcw047: It just gets better doesn’t it.

@mitchtheram7: Shit happens

@dave_ltm: DCFC….. the gift that keeps on giving! More of a laughing stock than our Fawaz Days!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Deanogarratt: Deletes Twitter. Someone text me in a few years when it’s all over.

@mmwgreen: Haha Derby are a mess

@JamieBriody: Which Knight out is worse 😅

@fortune615: Stay forever Wayne

@JackBeighton: Fml

@rowan_scfc: derby further mudded? love to see it

@number44time: Jason Knight is the leak YK

@mobojo78: That’s the second time his tackle has been in the press this week.

@01mJulian: Please let him be a coaching member at Manchester United. Together with “Ole” it would be amazing for years…

@B8Batesy7891: Please please stop this now I can’t take any more from Derby 😆😝🥴 surely someone is making this up #nffc #dcfc 😝🤭

@leggadam_: FFS One normal day is all we ask for. Just one. It shouldn’t be that hard every other club can manage it. What an absolute shambles from top to bottom #dcfc

@__DanRobinson: Fucking hell fire we really are a banter club

@barmylad34: When will this sorry saga end? We need a clear pit top to bottom! A massive reset! #dcfc #dcfcfans trouble is will it be done before end of transfer window… I doubt it!

@mredford17: What is going on at #DCFC?!

@MattLodge_1: If you didn’t laugh you’d cry. Someone must have cursed this club at some point in the last three years

@LukeConway90: Harchester United haven’t got shit on us I’m telling you.

@jakeybedders: The shit show continues 🙄

@JoeStephenson96: Rooney injuring his own player just days after a tabloid scandal, the man absolutely bleeds Barclays

@liamlcfc88: Get ready for league one

@adam_ski: They’d be better off with big Mick Philpott as manager

@postedbycallum: Send the documentary cameras in ASAP @netflix @PrimeVideo

@selfy26: Ffs… it never seems to end…when was the last time we had some positive news from our club!

@samueldwilliams: Second time this week that Rooney’s tackle has been getting him in trouble

@jamieclark_78: swear Derby are the funniest club in football, only they could have their manager caught in some girl’s hotel room then crunching his own player’s ankle within 2 days hahahah

@khaismith26: This season has gone absolutely tits up and we’re still 12 days from kicking off

@jcotton87: Hey @netflix here’s your chance to get one over on @PrimeVideo by documenting the complete inner workings of Derby County. Honestly, what I’d give for one normal week. Wouldn’t batter an eyelid if it came out that Mel was shagging the Queen… #dcfc #dcfcfans

@HSax_98: What a cliffhanger, can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode now!

@lingussv2: Rooney’s got to be insane what the fuck?

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