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Derby fans rage as Middlesbrough and Wycombe claims come to light

Derby County fans rage as Middlesbrough and Wycombe claims which have come to light earlier this week, causing some concern.

The Rams faithful continue to watch their season turn into a misery, and now reports about compensation are being made by their league rivals, something which is still in discussion with the EFL.

Both Middlesbrough and Wycombe are complaining about Derby finishing ahead of each side in the 2018/19 and 2020/21 seasons respectively.

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For Steve Gibson’s Boro, they reportedly feel Derby’s financial irregularities denied them a playoff place while Wycombe reckon they were relegated from the Championship back to League One as a result of points deductions not being applied last season.

Plenty of supporters are not exactly sympathetic to either of their claims and think they have their fair share of claims to make should they so wish as well.

Take a look at what they’re saying via social media…

Mark Tidmas: The claims should be against the EFL for not doing their job properly… not Derby County.

Dan Naylor: Wycombe need to get a grip of reality. They were only in the Championship out of default in the first place

Sue Arnott-Dodd: Let’s just let DCFC completely disappear and then they will be happy. No money but they would be happy. Ridiculous! So going back there are lots of teams who could claim compensation…

Simon Vickers: So while we’re at it why don’t Chesterfield demand compensation from Middlesbrough for having a perfectly good goal disallowed denying them a place in the FA Cup final?

Martin Clewley: I take it then Boro were guaranteed promotion through the play offs then?

Derby have also dropped their appeal against a 12-point hit for going into administration, meaning a total docking of 21 points, with two further three-point punishments still hanging over their heads.

The first being for the late payment of wages and the other for any further breach of FFP rules.

Some daunting figures have also been publshed almost £30m owed to HMRC £20m to MSD £9m to football creditors Around £200m of loans in total.

Rooney’s side have so far picked up 18 points from 17 games, however no find themselves 18 points from safety.

He was taking training when the punishment was announced Wednesday, but is expected to tough it out, put up an almighty battle and see what the situation is come the end of the season no doubt.

Bidder Chris Kirchner is trying to complete a deal to takeover the Rams, however there are others that have expressed an interest.

Administrators still have major hurdles to cross, the first being agreeing a deal with HMRC over a tax bill that spiralled to over £25million.

As Derby fans rage over Middlesbrough and Wycombe claims which have come to light, the club think they can win the cases, but it is uncertain.

Steve Gibson’s claim for around £45m is reportedly still to be addressed, and Wycombe want around £6m.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Any takeover deal would also need an agreement with former owner Mel Morris to sell the stadium. He is looking for around £20m but that is also subject to negotiation.

For the third season in a row, a club is set to get relegated from the second tier because of penalties.

Wigan Athletic and Sheffield Wednesday both suffered the same fate when they had won enough points on the pitch. What is worse, is that it mocks the final 29 games of Derby’s season.

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@johnww66: If this is how Football has become then they in my view its only going to end up one way with the supporters once again the ones that suffer most…. power and greed really has become the ultimate measure of success! Gibson has won his feud with MM now let it now go….!

@Mushy222: Ridiculous from Boro and Wycombe. Villa and QPR we lost by 1 goal in the play off final but never chased them for compensation even after QPR were relegated back to the championship and were heavily fined for failing FFP. Why are Boro not hated more than Leeds and Forest?

@bunkered: If Middlesbrough or Wycombe see a penny from this I’m done with football. I don’t normally slate other clubs, but these are 2 absolute nothing clubs trying to be relevant.

@rockjames: Irrespective of what other football fans think of #dcfc & the way we’ve been run the last six yrs – surely we rise up as one voice against the shameful antics of Steve Gibson bringing @Boro into disrepute with these spurious claims? Where would it stop if upheld? #mfc #lufc #nffc

@andhealey: Hopefully they just tell them to Fuck Off …bloody chancers 🤬

@Richard_Johno: I can confirm that I’m suing Steve Gibson and #MFC for £2m after I was coined in 1999/20 season At The Riverside when Malcom Christie bagged our 3 goal. Oh wait. No. I’m not a whinging little prick and got over that not long after it happened. Pathetic 😂😂😂

@Ruby_N11: Boro trying to sue for £45m, Wycombe for £6m, it just gets better.

@BenCook24513953: How can Wycombe sue Derby? Derby couldn’t determine when the EFL applied the points deduction. Surely their argument has to be with the EFL.

@MDrabble: How the fuck can that prick steve Gibson try and get 45 million of a club in administration? The guys trying to kill us, they’ve had parachute payments since they’ve come down and just failed, why not take villa to court? The guy is an absolute twat #dcfc

@n_w1970: Just putting this out there to anyone that dosn’t know @dcfcofficial Steve Gibson, best chairman in the business, please don’t hate 😂😂

@Dangerous180: Blame the efl and Steve Gibson all you want. Derbys plight is down to one man. Mel Morris. And don’t think you’ll get any response from him because the local media are terrified of the bloke.

@gibgod: Nice to see Steve Gibson was right about Derby fiddling their accounts. Derby County fans won’t see this though, they’ll just hate Gibbo for doing the right thing and fighting for a level playing field for his club #UTB

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