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Derby hit with further blow as fans receive apology and Mel Morris slammed

Derby County have been hit with a further blow as fans receive an apology and owner Mel Morris gets slammed in a statement.

There is no early Christmas present for the strugglers with US businessman Chris Kirchner confirming overnight that he has withdrawn his bid to buy the Championship outfit.

Kirchner, one of three prospective buyers, ended his interest after the club’s administrators said they were “unlikely” to name a preferred bidder before Christmas.


The businessman said he had made the decision “with real sadness”.

Derby went into administration in September and unsurprisingly bottom of the Championship following a points deduction.

Kirchner, whose interest was backed by Derby boss Wayne Rooney, posted on social media: “It is with real sadness that I can confirm I am withdrawing from the process to buy Derby County Football Club.

“First and foremost, I would like to apologise to the fans. As you know, I’ve been in talks with the administrators for about two months.

“Two weeks ago, I made a formal offer to buy the club. I believe I presented a very detailed, generous and ambitious long-term sustainable business plan. It included purchasing the stadium, future funding and maintaining the academy’s status. We improved that offer further today.

“I wanted to agree a deal that I thought was in the best interests of all parties but, unfortunately, the last 24 hours has proven that just isn’t possible. So it is with deep regret that I must now stand aside and let the administrators pursue their own course.”

Administrators had said on Tuesday they were hopeful of making an announcement on the up-for-sale club this week.

A statement from the club’s joint administrator Carl Jackson said: “We understand and respect the frustrations of all involved in Derby County Football Club, and in particular the supporters, that quicker progress has not been made.

“But we want to reassure all those stakeholders that we are trying to go as quickly as possible.”

Administrators said earlier in December that they expected to complete a sale “in or around February 2022”.

An agreement needs to be reached with HMRC, who are owed £29.3m, while Middlesbrough and Wycombe Wanderers also have outstanding claims against the Rams.

Twitter users reacted as Derby are hit with further blow as fans receive apology and Mel Morris gets slammed…

@Sheldwardo34: Even from a Chelsea fan, I thank you for trying to take over a fellow club currently in a troubling situation.

@lucy188444: Was this another Erik alonso situation all this public nonsense for nothing?

@brearley_daniel: Anyone want to buy a 3 x 5 ft American flag, purchased before the blackburn game so fairly unused 👍🏼

@Stephen_Evans31: This is yet another sad day in the history of our club. Thanks alot Quantuma! Sorry you’ve been pissed around by these time wasters Chris. Thanks for your efforts and I really hope to see you own a club in the near future. Merry Christmas

@Clacks71: Not what we wanted to hear. A sad day for this great club

@cspaceram: No idea if Kirchner was the real deal or not but his withdrawal suggests there is still lots of darkness going on behind the scenes at #dcfc urgency doesnt suit these admins and he’s obvs said take it or leave it. #dcfcfans the big losers AGAIN. Rooney is now dead man walking.

@ClaireMcBarnet: So sad to read this, certainly not the Christmas gift us fans hoped for. Best wishes Chris, I just hope your decision doesn’t end up biting us on the arse @quantuma1 thanks a bunch. Now down to a 2 horse race, they’d better be thoroughbreds!!!!

@TLummo: Obviously there was a reason behind not picking Kirchner out as the preferred bidder a long time ago so it does make you wonder what’s next, the hope dies little by little each day #dcfc

@lukeshemilt: It’s telling that #dcfc are now down to two bidders who know the club. Absolutely nobody else sees it as a viable business option. Meanwhile the man who can (and should) sign off the debts is ignorant and will signal the end. Merry Christmas #dcfcfans

@ZakisDickens83: Unfortunately you have to question every bidder who wants to take #dcfc on. Either they are a chancer or they have millions to waste.

@DCFCMiguel13: I can understand why fans got excited about CK – and I don’t doubt his intentions were honest – but perhaps it’s for the best that he has withdrawn. It still leaves me concerned though… #dcfc

@SnattyN: Was never happening just another publicity stunt, a professional wouldn’t take to twitter!!!

@VictorM91706166: I think its with real sadness you were outbid and then threw your toys out of the pram…..

@HSFergie: Get yourself over to Oldham Athletic and buy out the charlatans currently running our once proud club into the ground.

@KCFlanagan: There’s clearly much about this that we don’t know and probably won’t. Thanks to you @cskirchner for making us aware. I don’t expect we’ll hear from the club any time soon.

@traynor1964: What a shame clearly the administrators have fucked u about sad news for our club we know how much u really wanted to buy us wish u luck in your endeavours whichever club u purchase us fans wanted u u showed interest and communicated with us fans something has gone off

@Rangers_Ram: It’s important we remain calm, there must be better offers on the table that suit the creditors better, Thanks for your interest Chris, good luck in the future.

@andyram5690: Disappointing! I had hoped you would give the administrators a little more time. I appreciate you have your reasons and welcome your honesty. Sad that you have thrown in the towel and hope that my club will still be around this time next year. I am beginning to believe the worst!

@DcfcHub: Thanks for the transparency Chris. Something we’ve not had at this club in a long time.

@cathy1332: Thank you for your efforts and giving us a little hope. Another sad day for DCFC

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